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Apollo FireWire

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S. Hansen

September 20, 2021

Perfect fit!

Doing great things for my workflow!!

M. Ferrarotto

September 17, 2021

Great interface!

I got into universal audio through school. I bought the Apollo Firewire because I feel it meets my needs, despite not being the newest of the UA products. Qualitatively it is really outstanding, especially the preamps and converters. Plus, the ability to use plugins with the interface's DSPs is a blessing to my Mac's CPU. At the moment I am happy and satisfied with my purchase, I hope to make good use of it in the years to come!

J. Rocha

September 14, 2021

Realized dream!

With apollo I have the sound I've always wanted,
crisp sound, present!
Not to mention the awesome plugins, I don't care about other interfaces! thanks Universal Audio!

M. Zaccagnini

August 31, 2021

sloppy customer service

I bought an Apollo 8 interface a few years ago for the not modest price of 3k. The interface thunderbolt port stopped working more than a year ago. I have been trying to get this interface repaired since. Due to Covid restriction the UA lab is not working properly I guess but after such a long time one would expect that they got around how to get back to a somewhat normal schedule, but no. Apparently I will have to wait a few more years before I can get my interface back. This is completely ridiculus, I am not buying UA products ever again!~

b. aquino

August 13, 2021

Apollo Firewire with Thunderbolt 3 option card.

When I saw that the Thunderbolt card was on sale up for 60% off, I purchased and installed it on my Apollo Firewire. With four unison pres, UAD Quad-core processing, and with the transfer speed of Thunderbolt 3, my Apollo Firewire will be future proof for the next couple of years. Not to mention that it sounds awesome.

J. Kim

July 28, 2021


Great Pre, Comp, EQ, Rev, Delay...etc. but guitar amp simulation is a bit disappointing.

R. Stewart

May 29, 2021


Bought a used silverface on Reverb, its a big improvement over my older firewire card from Focusrite. Sounds phenomenal and even the basic plugins they give you can drastically alter your sound. I have the QUAD and even multiple inserts haven't put me above 40% DSP usage. The Console (digital side of your interface) app is very intuitive right out of the box. I have demo'd one plugin and to my surprise they actually let you record with them! The demo says 14 days but I'm not sure if that is accurate for all plugins. I tried the moog filter and to this Carolinian it sounds as accurate for moog as I've ever heard.

A couple of cons, nothing major. I've had a few crashes in Console, when I change saved templates. The app will close but a simple software restart and its back up. Considering I'm on Win10 (which technically doesn't support FW anymore) its not unexpected to find a few bugs. I've had NO issues with tracking, recording; latency is extremely low, even in my DAW (Reaper and Ableton10) I get ~3ms latency @48kHz
I also dislike that Flex routing seems to be unavailable for firewire? Like, I can't route my Hi-Z input directly to my analog 3&4 (where I have a hardware rack) WITHOUT going through an Aux bus. Not a big problem, its just weird you can route it to ONE individual analog out, but not a stereo pair, even if they're linked in Console.

I'll update this review if I find anything else to note, but so far I'm loving the upgrade. Guitar, vocals, hell even playback for mp3s sound better through this!

(Silverface QUAD, Windows 10, Yamaha HS7 monitors)

P. Fricker

May 18, 2021

Faulty Equipment

I have been asked to provide a review, but unfortunately I am unable to fully do so. This is because the unit I purchased came with a faulty FireWire cable and so I have been unable to fully use the interface. In addition, when I reported this fault to Universal Audio’s support team, no replacement cable was even offered so I am having a source one myself.
Once I am able to fully test the unit, I maybe able to give a better review.

S. Astala

May 15, 2021

A dream come true!

I upgreaded my studio with Apollo Firewire. Sounds great and fun to use.

S. Astala

May 15, 2021

A dream come true!

Finally I upgreaded my studio with Apollo. Sounds great and fun to use!

D. Shorter

May 5, 2021


I honestly love how it sounds but unfortunately Big Sur won't let me use firewire and UAD doesn't support it on Mac any more only if I'd known I wouldn't have bought it so now in search for a thunder bolt 3 option card and there's none in stock until July so my only option was reverb which costed me 499.99 with the money spent I could've bout the black face with the card installed SMH!!!!!! but it does sound better than the apogee I had so I guess its worth it but still I give a 3 star due to the lack of cards available

J. Smith

April 17, 2021

Game changer!

The Apollo Quad has completely changed the game for me! I was up in running in a very short time and it was a very smooth transition. The Console is intuitive and extremely flexible. I am happy to have the Quad as the front end of my studio and look forward to adding a second one when I expand.

D. D'Ottavio

March 30, 2021

Love it

It’s such an improvement in quality, and the support has been amazing !!!!!!??????

R. Schüchel

March 29, 2021

Excellent Hardware & Software

Wow awesome! It works and sounds great!

D. Morris

March 23, 2021

Love you guys

You changed my sound thanks


March 15, 2021


Perfect for my studio

D. Madlopha

February 26, 2021

The best improvement of my Studio

I love the unit sound warm and transparent.The only problem is Demo mode of plugins only last 3 days instead of 14 days they just rapidly skip days.

I. Kamenskikh

February 23, 2021

i love it

I've been dreaming about this product for a long time, and it's done! Amazing clean, detailed sound, a huge arsenal of plagins. Now I have everything a modern musician needs. thank you so much to the developers!!

L. Frimodt-Møller

January 27, 2021

Best sounding gear!

Just by playing through my Apollo, all my old mixes sound better. Software is super easy to use, and the plug-ins sounds awesome!

J. Sowers

December 13, 2020

Wonderful unit!!

I absolutely live this unit, which is why I purchased another on to help complete my hybrid setup! I have a lot of great mix pres and outboard gear but to be able to save and recall my own specific console settings with the nerve and api channel strips and onboard compression to record on the way in is a major time saver!! The sound is phenomenal!!!

21-40 of 873 Results