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Apollo 8

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J. Jeong

November 27, 2019

best gear

very nice sound!

J. Jeong

November 27, 2019

best gear

very nice sound!

a. zwirchmair

November 19, 2019

guter sound / miese bedienung

habe das apollo 8 für live anwendungen gekauft, bin natürlich von der verarbeitung und den klanglichen eigenschaften angetan, die console aber dermaßen ohne midi anbindung dastehen zu lassen ist schon eher mager! keine ansteuerung von presets aus mischpulten oder daws... mediocre at best!

C. Barriteau

November 15, 2019

Apollo 8-The great!!

Love this unit-It's my second one so far--Audio quality is fantastic-It's fast
No complaints from me--

E. Cole

November 13, 2019


I have owned 4 different audio interfaces, upgraded them with computer upgrades. All of them top shelf, however the Apollo 8 had a clarity and gain level better than the others. The included software mixing console was very user friendly and the UAD software pre-amps and signal processors are like having the real thing! The Apollo 8 is the centerpiece of my recording setup!

Ł. Seliga

November 12, 2019

A game changer

I already knew the quality of Apollo interfaces and UAD plugins cause I ocasionally used them in my friend's studio where I sometimes work. But when I've finally decided to upgrade my old interface and received my own Apollo unit it blew my mind. The sound quality improvement is so massive, it really sounds amazing and the UAD plugins sound amazing too

P. Gallais

November 7, 2019

le top!

Super content de mon acquisition, je découvre toutes les possibilités que m'offre mon Apollo et c'est un pur bonheur! Qualité de mes prises de son au rendez vous, stabilité irréprochable, et plugins incroyablement précis. J'attends avec impatience le satellite UA-2 afin d'acquérir plus de plugins. Vraiment une superbe machine à laquelle je vais adjoindre en hardware, un préamp.... 4-710 D de chez UA bien sûr

B. McMahon

November 4, 2019

I should have bought this sooner

An outstanding unit. Cleared up my, monitoring issues I've had for years. What I hear is what I get in the outputted file. Been through multiple interfaces, and finally found one as stable as my old Laylas 24/96. I've learned it's the code and Universal writes great code. I should have started here when it first was available since the first audio upgrade I made back in the day was a PCI excellarator. Then the PCIe and then the Quad USB3

B. Landino

October 29, 2019

I can't wait to buy more.

I am loving these Universal Audio interfaces and satellites. Due yourself a favor, and invest in better gear, like the UAD-2 series of hardware.

J. Dahle

October 13, 2019


Easy to set up and works excellent. Sound quality is ace.

A. Palomino

August 31, 2019

Amazing Spaceship.

Without a doubt, it is the best tool and surface to produce music at all levels, using all kinds of instruments and even allowing you to experiment with total freedom. It has been the best investment of my studio.

B. O'Reilly

July 10, 2019

Apollo 8 Duo

Recently added the Apollo 8 duo to go along with my Apollo 8 quad and it is awesome, Excellent mic pres and with unison technology I get the sound I am looking for when tracking. Highly recommend anything with universal audio printed on it!!

R. Keith

June 20, 2019

Apollo 8 Wow

Its the older model as I have an early IMac Pro, but wow the sound is incredible and you get what you paid for. Many other interfaces try to emulate the sound but as i found out this is the one that works, so do yourself a favour get the best and sound the best.

B. Gibbons

June 14, 2019

Buy choice I ever did

I been through many audio interfaces and the uad apollo is my final interface I will ever need. a must buy, hands down.

T. Harvey

June 11, 2019


I upgraded my studio from the Apollo Twin Quad to the Apollo 8 Quad and I absolutely love it. It does the job extremely well and the plugins are amazing. I am definitely a fan and will be a customer as long as UA is in business.

O. Edwards

June 5, 2019



A. Leclerc

May 21, 2019

Perfect !

Very simple to use. Great sounding Preamps and Conversion. The plugins are great too. I am very satisfied by the apollo.

D. Scheffel

April 17, 2019

High Quality workhorse

Upgraded from a Focusrite Scarlett to the Apollo 8, and boy it‘s so worth it. The build quality is hi-end, recording with UAD plugins and the unison opens a whole new world to me as vocalist and guitarist, without latency. I took about an hour to learn the console software, so many things you can do with it, it just feels like a professional studio environment now.

UAD User

April 8, 2019

Apollo 8

Greatest product, greatest sound,I’m a recording engineer for about 40 years. I have 2 Grammy a 6 nomination. I’m work whit protocols HD apogee and I recommend this product.

UAD User

April 8, 2019

Apollo 8

Greatest product

41-60 of 476 Results