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Get the full suite of API plug-ins, featuring channel strip, compressor, preamp, and EQs.

The API Complete Bundle for UAD hardware and Apollo interfaces puts every color of the classic API sound within easy reach. Saving you hundreds of dollars versus buying these award-winning plug‑ins individually, the API Complete Bundle features the most authentic‑sounding software emulations of API’s most hallowed hardware.

Track and mix using stunning emulations of API's most iconic preamp, compression, EQ and expander/gate console modules

Glue together your stereo mixes and subgroups with the world’s finest circuit emulation of the revered API 2500 compressor

Easily track "through" the world’s only authentic plug-in emulation of the legendary Class-A, API 212L mic preamp

Sculpt sources with API's vintage 560 10-band graphic EQ module and beloved 550A parametric EQ

Included Plug-Ins

API Vision Channel Strip Collection

API Vision Channel Strip Collection

Giving you all the critical recording and mixing functions in a single plug‑in, the API Vision Channel Strip Collection lets you sculpt your tracks with API's iconic L‑Series modules from its flagship large‑format Vision console. Easily punch up signals through the iconic API 212L preamp, expertly sculpt sources with the new 560L series ten‑band graphic EQ module and modern four-band 550L parametric EQ, tame transients using the 225L compressor, clamp down on noise with the 235L gate/expander, and dial in sources using the fully sweepable 215L's Hi/Lo pass filters.

API 2500 Bus Compressor

API 2500 Bus Compressor

An obsessively accurate emulation of API’s flagship compressor — including detailed modeling of API's custom transformers and 2510 and 2520 op amps — the API 2500 Bus Compressor plug‑in adds energy, movement, and tone to stereo mixes and subgroups just like the hardware. Easily punch up low frequencies using API's patented Thrust® technology, select between "Old” and "New” style compression with feedback or feed‑forward sounds, sharpen your workflow with plug‑in‑only Mix and Headroom controls, and contour your mix's stereo interaction with percent‑based L/R Link controls.

API Preamp

API Preamp

Easily add the same character and tone of API's hit-making 212L mic preamp with a simple two-knob plug‑in, perfect for Apollo owners. Offering the same features found in API's flagship Vision Console, including a Mic/Line switch, dedicated cut filter, and ‑6 dB Line pad, the API Preamp plug‑in lets you record "through" the iconic preamp in real time using Apollo interfaces, with low DSP use. And with Unison technology, you get all of the classic preamp’s impedance, gain staging “sweet spots,” and circuit behaviors that have made it legendary.

API 500 EQ Collection

API 500 EQ Collection

Faithfully capturing the punch, transparency, and tight imaging of API’s iconic vintage EQs, the API 500 EQ Collection expertly emulates these classic tone shapers. The API 550A offers three overlapping bands of parametric EQ, independent 50 Hz to 15 kHz band-pass filter, and selectable peaking/shelving modes. The API 560 plug‑in lets you sculpt with ten bands of graphic EQ, ideal for crafting with surgical precision. Plus, API’s “Proportional Q” intuitively widens bandwidth at lower boost/cut levels and narrows it at higher levels, giving you more control over your mix.

Note: The API Complete UAD Bundle does not include LUNA API Console Emulation or API Summing Extensions.


The full suite of API plug-ins, featuring stunning emulations of API's most iconic preamp, compression, EQ, and expander/gate console modules

API 2500 Compressor glues together your stereo mixes and subgroups with the world’s finest circuit emulation of the revered The API 2500 compressor

The world’s only authentic plug-in emulation of the legendary Class-A, API 212L mic preamp

API's vintage 560 10-band graphic EQ module and beloved 550A parametric EQ

Customer Reviews

API Complete UAD Plug‑In Bundle

Overall Rating


R. Scheepers

December 2, 2023

Best Filters

Great and warm sounding API Filters! Very useful!

S. Shaboutin

December 1, 2023

Awesome! API 2500 Bus Compressor!

I tried the API 2500 Bus Compressor and I really liked it. It takes very nice colors. From now on this will be my permanent mixing tool!

E. Zorgman

November 29, 2023

Open up the harmonics

This little beast is so transparent. Its great and doesn't change anything about the sound. Open up with a nice bright addition of harmonics and adds a great amount of detail to your sound. Using this as a export from soft synths, basses and leads. Love the character this gives.

N. Merrick

November 28, 2023

API 2500 Bus Compressor

Great plugin!

B. Highet

November 27, 2023

Love this

Blown away, love the different vocal presets

K. L

November 24, 2023

Use it for subtle coloring

I use it an all mono sources (not busses) just to get that "feeling/sound". It works and adds some really magic bottom end! (i tested it with flipped phase bounces and it works really nice)

K. L

November 24, 2023

On my mixbuss and on my drum buss

Super versatile compressor. Using it on my busses and it delivers at 100%

L. White

November 23, 2023

Fantastic EQ.

Having different flavors of EQ is really important to me. This being my first experience with API, I was trilled with the unique sound of this emulation. And the fact that it's native means that I can actually use it. Highly recommend.

D. Durham

November 19, 2023

Love this plugin!

I’ve always been a big fan of API so finding this plugin was a game changer for me! I use it on almost everything, especially acoustic instruments. It’s magic on guitars and drums.

d. castaneda

November 16, 2023

Buss Comp

One of the best buss comps for drums


October 30, 2023

API Rocks!

Absolutely brilliant! Highly recommended for great productions!

T. Poe

October 26, 2023

Buy it because everyone else says to

I bought this because every producer worth their salt uses either the real thing or the plugin in a professional setting. Even as a guitar player it inspires me for Cory Wong like effects. I have only scratched the surface but it’s a key color on the paintbrush of compressors

J. Keen

October 26, 2023

VERY useful bus compressor

The API 2500 Bus Compressor is highly flexible. It can be as transparent as you want it to be, or as obvious as you want it to be. Fantastic tool for track groups.

M. Woolnough

October 25, 2023

Top Class

It's just a must have. It's got a unique character and like the API Buss compressor all the features are nicely different to other companies. Nice to be able to change EQ type too. Versatile. My snares and electric guitars in particular Sound awesome. But can be used on anything really.

M. Woolnough

October 25, 2023


Became my "Go To" instantly. Great on any buss. Enjoying features not found on other Buss compressors. Nice companion to the API Vision Channel Strips . Solid 5 out of 5 !

V. German

October 23, 2023


Incredible sound, all in one. It's a great device!

A. Elias

October 20, 2023

La mejor emulación

Creo que esta es la mejor emulación del API 2500. La puedes empujar un poco más que otras emulaciones y sigue sonando natural.

A. Garcia

October 20, 2023

I love the api "flagship" sound

api Vision Channel Strip have exactly what I was looking for. The gate/expander does a really nice job cleaning unwanted room noises and the EQ is exquisite. I love color and tone of api Vision. Highly recommended.

k. čonkova

October 18, 2023

Api pre amp

great plugin sound is completely in front. best sound

R. Marquez Cruz

October 17, 2023


Almost like the real thing, quite adaptable for almost every purpose. Totally would get it again