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Customer Reviews

API Complete UAD Plug‑In Bundle

Overall Rating

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T. Crystal

May 17, 2013

Flawless Emulation of a Classic

We compared our 550's & 560's in our API Lunchbox to the UAD plugins and found that UAD has delivered another flawless emulation of a classic. 5 stars!!!

G. Chase

May 10, 2013

API eq

The Pultec Pro and 1073 were my favorites but now the 500 series is my "go to" EQ for its sweet & articulate sound and its easy operation. It has character & attitude whether on orchestral WW or drums. I love my UA plugs and the support i get from their team!

A. Theakston

May 8, 2013

560: My favourite UAD EQ

Couldn't really be more impressed with the 560 EQ - as others have mentioned, it's completely transformative. You can put sweet air back into anything, like a subtle little swiss army knife; but you can also do big broadsword cuts and boosts - and it just plain sounds good doing it.

A major usability tip I've not seen mentioned is the benefit of using a mouse with a hardware scroll wheel with the API plugins. You can HOVER the mouse over the dial and just click-roll the mousewheel to adjust the setting. Super easy and tactile to use.

But yeah, it kills me; I have a track I'm working on with 560 on the master bus, and though all good sense and reason says take it off to mix, I just can't. Without: dull. With: sweet, polished, done.

N. Afflitto

May 2, 2013

Nailed it.

These just kill. I demoed every eq in the UAD line and these were my favorite by far. The fact that you get two different eq's is also a big plus. It's hard to describe how exactly these compare to the other UAD eq's, but they are just fantastic. And compared to my vst's there is just no contest. So glad I have these.

S. Elston

April 23, 2013

Best for adding Edgy Color

API 500 Series EQ is perfect for adding a little edge that’s missing like no other UAD eq can. I record and mix mostly metal and rock projects. For a long time I have been looking for equalizers that had a certain energy in the middle frequencies that could enhance guitars/drums that were lacking without ruining the original sound. The API sounds great for this on drums, guitars (especially at 500 1k freq), bass. This eq has really saved me and I use it on half the tracks in my projects. I haven’t tried it on vocals but I'm sure it works there as well. I spent a week using the demos for all the UAD equalizers and me and my band mates came to like the API, Manley Massive Passive, and the Cambridge the most.

D. Henry

April 18, 2013

API makes sense

Warm and punchy! I really like these plugins. Great on any source!

B. Jester

April 8, 2013

The Real Deal !!!!!!!!!

This will give the API 2500 OP feel all day long. The sound of rock n roll.

N. Wilson

April 6, 2013

API review

I basically stopped using the waves version of API some time ago. I recently bought the UAD quad to add some reverbs and after demo'ing the API, I fell back in love with this eq. The Waves version is nice, but I like UAD much better.

J. Antonio

April 5, 2013



A. Boyer

March 30, 2013

Best EQ

It simply works great on almost everything. I have Neve, Helios, Harrison... but if I had to keep one, it would be these two. These are the best plugin EQ's from UA

M. Whatley

March 17, 2013

Hard to believe

I've used the hardware many times. It's hard to tell the difference and with the ability to recall settings on the plugin, I find myself going to it more than the hardware. These are the best plugin EQ's I've used by far.

E. Conesa

March 16, 2013


This EQ is so good I don't touch anything else anymore.
From top to bottom this thing works wonders.
I might as well trim my plugin folder to just API EQ and a few other UA Plugins.

S. Bobrov

March 14, 2013

Simple EQ

Just take API and all right.Very simple,very effective,very GOOD.Thanks UAD team,more a no compromise emulate.

A. Geisler

March 12, 2013

Perfect for the drums and also bass sound

If your looking for very good drum sound specialist....
But also for bass these two are perfect!
Defined sound, well balanced.

Go for the API!

R. Music

March 11, 2013

simply better....

This plugin version of the API's are simply just great!
I have a good list of plugins that i've used through the years of mixing and producing but this just sounds right.
Why use or buy an EQ or compressor if it doesn't sound better on the source than what a "natural" compressor all ready does(?), or more correct they effect of what EQ and compression does.
The UAD API 560 does something musical and want-able on drums (and other stuff), has an amazing way of adding what I want in 90% of the case by just adding it to the CS, or sometimes take the parameters to the extreme, dosen't matter... cause it keep on sounding good... just like good hardware EQ's usally does.
REALLY good work you guys at Universal Audio!!!
// mike

M. Olsen

March 10, 2013

A river of tears of JOY

I could go on forever about how awesome these plugins are. The 550A is nothing short of perfection on bass. The 560 is equally impressive on just about everything else. Sometimes, if the EQ of the 560 doesn't benefit the channel, I bypass the EQ and leave the plugin on pass-through just for the added magic of the API modeling. These are two of the finest sounding emulations ever made. They truly sound like hardware. God knows I could never afford the quantity of these I have in any given session now.

If you are hesitating to buy these, stop hesitating.

D. Gwenael

March 8, 2013

API 500 EQ

This review will be short:
The new API 500 Serie EQ plugins are just the deal !

In my case, the 560 EQ is the first EQ I try on every track, and never had to look for a better one since UAD released it.

This EQ is just simple, and very effective.
A "go to " choice..

I had the original (2x) and now just sold it, as it was getting frustrating to do not be able to use it more often easily.. (I used Q-clone)..
Now this time has gone.. :-)

The more often you open it, the more is sounds like you worked on an API desk.

I just love it..

R. Sokolovski

February 21, 2013


Therie is nothing but "pure magic" to say. One of the very best UAD plugs. Thank you all in UAD.

M. Gervasi

February 18, 2013

Simple and effective

Just remixed a tune with new plugins and wanted a simple Graphic EQ. Demoed the API and it immediately did exactly what I wanted and sounds great. 300.00 seems a bit steep compared to what I paid for the Manley, Studer and Ampex but as soon as UA does another discount offer I'm grabbing it.

R. Baird

February 15, 2013

In Your Face Punch

I have been patiently waiting for UA and Api to get this plugin to market since they first announced a partnership, and it was worth the wait. This eq has such a tight punchy Q great for drums, guitars, bass, and vocals you name it. This will add tons of character to your recordings. Lets see now if UA can get a 550B, 2500, or 527 compressor plugin into my DAW. Put it in the cart. Thanks UA and Api.

2341-2360 of 2364 Results