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Customer Reviews

Apollo Solo

Overall Rating

21-40 of 225 Results

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d. olivier

November 6, 2023

Apollo solo

Super pratique cette petite carte son pour avoir la qualité Universal Audio tout le temps et partout !

W. Elliott

October 31, 2023

Okay, but Insufficient DSP

I bought this for traveling. The bus power was a selling point. And I knew the DSP capability was lower... but it's too low to be usable. Like I'll add VOXBOX to Unison, and then I can't add a 2nd plugin (e.g. most reverbs, echos, saturators, etc). The Apollo Solo doesn't have enough computing power.

Also it MUST be powered by your laptop which I didn't realize. I figured I could power it off a newer USB-C PD PSU, and that the Solo would just use its last config. The idea was to use it as a versatile mic preamp (SM58 > UAD Apollo Solo > 1/4" line level stereo). But nope! Gotta have the laptop providing Thunderbolt power (not simply USB-C PD). My mistake for not understanding that before buying.

So my overall opinion is I would not buy this and instead just rely on in-the-box plugins. Since you need the laptop on regardless. There's not much benefit to this Solo interface given the severely restricted DSP power AND given its reliance on a laptop if you're using it as a standalone preamp.

M. Martinez

October 15, 2023


The Apollo Solo Thunderbolt 3 exceeded my expectations. It is a spectacular audio interface. I use it every day and get great results. Simply fantastic!

M. Obuchowicz

October 13, 2023

OK, overpriced

I got my Apollo Solo and after a few weeks of use, i'm pretty disappointed. Converters sound good. As good, as converters on my other interface, which is much cheaper. Latency on Apollo is higher as well. DSP is pretty useless, it has very littile computing power, and with current latencies I don't see any reason to use Unison, i just add native plugins in my DAW.
It also doesnt offer any modern connectivity, like ADAT/SPDIF/AVB/Dante.

It works good as my "travel" audio interface and heapdhones amp. It looks nice. And IMO the price is not justified. Generally, i'm rather disappointed with the UAD products, and especially their very game'is, unclear pricing

R. Disteldorff

September 28, 2023

The Best

After 1 week I understand how it goes, and since than it's amazing.

T. Zhamkochyan

September 18, 2023

The best audio interface

killer interface!

L. Bradley

September 10, 2023

Apollo solo

Loving my new interface the quality is unmatched

D. Ilyenko

September 8, 2023

The best portable audio interface

As is usually the case, Universal Audio produces excellent products. I'm happy, thank you

d. kim

September 7, 2023

Apollo Solo is so good.

I was surprised when I actually saw this for the first time. Because the appearance is really beautiful. The appearance made of silver is simple, and it feels really luxurious when you touch it. And because it works with bus power, you can record anywhere with just a MacBook. 그리고 With a loopback function, live streaming is also possible. Built-in DSP chip allows for latency-free sound delivery in live performance. And I can connect my Apollo X6 and Thunderbolt to expand the number of inputs to make it 8 inputs. I was thinking about Apollo Twin X, and I'm glad that this is a really good choice.

E. Bassi

July 25, 2023


Amazing interface!!

M. Obuchowicz

July 25, 2023

Above expectations!

I pretty much knew what to expect - solid, high quality audio interface with DSP. I definitely got that, and was also surprised how good it is for headphone monitoring. UA Console, plug-ins and luna are first-class products, too. I can only regret getting it too late!

M. Bekkour

July 19, 2023

Apollo solo tb 3

Excellent produit

P. Mantei

July 8, 2023

Big sound improvement

Had an Scarlett interface and a Hx Stomp. The sound improvement with the apollo is huge

D. Dancherov

July 1, 2023

Best audio interface

It’s such a comfortable to work with realtime uad plugins!

C. Beard

June 20, 2023

Excellent work

Great piece of hardware to place in you arsenal. But if you are into heavy mixing you will need a UAD satellite, but it is still an empowered interface, small and portable as well.

J. McFarland

June 20, 2023

Great sounding convertors and preamps

The overall sound is really good. I'm also loving the super low latency I'm able to achieve with the Apollo Solo. Since there is only DSP slot, I do have to be careful what plugins I use as UAD2 vs. Native....but i'm managing well.

s. burnside

June 13, 2023

All good

Sounds and works great so far

W. Narczyński

June 13, 2023

Lovely little box

Portable, bus powered, well built. Great sound, needless to say.


May 24, 2023


Let’s me just get to work.

S. Hascoat

May 23, 2023

Parfait !

J'ai acheté l'apollo solo pour enregistrer des voix avec un monitoring sans latence et ça fonctionne super bien. J'avais peur qu'un seul cœur ne suffise pas mais j'ai consulté le tableau des charges de chaque plugin avant d'acheter, pour être sûr que ça me convenait. Lors de l'installation, les plugins de l'édition heritage manquaient mais le support a été très réactif. C'est top de pouvoir ensuite utiliser les plugins en version native lors du mixage.

21-40 of 225 Results