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Unison Enabled

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Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

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C. Perez Iserte

April 12, 2017


In electronic music I always use it in a duplicate track of the bass. it's fantastic

j. levine

March 30, 2017

They got it wrong

I'm a big fan of Brainworx and UA but they go it horribly wrong this time. I'm in disbelief at the 5 five star ratings; maybe they have never used a hardware or software tuner. Sure it will get the job done, but even at slow, standard, fast sensitivity, the tuner itself is erratic and isn't responsive. It doesn't provide you with good feedback on your pitch input. I love the convenience of a console tuner but it's such a clunky experience that I now just avoid it.

C. Anderson

March 24, 2017

True Blue

I am using this one for about four different bass players now. Using them in unison. They are having a hard time telling the difference. I would say this is quite a statement as these dudes all own or have owned those large A#$ SVT's. I told them, they could most likely use an apollo twin with a mac book pro and send a feed to the sound man with this plug-in and would not have to tote that heavy joker around. All though all but one of them all have a road crew for that. REAL WORK!

J. Holt

March 18, 2017


I played in bands with the real thing for years. To my ear, this thing nails it. I like it so much that I sold my hardware rig. Works very well in a mix.

O. Lamas

March 13, 2017

Just what I neded

So, I just needed something to plug my bass and record without much finagling.
Bammmm! this is it. Choose from some great presets, adjust a bit of EQ and DONE. Boutique bass sound. Simple.

y. eidi

March 6, 2017

great bass amp

It has a brilliant sounds and interface.
Most useful bass amp simulator in the world.

S. Durkan

March 2, 2017

Nailed it

I run my P-Bass into a Roland SIP-301 (same preamp Peter Hook used in Joy Division) and finally into the SVT-VR and I've had many a client shocked at how great it sounds. I often use it as a virtual guitar rig, reamp for kick + snare, etc... Definitely a top notch plug and a workhorse of my flow.

J. Weaver

February 28, 2017

Best Bass tone I have had in Years!

Been producing for over 5 years now. Always struggled to get a good bass tone that wasn't boomy, muddy, or thin and clicky (in a bad way)! The Ampeg emulations just gave me what i was hearing in my head all those years! All 3 amps offer slightly different tones but work so well on my recorded material! I can safely rely on using these amps to get a great bass tone! Thanks UA! You've done it again! :D

C. DeRosa

February 27, 2017

Real deal SVT tone

This ampeg SVT is No joke. Very realistic. Recording direct in just got so much more exciting!

M. Pearson

February 27, 2017

very cool

I have been trying to get that dirty funk bass sound for ages, and this is the first plug in that does not thin the sound of the bass out......lovely...

M. Antonio Delfine

February 18, 2017

Brainworx bx_tuner

The bx tuner is exact and a must have plug-gin

R. Maloney

February 17, 2017

great DI bass plugin

This plugin is so good...... Great with a Fender Jazz bass !

D. Webb

February 16, 2017

Ampeg B-15N

The Ampeg B-15N was my first choice of the bass plugins. The modeling is Phenomenal! The only negative: The mic choices Will keep you busy for hours, ha! Change nothing! It's perfect! The fat sounds are truly fat, yet very clear and punchy. It's my "go to" bass plugin. The Apollo 8 interface and plugin libraries have elevated all my work to levels higher than I thought imaginable! UAD folks- Thank You for providing these wonderful products!

s. monette

February 14, 2017

No regrets

I have the vintage B15N and use it on all my bass recordings...this is the first amp simulator that i find great and will be used in my recording for sure! The plugin is punchy and warm. I have to admit that i acutally like it on guitar too. Very good plugin! No regrets with this one.

UAD User

February 14, 2017

Really Punchy !!!

I Love This Plug. Great Sound very Warmy and Punchy !..
Thanks to UAD

j. fox

February 13, 2017

Great Amp

Love it! It's great on any bass, but REALLY great when used in conjunction with the apollo unison DI.

J. Coleman Jr

February 13, 2017

Great Ampeg Bass Amp Bundle!

Love the UA Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle! This collection has some of the best vintage Bass amplifiers ever made! I just recently purchased it, but it's already my go to plugin for bass tracks!

UAD User

February 12, 2017

Best amp emulation

I really love this one. From vintage motown sounds to crazu distortion. Fantastic !

J. Sidelinger

February 12, 2017

The difference

When you play through a real Ampeg SVT, there is something magical about it. It's hard to get a bad sound out of it, and you it works with any style of bass playing. To me no SVT plugin has captured that experience They all sound buzzy dull, tubby- nothing like the real thing. No plugin I've used really even captures the vibe of playing through a real bass amp actually. That is until I checked out (and bought) this. If you have good monitors, this will give you that experience. As a bonus, you get an incredible bass plugin that sits perfectly in a rock mix without a lot of EQ, compression, etc.

M. Antonio Delfine

February 12, 2017

Brainworx bx_tuner

I enjoyed it very much, it fits me well in the studio, both for bass, guitar acoustic or guitar electric.

581-600 of 954 Results