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API® Complete UAD Bundle

API® Complete UAD Bundle

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Regular Price: $599.00


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Customer Reviews

API Complete UAD Plug‑In Bundle

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C. Isidoro

May 11, 2021


Só consigo dizer que qualidade que clareza, o ganho é excelente entra na mix de forma rápida e sem a necessidade de trabalhar muito a Wave. Estava a espera disto à muito tempo

C. Minch

May 11, 2021

UA degrades my license.

I purchased the API Vision Channel Strip Collection some time ago. This ‘upgraded’ version, which is essentially the same made my current license obsolete, and I now have to purchase this product once more to stay current. On my plug-in list, it is clear that I own the API Vision Strip Collection, as it shows the license this plug-in, which has the exact same name (!) with a tiny facelift is $300.00. Essentially they downgraded my license to some kind of ‘legacy’, since it does not state that I own this plugin any longer while viewing it on the UAD site. I’m disappointed.

J. DeMayo

May 11, 2021

sweet collection, great value

Great value considering everything that's included. Really impressive EQs especially

L. Hull

May 11, 2021

Feels like the real thing

This preamp is amazing, really feels like the real thing.

J. Maley

May 6, 2021

Great for vocals

the 560 is amazing and so warm on vocals def recommend this!

M. Himmel

April 29, 2021

Sounds killer.

Was surprised how the color on the preamp really shined when pushed. Masterstroke by UA.. so what else is new? These guys nailed it

P. Jacobsson

April 14, 2021


Sounds fantastic, depth and punch .

R. Zaccour

April 14, 2021

API sound

I am strongly impressed by how close the API vision channel strip is, I have a couple of 512c. Definetly the API sound signature.

S. Alfarano

April 13, 2021

API Vision Channel Strip

This one simply get your mix into another dimension !! Love the analog feeling it comes from !!

J. Mateo

April 6, 2021

Perfect for rock music

I find the graphic eq to be my go to when shaping both drums and even vocals. It's a very up front eq. While The 550a is a amazing tone shaping unit for vocals and acoustic guitars

H. Studios

March 31, 2021

Amazing Drum Compressor!!!!

I don’t usually write reviews but this one just sounds to good on the drums to not share. Most impressive feature: You don’t have to compress much to get a smooth phat drum mix. It’s now in my template for life!

P. Lange

March 31, 2021

API Vision Channel Strip

Nice flexible CS with the API tonal coloring that bridges the gap between vintage and modern sounds.

E. Theocharous

March 26, 2021

Amazing Plugin!

Amazing, especially for Mastering. Love it! A huge difference from other manufacturers.

G. Lukács

March 24, 2021


The 2500 from UAD emulates its analog counterpart perfectly. However, what they cease to mention in the ad (only in small letters), that when not using Console, there is latency involved. When compressing the Drum Bus, what the 2500 is mainly used for...any form of latency is highly bothersome. I own the UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3 hardware that was supposed to take CPU load off, but without console, the greatest feature of the device is unused. SHAME

Y. Caldas

March 16, 2021

A must have

I was sceptical at first about getting the UA version of the 2500, quickly after using it on a mix I realize that it does not draw short on what you expect a 2500 to do. Does it sound like the real thing? No but it gives that same sonic reference that you can count on for your records.

B. Rogers

March 16, 2021

Works like a charm

I trialled all the channel strips available. Here and from other brands. This one stood out high above the others for drums and guitars. Stick it on the Unison input when recording guitars and it is ridiculous how much better they sound

B. Rogers

March 16, 2021

Sticks it all together

I love multitracking everything. Guitars, vocals, synths, drums. This goes on all my buses to bring them all together and sound coherent

v. sholansky

March 16, 2021

this one doesnt need my approval
great comp!

P. Record

March 14, 2021


API 2500 Bus Compressor plugin wonderful

S. van Servellen

March 8, 2021

The Real Deal

Annoyingly good plugin. Love it for drums especially, punchy, crispy, transparent and highly usable.

641-660 of 1901 Results