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Customer Reviews

API Complete UAD Plug‑In Bundle

Overall Rating

1261-1280 of 2328 Results

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m. leblanc

February 29, 2020

API® 500 Series EQ Collection

Great Eq. Great on Drums, guitars and bass!!

m. leblanc

February 29, 2020

API 2500 Bus Compressor

Great compressor!! Perfect Sound!

P. Mata Rodriguez

February 18, 2020

Excellent sound!!!

I don't own the original hardware so I cannot compare, I use my software basically for guitars and drum bus, so, perfect sound and excellent results

M. Korovenko

February 15, 2020

Sounds great on everything

Now it's my go to channel strip, I actually liked the sound so much that I bought all API plugins by UAD eventually.

J. Westra

February 11, 2020

Lots of variety

This can change everything if you want or get you where you want to be in slight perks your mix may improve greatly.

R. Attias

February 10, 2020

Hit the ground running.

Wow, love the ease of use of these EQs. They quickly and easily brought the vocals, drums, bass, and guitars, right onto their sweet spot on my mixes.

A. Potapov

February 5, 2020

One of the essential plug-ins to have

Haven’t tried them all, so I can’t really tell which is better. But I will say that I really dig this API plug-in on drums. Clear and punchy with all the features you need - great mic pre, filters, comp and an excellent and easy to use EQ. Definitely worth checking out.

F. Beats

January 31, 2020

Most versatile

I throw it on my drum bus and it brings everything to life. On the master bus it glues everything together.

S. Ra

January 28, 2020

Perfect bus compressor

I don't know what to say.
This is so good.
Just insert it into the channel and magic will happen.
Perfect channel control and power to the sound.

C. Mortensen

January 20, 2020

API - Great channel strip

Love the sound, great design. Happy i finally got it


January 17, 2020

The best plug in I´ve got

It makes the instruments sound alive, Ive tried in electric guitars, acoustics and bass. the Eq is really musical and I love it.

R. Manochio

January 8, 2020

Holiday sales

Fun, I got sucked into holiday plugin sale... I bought a bunch..... so far enjoy all of them!

C. Manchester

January 7, 2020

You want API. You got API.

Really nice on acoustic instruments and on aux send reverbs. I wouldn't say it is my go to channel strip at the moment, but who time.....

M. Nwankoti

January 4, 2020


tried this on lead vocals and bypassed it, it only took that for me to understand how certain plugins are destined to give a source that lively revival! Bought it immediately after that... it's great plugin love it!

M. Peak

December 30, 2019

Very Useful Channel Strip

Having tried several other channel strips from UA, and they are all great, this one has proven to be the most useful in both my podcasting and voiceover work. I can honestly say I wish I had chosen this channel strip before others. Vision works great in both pre- and post-production.

J. Johansson

December 30, 2019

An amazing touch!

The first time I owned an Apollo interface I invested a lot of money in preamps. However, as my account was hacked, my plugins were stolen. This meant that I had to buy a new set of plugins. This time I skipped buying that many preamps, because I rarely used most of them (and many of them had characteristics I didnt like).
However, I decided to buy the API Vision Channel Strip! I find this truly amazing, as it gives most instruments amazing characteristics. I often use the API Vision Channel Strip for a clean, lined guitar, rather than using a guitar amp (or simulation) when I want a really sweet, clean sound.

R. Invernizzi

December 28, 2019

Love the API sound

I love the API sound. I use a lot the 550A and also the API 2500 for the great sound and glue that gives me on my mix.

J. Rosillo

December 27, 2019

Swiss Knife

Superb on drums, but also great on bass, guitars, vocals... I could use the 2500 on any track. Parallel compression makes it ever more versatile.

m. costermans

December 26, 2019

Great Channel strip

It has what you need, does the job, great on drums, the gate it's amazing

x. zuniga

December 25, 2019


Best ever !!

1261-1280 of 2328 Results