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API Complete UAD Plug‑In Bundle

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R. Dowd

November 6, 2019

My go to... everything!

I was not expecting to find every element of this channel strip to be so usable! One of UA’s best!

D. Warren

November 5, 2019

api 2500

hands down the closest you will get next to the real unit itself.... in comparison to waves ua plugin has a cleaner sound and slightly more high end..

A. de David-Beauregard

November 4, 2019

Tone ChannelStrip

It's extremely easy to use, has character and sounds really good! (God bless that auto-gain compressor)

G. Schwab

October 31, 2019

Very well done!

Very close to the real API sound. Even if he came less close to the original: it is only ever the result that you achieve with the tool and this is excellent

M. David

October 24, 2019

Fantastic on drums

I use this bus compressor on drum. It sounds fantanstic.

G. Salvenmoser

October 20, 2019



J. Baraness

October 18, 2019

Great modern sound

Go to preamp for a modern American sound. From guitars to drums, the gate/expander section works magic and the EQ brings the API sound you might be familiar with to the digital realm. Push the pre hard for some colour and you're good to go. Great plug-in.

D. Howard

October 17, 2019

Great plug in

One of the best plugins to have

D. Howard

October 17, 2019



R. Horvath

October 17, 2019

Geiler Channel strip

Absolut super klang und punch, hab mich doch entschieden mit UAD Plugins zu arbeiten da die Qualität einfach Top ist .!!!

F. Gasser

October 15, 2019

Perfect for tracking

It's just an overall very good channel strip. I can't compare it to a hardware console. Working with the plugin is quite easy and it really gives a huge warmth to my drums. Afterwords mixing is already done! :-)

C. Jaeggi

October 14, 2019


Yup, let alone the EQ, the whole thing's got that "plastic" smooth sound, like the right DBX 160 A compressor has (used to maybe?). It sounds like tape to me : ) I live, basically ON the busiest roads ever, trucks, military ones too, constant cars, buses etc. With this expander I can record vocals with the dang window open! How is this even possible?? Arrow, API Vision on the insert (not unison), LA2A after that, SM 58, boost the 20 Khz with 6 db. And it sounds like oldschool Neumann to me. This is insane. My troubles are over, because I paid up a little more and went with UA. That's why ; )

P. Cool

October 14, 2019

Most fun channel strip

I think this is the most fun channel strip plugin UAD offers. I've never worked on a hardware Vision so I can't compare the sound or vibe, but I love tweaking on this plugin. And something about the layout attracts me like no other lover. Or SSL channel strip. It is quite useful as a Unison plugin, and it's my choice on my Apollo when I'm not using the UAD Helios. You can see my tests and analysis of it at

A. Kolomvatsos

October 14, 2019

Perfect for great rock drum sound!

Nothing much to say, I love it with plenty of tools in just one channel strip to treat your drums and many more!!!

R. Bjurstrom

October 7, 2019

Smooth and easy to use

Had never owned a API plugin, but I kept hearing about how great the channel strip was. So I got the demo and was really impressed by it. The upper frequencies shine without being harsh. Overall the workflow of the plugin makes it really easy to use. I like the SSL and Neve plugins but I must say the layout of the API is far superior. I've really enjoyed using it.

M. Kempter

October 2, 2019


Sitting in front of a dull Mix to Master, just playing around with a grabing EQ like the 560 to get a direction by taste and whow. That 560 does not leave the chain.

P. Eppingen

September 26, 2019

Versatile & bright!

The API Vision channel-strip is a very versatile, bright and somehow colorful sounding plugin. I use it to track and mix nearly any source from vocals to drums, to guitars, and also to spice up synth sounds.
My favorite parts are the preamp, very "musical" filters and the compression unit.

If only the EQ would be switchable (550 - 560), and also an output fader like the newer UA channel-strip-emulations provide would be great especially for mixing and automation.

M. Leto

September 14, 2019


Absolutely terrific

B. Yatron

September 10, 2019

API Vision Channel Strip

Sounds great on anything and doesn't fall apart at extreme settings. Especially love it on vocals and drums.

S. Studios

September 3, 2019


Very versatile color box as well as dynamics shaper. Learning curve is not too steep, but once you get it....this thing is an absolute beast.

901-920 of 1931 Results