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Apollo 8

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J. Valentovich

August 16, 2015

Love the upgrade

I had the previous model of Apollo Duo and to me you have a lot more headroom recording & mixing with The Apollo8.I went from the duo to the quad to take advantage of the unison technology so I can use the great sounding preamp & plugins while recording.UA you did it again keep up the good work. Also its Thunderbolt connections 8 to computer & my new Octo Satellite and new Console make the work flow a lot easier PLUS I got FREE plugins

M. La Manna

August 15, 2015

Bye Bye mbox pro

I recently purchased the Apollo 8 and WOW I'm blown away, 1st the support was down right amazing, top notch quality product and the UAD plugins are simply awesome. The mbox pro 3 is now in the trash!!

A. Cannon

August 14, 2015

Apollo 8 Thunderbolt 2 interface

Not a bad unit especially if you know what you are doing
and know the sound your looking for.

g. Mason

August 13, 2015

Awesome Piece of Equipment

Big Upgrade from my last audio card. Sounds amazing and I just love the unison technology. Alt button comes in handy all the time to A / B my mixes between two sets of speakers. A must have for anyone's setup!

UAD User

August 12, 2015

Apollo 2 Thunderbolt is the shiznit

I'm a new user of the Apollo Interface and I think it works great. I love the plugins and the sleak look that it has. I use it when I'm producing in Protools and Logic, and my favorite feature is the "Real Time Processing" while recording.

A great job done by Universal Audio.


M. Di Lorenzo

August 5, 2015

Best got better

I got my first Apollo Quad few months ago. Then I got the new one, so I can have more ins and outs. Connection was incredible easy, and the Console recognize my new configuration instantly. The difference in sound is little, but is there. The original "grey" Apollo sounded so good that I couldn't imagine something new that could sound even better. But you guys did it, congrats ¡ I am more that happy, this units are fantastic, and I have plenty of DSP power to work with. Thanks a lot, great unit, great sound, and perfect SW.

R. Jason

July 29, 2015

More than a "chip" miff the old block

OK, apologies for the bad pun.
I had sold my original, terrific Apollo Duo thinking I was going to shut down my home operation and move my production/writing business to another, larger place. Well, circumstances changed.
So, without a front end, I decided what better way to go than to just go Apollo. This time, I chose the Apollo 8 Duo.

After a few weeks to evaluate, the differences SONICALLY are not so drastic that owners of the original should tear their hair out in anguish. That said, the improved clarity, front to back perception, and more open sound in the mid bass has made mixing and Mastering a bit easier, a GOOD thing. I really like the new features, and the new console GUI is a big improvement. Great stuff from UA!

J. Stewart

July 24, 2015

Dream come true

Loving the Apollo 8, very glad I finally grabbed one. I spent a long time trying to decide if I really needed the Apollo - from when the Silverface first came out. I eventually grabbed a Twin about 9 months ago. Seeking more inputs and DSP power, I took the plunge on an Apollo 8. For me, this is a fantastic interface for a small studio like me. Sounds great, works great. Best thing is the ability to use it with plug-ins like the API Vision channel strip. I now feel I have access to some world class EQ and compression on the way in - something thats always been lacking in my studio. Highly recommended

C. Knox

July 20, 2015

Apollo 8

continued from above...Now I have some very highly accomplished engineer friends who happen to design sounds down here for some of the worlds best keyboards - they said "don't buy the Apollo 8 - its not a significant upgrade - the sound is only 2-3 Db better and you will not be able to hear it..." I bought it today - its a significant upgrade in "aural quality"!!!

Yep if you liked the original Apollo "Silverface" you will love this - good job Bill - I really appreciate you helping me out personally and taking the time - you and your company are winners!!! call me anytime in NZ - my shout would be great to meet a guyb hwo cares as much as you and personally interacts with customers..

Apollo 8 - Brilliant my studio!

C. Knox

July 20, 2015

Apollo 8 Upgrade

You know one day I got annoyed with Universal Audio about the customer service I was getting in New Zealand - yep - I am from "down under" so I called UA directly and they would not talk to me they wanted to do everything by email - I got really annoyed as my story would have been really an essay of quite a few pages...seeing as the International sales manager would not call me back even though I left messages I decided - as I was so frustrated to call UA head office and speak to Bill Putney Jnr.
Well within 30 minutes Bill called me back - I just left a polite message on his mobile phone - 1 hour later Mr Bill Putney had resolved all my issues - he's a really great guy! the company makes great products. I just bought the Apollo 8 !

R. Ivanov

June 30, 2015

Amazing Card

This is great card with brilliant convertors! I can take this card on the road and record without any pre-amps, because Unison working very good! Quad card on the board working great! UAD did great job! Hope prices for plugins would be not so high!

T. Feswick

May 24, 2015

No backlit numbers

The new Apollo 8 sounds great. My only complaint is that the dB scale is hard to read compared to the silver face. Why couldn't they have been backlit?

E. Mensah

April 27, 2015

The Apollo 8 is no joke

The first thing i did when i got the Apollo was to compare the monitoring with the dbox. Impressive!! its definitely on par with the dbox or even better. Great improvement. Good Job UA.

D. Brake

April 22, 2015

Great Upgrade!

Really great improvement over the original Apollo! I love the FCN and ALT buttons now and use the FCN to check my mixes in mono. The better AD/DA also means it sounds better for monitoring. Bye bye D-Box!

r. gonzalez bernal

April 16, 2015

La nueva Apollo 8

Tenia el anterior modelo de Apollo y he cambiado por la nueva Apollo 8, la primera impresión es que la calidad de sonido es mejor gracias a la mejora de los conversores, la antigua Apollo ofrece un sonido de muy buena calidad, se agradece los nuevos botones con funciones especificas en el frontal de la Apollo el cual ahora es mas versátil a la hora de grabar audio, también la renovación de la aplicación Console 2.0 hace que el flujo de trabajo sea mas rápido y fácil de utilizar, como nota negativa decir que la aplicación Console no admite la utilización de las DSP Satellite Thunderbolt. En resumen recomiendo invertir en la nueva Apollo 8.

r. gonzalez bernal

April 16, 2015

the new apollo 8

I had the previous model of Apollo and I have changed with the new Apollo 8, the first impression is that the quality of sound is better thanks to the improvement of the converters, the old Apollo offers a very good quality sound, is grateful for the new buttons with functions specific on the front of the Apollo which is now more versatile when it comes to record audioalso the renewal of the application Console 2.0 makes the workflow more quick and easy to use, as a negative note saying that the Console application does not support the use of the DSP Satellite Thunderbolt. In short I recommend investing in the new Apollo 8.

461-476 of 476 Results