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Customer Reviews

API Complete UAD Plug‑In Bundle

Overall Rating

221-240 of 2351 Results

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西. 誠人

October 11, 2023


I have API since 2016. but now it's not working.Please help me

A. Ardelean

October 11, 2023

A Ardelean

at this moment I use it on each project

A. Santana

October 11, 2023


i like the bosss

C. Frandsen

October 10, 2023

Simple great !

Sounds soooo good ! Use it on everything. Only thing that bugs me, is that I have to turn on each “section” when I want to use it.

T. Mitrevej

October 10, 2023


make everything sound nicer on my 2-bus


October 10, 2023


I like the warmth /UAD plugs are great

B. Barr

October 10, 2023

Sweet and Versatile

A sweet sounding and versatile Channel strip capable of massive gain. Great sounding EQ and compression.

P. Fornasati

October 10, 2023

Exellent plugin !

Shine on every track

G. Herrera

October 10, 2023

Been wanting this for a while

Now that I have it I can't stop putting it on everything, and It still gets out of It's own way haha I love this

D. Acevedo

October 10, 2023

Muey bueno

Excelente compresor para todo, pero un arma secreta para "Drums" y "BGV"

M. Krizaj

October 10, 2023

API Vision CS Collection

API Vision CSC it's great and big one Channel Strip on the digital marketplace. Work well and light for processor. Moste important for me.

R. Rashed

October 10, 2023


I don't want to go into depth, but this additional component changed the game for me

b. aroua

October 10, 2023


amazing plugin

D. Thompson

October 10, 2023

Best bus compressor

This has quickly become my favourite bus compressor for any transient heavy material. Can control peaks and add thickness to any bus or mix. Lots of options to dial the sound exactly as your mix needs. Blend knob is a very useful addition. Bought in special deal but would have paid full price if I had demoed it first. Top quality stuff.

R. Novak

October 10, 2023

A perfect piece

A perfect piece of essential gear

M. Gal

October 10, 2023

Great overall plugin

Great on drum, and guitar

M. Kerner

October 10, 2023

Go to bus-compressor

I use it on my bus and it makes difference.

E. Zorgman

October 9, 2023

Unique and warm

This unit provides a great smooth analogue feel. It further provides depth and clarity to your mix busses. I enjoy the options, and the filter. Additionally on single channels it just a great adding a little more presence in the mid to high frequencies. Great eq section for further sculpt your sound. Became one of my must have plugins in ever project I work.

P. Beullens

October 8, 2023

Punch and clarity

On mix bus works great to provide glue while increasing depth, with and clarity. The mix knob provides a parallel option that is great for giving the song punch when needed. Provides some unique options making it very versatile and will most likely start to use it on various stem busses. Just have it about a week but I already love it.

C. Jaramillo

October 6, 2023

Love to Push it !

I have used API preamps for tracking for ages and this plugin gets you that sizzle !
Love it !

221-240 of 2351 Results