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Customer Reviews

Apollo FireWire

Overall Rating

61-80 of 808 Results

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G. D'andria

August 14, 2020

A. Lord

August 13, 2020

Amazing price of equipment

Bought this as an upgrade to my Moto 4pre. It’s a brilliant bit of kit, sounds and the software is really intuitive.

J. Cruz

August 10, 2020

Nothing to complain about

Quality preamps and Unison is a game changer.

j. campbell

July 14, 2020

firewire apollo

gamechanger i/o converters are stellar

A. Hoover

July 2, 2020


A ton of technology packed into a single rack space unit. Sounds stellar, has all the connections you could want in a project studio. What more is there to say?

R. Roper

June 29, 2020

Excellent interface!

I’ve had many audio interfaces over the years, but this one is another level. Pristine sound and works seamlessly with my DAW. The plugins are first class.

The only problem I have now is I need another one.

Very impressed!

P. Dixon

May 23, 2020

Found my sound!

I have been searching for this analog texture and Universal Audio nailed it!

L. Polk

May 16, 2020


Paired with my Avalon preamp and Neumann mic. Fxcking Magic!!!! Very beautiful sound. Really makes vocals sit in the mix and pop! Highly recommended if you don’t have one get one.

R. Whiting

April 9, 2020

Better than I imagined

I needed to upgrade my interface and needed it to be Firewire. After doing sessions at two other studios which had Apollo interfaces, the Apollo came highly recommended and I see why. I am highly impressed with the functionality of the Apollo Firewire. The input, output and monitoring options are very flexible. The included plugins live up to the UA reputation of quality. The ability to process UA plugins within the unit itself is astonishing. I was concerned about the learning curve of linking Console to Pro Tools, but after watching the UA video on Youtube, I was up and running in less than 30 minutes. I can't express enough my gratitude for a unit which was easy to register, install the downloads and interface with my DAW. Props to UA for a class product from the packaging to installation.

C. Dumerniet

March 16, 2020

Finally a REAL interface...

After about 10 year using my MOTU 8Pre, with much pleasure, it was time for something new. Priority was a nice reverb when recording, without recording the reveb itself.
I don't want to be rude towards other brands, so I won't mention the names, but... After 10 years using the same gear, it's a whole new world one steps in, concerning sound quality and in particular the sofware that comes with the interface...
as an oldtime Cubase user and fan, I obviously tried the interface that should really blend in with the software (I told you I won't say names). What a dissappointment that was, far too buggy (PC user) and still quite complicated.
Then I tried one with astonishing sound quality, but horrible software... A huge matrix with a learning curve from here to errrrr... The sleek interface was not getting me in a meditative state at all!
Then the good old gear I thought I was used to... Again an even larger matrix!!! No fun programming it for a song or 2... and a horrible sounding reverb.
Finally I asked the shop: Would I make a real leap forward, buying the Apollo...? I had good experience with the use of the UAD 2 solo. The shopkeeper (tired of my exchanging gear every time) mailed: 'You will make a giant leap forward. I'll change the gear one more time, but promiss me that will be the last time' and 'nobody ever brought back an Apollo'.
So I did , and what a relief! No anoying matrix, but crystal clear and intuitive monitoring software, with -of course- the best possible FX! Front and back of the interface also with a very handy design and a great sound!
For final mix down I'm still hooked on my Cambridge Audio DAC, but then still... via Firewire full use of the plugins in the Apollo.
Conclusion. You pay some more (in my case about €1700 instead of €1000) but you get a real top of the line interface! Thanks a bunch, UAD!

F. Catano

January 17, 2020

Catanomidilab Recording Studios

I love it.
Love your plug ins, but there are to expensive. Can you rent them like others company. So we could be able to afford it. Thank you.

A. Kausel

January 14, 2020

Just Love it!

Best gear to the greatest results!

K. Savage

January 3, 2020

Upgrade in Every Way!!

I had an interface that will remain nameless right now. It served me well but I needed more. After two months with Apollo FireWire I gotta say I love this thing! It is an upgrade in every way! The plugins sound fantastic! The I/O options feel almost limitless compared to my previous interface. While it was a bit of a pain to set up (PC), it has been a absolutely wonderful interface!

S. Cee

December 17, 2019

Apollo Is All You Need

Apollo Is A Game Changer To My WorkFlow No More Worrying About Buying New Mic Pres For Different Tones Apollo Has Really Saved Me Lots Of Money & Also Sounds Like The Real Gear It Emualates In The Console Apollo Is A Great Product!! I Will Reccomend This To Any Serious Audio Engineer Looking For OutStanding Industry Quality

O. Ersan

December 2, 2019

Okan Ersan - Guitarist Composer & Recording Artist

Just one word : Amazing

T. Sunmo

November 29, 2019

Great Hardware, poor software

Great sound, easy installation, but the Console is a mishap. Hard to see anything, hard to view the inserts etc. I wouldn't use it at all if I didn't need to do it when recording.

J. Thompson

November 11, 2019

Apollo Firewire

Hey, people, this is my second Apollo Firewire. I was so impressed with the initial purchase that I eliminated another interface and now I am cascading this new firewire, with the first one - love what I am able to do....

S. Schneider

November 2, 2019

Retro meets state of the art!

Tied down to FW with my old MacPro, I bought an Apollo FW Quad. Recording some Jazz vocal, Bass and Guitars I found the sound of the unison Preamps absolutely convincing, be it the Century Tube Channel, Neve 1073, or the UA 610. Having a LA-2A behind the 1073 gently taking 1-3dB, and a Pultec-EQ flat in the chain, the vocal was pretty much record ready.

For mobility I added an Apollo Twin MK II Duo. In addition to the superb audio, I really love having a great monitor control back in the studio, just by having the FW Quad´s ADAT out going into the Twin, and feeding monitors out of it. Once set up, the Twin doesn´t even need a connection to a computer....


November 2, 2019


The Sound quality is amazing and the Uad plugins are breath taking ! Thank you Universal audio !!!!

K. Völz

May 6, 2019

Gut Besser Apollo

Nutze die Apollo im Live Bereich um auf allen erdenklichen Pulten einige nette Plugins nutzen zu können und bin bisher in keiner Sekunde enttäuscht worden.
Daher eine Empfehlung für alle die Qualität bevorzugen.

61-80 of 808 Results