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Customer Reviews

Apollo 8

Overall Rating

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S. Debontridder

November 28, 2016

Amazing unit.

After using the Apollo 8 duo (a lot) for a few weeks, I can honestly say this is probably the ultimate interface. Great routing capabilities, pristine sound quality, flawless integration with my Twin, visually stunning... I've seen a lot of studios with tons of outboard gear, and I feel like everything that set them apart so far is coming within reach with UAD's systems. A++, would buy again!

J. Figueroa

November 26, 2016

Believe the Hype!

I started with the Apollo Twin last year and was very pleased with the sound, workflow, Console 2 added capabilities, etc. I decided to increase my count of Unison preamps and the free Satellite promo sealed the deal. I think that Universal Audio value proposition is like no one else's at this point. Hardware screams quality (like Mac computers, UA interfaces are built in China, don't let this deter you), the software is tightly integrated, you have to download every UAD platform version as a whole package of drivers, supporting software, plugins and firmware for the interface as a single download, this guarantees seamless integration. Great synergy and I look forward to make music with my UAD gear and growing collection of plugs. Great job Universal Audio!

c. imgeun

November 24, 2016

so good

very good!!

E. Hopton

November 23, 2016

Love the flexibility!

I bought an Apollo Twin Duo about a year ago; it was my first UA product. I liked it so much that I knew this was just the beginning! I just bought an Apollo 8 and got a free Satellite Quad, which really increases the capability of my system. It's great to have the power to run amp plug-ins with tape emulation, EQ, etc.

The amp emulations are the best I've heard. I own the actual Marshall amps, and the plug-ins sound just as good, but with better control over volume. It's no longer necessary to blow out your ears to get good tone! I find the ability to blend the close and room mics is the key to getting a realistic sound, and it's certainly quick and easy to do using the amps' channel strips.
The Apollo 8 is all that I love about the Twin, but more so. This has been the most significant upgrade to my home studio yet.

V. Lluch Fuentes

November 23, 2016

Totalmente Recomendable!

Hace un par de semanas que tengo la Apollo 8 Quad y no puedo hacer otra cosa que recomendar su compra. Funcionamiento impecable, Facilidad de uso, Sonido de muy buena calidad y la suerte de poder unos plugins de la más alta calidad. Si puedes permitírtela, no dudes en hacerte con una de ellas aprovechando las múltiples promociones que tienen.

K. Iizuka

November 22, 2016

Best interface!!

Good sound. And UAD-2 plugin is very good, too.

J. Luther

November 22, 2016


Absolutely amazed at the flexibility and the sound of the pres and the converters. The added ability to add plugins on the input stage before he daw is a huge plus. I own a lot of the analogue hardware that uad plugins emulate and I can't tell the difference between the two. I find myself using the the plug ins more then the outboard now.

Well done uad for a great product

M. Malbranc

November 22, 2016

Lovin the Apollo 8

I am a Independent Sound Ing and Music Prod. and the Apollo is what i have been locking for a long time. A High end Preamp and converter for my homestudio with Plugins that sound like analog hardware. The Monitoring is like an analog console with a great siderack! Thank You UAD you have made this Profession even more fun then it already is !

F. Coello

November 19, 2016

Fantastic !!

The only problem I have so far it's not having enough time !!

K. Davies

November 18, 2016

Apollo Thunderbolt finally comes to Windows

And it works flawlessly. I couldn't be happier. A truly pro interface, Mic pre's are clear and transparent allowing you to color them up with one of the many unison plugins. The extra outputs allow me to run separate cue mixes for several musicians. And really the best thing about the Apollo so far is that I am forgetting it's there. Unlike other windows interfaces I've had in the past, I was constantly at them tweaking something or another , having to hunt down new drivers etc to try to get them to work the way I wanted. After my intial setup I have not touched the HW settings. Super happy, Good work UAD!

R. Howell

November 18, 2016

Everything it should be and more!

I'm new to the UA platform and I'm totally stoked!
I purchased an Antelope Audio Zen Tour for home recording prior to the UA for the hardware, DSP and overall bells and whistles. I had it for a few weeks and had issues w/ it crashing from the first time I used it. Sweetwater took the AA back and allowed me to step up to UA Apollo 8 Quad. For me, it was clearly the right decision!.
Amazing plug ins, sound quality, interface, Console... All intuitive, easy to use right out of the box and top notch!! Just turn on the heavy duty power switch and you know you're dealing with a serious piece of gear!
Lastly, as a bonus I got a free Quad Satellite included as a promo deal along w/ the Helios 69 EQ. Thanks UA :)


November 18, 2016


it's good!!!

B. Simms

November 18, 2016


Upgrading from a Focusrite, the sound quality and conversion boost was worth the money.

D. Cepic

November 16, 2016

Apollo Quad

I am delighted, I recommend to everyone !!!

B. Shannon

November 12, 2016

Best interface ever!

I love the Apollo 8 Quad so far. It's the first time I've found an interface that makes recording in the box feel fun and so easy to use! It just works, it does what it's suppose to do when you want it to. I do find it frustrating that having a quad core some plugins like the 55 fender amp, woodworks and akg spring reverb can only be used once at a time even though I should be able to have at least one for each shark core (right?). Still learning my way around the system so may be able to figure out a work around... Only about a month in but so far I'm so glad I went with uad system... it may actually make me enjoy recoding on computers. The plugins are amazing too!


November 12, 2016

Best recording interface on the market

I've owned several other recording interfaces, from beginner to mid-range, and this is by far the best piece of equipment I've ever used. Between the excellent software and the quality pre-amps, it's definitely worth the price (I went with the quad Apollo 8 because once you start using these plugins, you'll definitely want the extra DSP headroom).

J. Reichert

November 9, 2016

Apollo Quad 8 is stellar!

I mix for a two time Grammy winning band and this was a quick and easy set up. I was VERY surprised at the D/A conversion. So much more depth, width and clarity compared to my Lynx Aurora mastering converter. Also the mic pres are clean and warm. The tracking technology through plugins is phenomenal. Got the best headphone mix I have ever experienced and of course mixing with the UAD plugins has just been so eye opening. So much more warmth, punch and clarity without being shrill sounding like many other plugin companies can be. I am floored. Wish I would have jumped on the UAD bandwagon early in my career. I didn't give it five stars only because I wish it had just a wee bit more juice running the plugins but their sound quality makes up for it.

M. Baj

November 8, 2016

All i need

This is amazing piece of gear. All i need in 1 box. I've got 2 of those and works great. Highly recommend.

T. Flaherty

November 7, 2016

About time.

I waited to spend big money for a good interface and I picked the right one. Great unit with lots of features, zero latency, great tone and a plugin bundle.

V. Kochulkov

November 2, 2016

Apollo 8


301-320 of 486 Results