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Customer Reviews

API Complete UAD Plug‑In Bundle

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M. Tomko

January 4, 2017

Always On

This is quickly becoming a go-to, always-on plugin for me, both as a Unison preamp and on existing tracks. It sounds great and there are a ton of great sonic-shaping options included in the channel strip. My only complaint, and this goes for a number of plugins, is that the faithfulness to the look of the gear that the plugin is emulating makes it difficult at times to set parameters, especially on double-ringed pots.

U. Fischer

January 4, 2017



G. Samraj

January 3, 2017

My favorite channel strip

This is my favorite channel strip I go to for most of my mixes .. I find myself preferring this over the neve just cause of the smoother rounder sound that comes out. UA has done an excellent job on this plug in .. Can't go wrong when investing on this plug in

M. Luks

January 3, 2017

Großartiger Sound und einfach zu bedienen.

Ich nutzte den API als Standard für in Unison Konfiguration. Damit gelingen mir Aufnahmen, die in der Folge kaum noch Nachbearbeitung benötigen.

J. Houtman

January 2, 2017

Drum shaper

When you ask, what unison preamp to get, many users say: API Vision.

Why? It shapes drums really well. The EQ is very nice, it just works. The steps can be limited somewhat, but it never seems not enough when used on drums. The compressor and filters are amazing. I planned to usr the Vision on other type of tracks, and its good. Really good, but on drums, they just excel!

Try it out!

L. Szekely

January 1, 2017

extremely usefull!

Amazing gate and eq in this plugin.. been using it all the time since i got it.

J. Winkel

January 1, 2017

API Vision Channel Strip as standard

The API Vision Channel Strip lifted the great UAD console to a new level: in both settings )live & studio) this plugins adds the right definition to certain analog sound sources. During recording the API Vision Channel Strip is a fixed plugin for channels where during mixing it's important for a good balance in frequencies, character & warmth... Since I use 3 Apollos & a Satellite I can load plenty of API Vision Channel Strip..... A API in the box is the best I bought till now.

G. Spardel

December 30, 2016

My new secret weapon ;-)

This thing is money in the bank and it is my new secret weapon. Warm, rich analog sound at its finest. Totally love it!

M. Daley

December 29, 2016


API all the way!

B. Bennett

December 29, 2016


This plugin works great on just about any kind of mix! A great addition to my UA collection!

西. 誠人

December 28, 2016




December 28, 2016

Gospel Beats

I have not heard the hardware unit to compare, but as far as a plugin, it sounds great in the box. It add a nice solid, warm low end sound to your tracks. Very happy with this purchase.

M. Papatonis

December 27, 2016

Very Close To The Real Thing

I've got the 2500 hardware comp, and it sounds amazing, but I honestly haven't touched it since I got my UA rig. The software is so freakin' close at a fraction of the cost, and you get recall, automation, and multiple instances.

I haven't been able to bring myself to sell my hardware unit yet, but at some point I'll get tired of seeing it sit idol in my rack.

K. Babic

December 25, 2016

same as hardware

A few years ago I had the opportunity to work on the hardware, as far as I can remember, the software behaves just like the hardware. Good job

M. Diaz Velez

December 24, 2016

Quality and Rock and Roll!

It sounds too warm. I don't wanna to make any comparation... but sometimes you have to. It's sounds so analog and so beautiful that makes other emultations be ashamed. Great work guys!

S. Watremez

December 24, 2016


Great pré-amp.
I use it all the time


December 21, 2016

2 Bus comp!

I use the SSL 2bus comp + API 2500 on my mixbus, with excellent result!

F. Batiste III

December 20, 2016


As soon as I instantiated UADs API Vision channel strip and started EQing. It was like riding in a brand new Mercedes Benz for the first time. This plugin represents the best mankind has to offer as far as analog hardware emulations are concerned IMHO. The sound is just as good as it gets in software.

T. Wallace

December 20, 2016

Pretty cool

I enjoyed the sweet attack that I received from this plugin once I placed it on my drums. UAD has done it again, keep it rocking man

J. Valo

December 20, 2016

Excellent all-around compressor

The compressor has a nice smooth character and it can make drums pop in great way. Due to its heavy coloration the mix knob is an wonderful addition and makes the compressor highly usable in the master bus. Guitars, vocals, synths, drums, bass, it basicly works with everything if you just like the character of the compression. Highly recommended.

1761-1780 of 2351 Results