Ampeg® SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier

Ampeg® SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier

Unison Enabled


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Customer Reviews

Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier

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J. Applefield

September 5, 2017

Of course it's great!!

I have owned an svt3 pro for years and am very accustomed to the sound. This plugin does exactly what it should which is give me a very close tonal match in the studio to my hardware unit. What's not to love???

UAD User

August 25, 2017

Absolutely GOLD

The accuracy of this Plugin is too accurate. A lot of my favorite bass players use and own this head and this is spot on. I would like UAD to bring step recalls on their plugins..... Just like a lot of the hardware. The UAD sound is impeccable and spot on, but sometimes UAD needs to mimic the plugins process and setup more....

M. A

July 17, 2017


Best bass amp with EDEN

j. carmo

July 16, 2017


I am not a bassist, i´m a producer. But, for my ears, this plugin really shines on bass. I tried many bass amps simulations, and the SVT-3 PRO was my choice to use most of the times. Recommended ...

R. Stakauskas

July 12, 2017

Ampeg SVT-3 PRO - YES

I tried many software for bass, but only with this plugin I've got the true sound as it should be. Big, warm, fat, low, no harshness - all what I need. So many features and about and about. Must have for bass, definitely. Sorry for my bad English.

R. Holder

July 5, 2017

Sounds like I'm plugged into the actual head.

I love that it's a Unison plug-in. It sounds amazing. You can't go wrong adding this to your list of plug-ins!

M. A

July 3, 2017

Best Bass Amp

Must Have

J. Woolcot

July 2, 2017

Simply stunning!

When software is this good, it's practically hardware. This is indistinguishable from the real thing and is by far, the best sounding bass amp I've used. Amazing.

H. Yamamoto

June 22, 2017

This is what I want

It is a wonderful sound that gives power to my sampled base. Great.

G. Christiansen

June 18, 2017

Yet another pristine sound to my amp-section!

Let me be fairly blunt, if it wouldnt be for surten functions, presentation and g.a.s syndrome I`d let UAD2 dsp`s replace every single outboard gear that I have.

UAD2 benchmarked my setup yet again, with this premium this amp sim!

UAD User

June 7, 2017

Nice Amplifier

Although there are some Snitches with this Plugin (and Guitar-Plugins too) - it's a very comprehensive Plugin. I like very much the Way I can alter the existing Sound of an already 'good' Basstone.

C. Horsethief

January 28, 2017

Took a couple sessions to get into the SVT FX Rack... Was worth it.

This amp simulator is hot right outta the box. The presets offer great starting points for a variety of sounds. It took a couple sessions to get dial in the FX Rack... and it was time well spent. This is one of the better prices plug-ins UA offers. And again, Unison tech for #nearZeroLatency.

C. Stylianides

January 26, 2017

Rock Beast

Strongly Recommended. As a bass player it gives me the feel of a real amp. Great tone.

C. Santarpia

January 12, 2017

My go to...

I use this for all my bass sounds now. No more DI, no more micing amps. Love it!

J. Raper

January 7, 2017

Fat and Fantastic

Incredible recreation of the original. UAD does amp sims better than just about everyone and this is no exception. Wonderful plugin

B. Bell

December 28, 2016

This Amp will do what you are looking for if you need bass midrange

I believe this amp adds that "it factor" to any bass sound due to its overdriven midrange section. First I set up a parallel aux and eq the original signal as needed. On the aux, place this plugin and work the midrange section and mic presets to find the one that sticks out. When you combine the two signals, listen on a laptop can hear the bass sound distinctly in a way I had a hard time achieving with other signal processors. This one is a winner.

UAD User

December 24, 2016

Yup, it's the SVT-3

I've recorded and played through the real SVT-3 head plenty of times. I was tracking direct bass and tried the demo and it immediately gave me the Ampeg sound I'm so familiar with, and especially the feel as I adjusted the mid notch and graphic EQ. I finished tracking and mixed the song, loved the bass tone, and purchased the download. They got it right again!

Tony Correlli - Deep End Studio, Baltimore.

J. Jackson

December 15, 2016

Great product!

I searched around and compared all of the bass amp plugins and I decided on this one. There are a lot of bass amp plugins out there, but for me this was the one. I'm glad I got this one and even happier I purchased it while on sale. Couldn't be happier!

F. Blue

December 14, 2016

Sounds like a real bass amp - Brings bass to life

Subtle, or loud and proud.. it sounds great. Very very useful


December 14, 2016

It make the job

I have this amp and the sound is the same.

41-60 of 111 Results