Ampeg® Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

Ampeg® Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

Unison Enabled

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Regular Price: $299.00


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Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

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UAD User

November 15, 2016

Does as advertised

It does exactly what universal audio said it would and sounds incredible on synth bass as well

UAD User

November 14, 2016

Synth bass

I use this as 1 of my distortion plug ins on my dnb and dubstep synth basslines to get that big grimey analogue nastiness the clubbers love to hear. Excellent

M. Neville

November 13, 2016

Pure Power

Best bass sound you can get from one vst, having 3 adds dimension and interest to my layered bass sounds,gives definition to the various parts.
To all the folks raving about the listed prices being cheaper than when they bought it, seems that when you buy a uad plugin the price goes down on your own personal list, before you moan about the price changes check the prices after you log out, I bought the V3 EQ rrp 299usd, now it is advertised on my list for 49usd, of course no one will get it for that price, just part of the 'UAD plugin pricing game' nothing sinister.

T. Johnson

November 13, 2016


I'm just demoing the plugin right now I owned an original and this plugin really captures the same tone and vibe!

R. Beld

November 11, 2016

Perfect Bass for sitting right in the mix

No hassle, just put it on your bass gtr, try a few presets and you're good to go, instant goodness!


November 10, 2016

TRUMP !!!!

so many personalities in one amp...juicy... i bought the full version after running the demo for 1 day... instantly know this was that one amp i had to buy.... the others just didnt cut through n was complicated....
i recommend users to buy this blindly even wthout the demo.... just fantastic.....


November 10, 2016


I recently played on an ampeg on my US an ampeg preamp DI for live gigs ..... this plugin is just heaven for me... i cud just crank the knobs without even the neighbours knowing.... just too many flavours in one solid authentic emulation....

D. Shacallis

November 8, 2016


Love this plug in. Very close to the real thing. Using it on every bass track

C. Hickin

November 8, 2016

Best bass plugin ever.

Why break your back lugging a massive bass cab into the studio when this sounds as good.

H. Zwarts

November 5, 2016

makes my bass more alive

Can't compare it with any hardware, just use it to make a nice bas sound. Works even cool on some synths

M. Hummel

November 3, 2016

Welcome back!

I used to own one of these beauties. Why did I ever sell it? Well it doesn't matter now because now I have this incredible plug-in. Has all the charm of the original.

M. Lueck

October 30, 2016

Sounds ways better then the Softube amp simulation, but with gain bug

Unfortunately this Unison Amp got a big gain stage bug in the Unison slot. After starting the Mac with the apollo the amp work how it should, but if you switch the plugin off and on again in the console it receive 10db less input gain. Only restart the mac and switching off the apollo helps to get the gain back.

Thats the bad side. The good thing is that its sounds really good for a bass amp simulation. Of course this smooth fuzzy sustain you get only by real speakers, but as long you don't play bass solos nobody will hear it.
Good sound job, bad programmer job.

E. Kurttekin

October 30, 2016

Jaw-dropping !

I'm a seasoned bass player and I've always preferred recording DI... Until I demoed the SVT-VR just for fun!
Now I'm hooked. This one is so good... Going to buy this. I am DEFINITELY going to buy this.

R. Österlund

October 24, 2016

The best beast!

It's aiiiiiiiiiveeeee!! Just choose the right channel at the right and get started.

A. Horne

October 24, 2016

With or Without You

Written with a little homage to U2 in mind. (With or Without You in the mix) So I was a little sceptical about buying a bass amp simulator, having played Ampeg real kit for years. You know what its like. Does it sound ANYTHING like what the real one does. Warm creamy tubes and overdrive with real harmonic delights. Well, folks after playing with it now for a week, the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES. Please don't over look the not documented feature on this Unison plug in that allows you set up separate gain stages by holding in the main knob on your control and then having direct control of the Pad, Volume and Power Controls direct on device. The pre sets are very thoughtfully created and a great starting point. Audition the cab/mic settings!

J. Bureau

October 18, 2016

Very responsive amps.

You can get aA LOT of good sounds from these amps! They rock...

L. Angulo

October 17, 2016

Good amps but...

This amps are great if you just want that ACDC sound
however i could not get a nice clean sound out of either of them,Amplitube is still better!

B. beckwith

October 15, 2016

Best Bass Amp Ever!

This amp is extremely fat and sits very well in the mix. This will probably be the only amp I ever use from now on. Also the emulation is spot on as you would expect from UAD.

R. Sukhinin

October 14, 2016

Very good!

Thank you! The plugin works very realistic! The sound is powerful and rich. Like stack standing next to you!

N. Dettenbach

October 14, 2016

Nice smooth Bass Amp sim

A punchy and "clean" bass amp sim . excellent for (at least my) studio works.

1001-1020 of 1189 Results