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Apollo Solo

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D. Sidnev

May 5, 2021

Shame on thee, no help, no future.

Well, what can I say, as always, we, the little, no name guys, like myself, being screwed by the „big brother“ of an Universal Audio adverts.
Bought Apollo Solo recently hoping to be the part of the promotion on plugins, but somehow turns out my Apollo is pre-owned and no plugins for me whatsoever.
But the interface is awesome, hooked up some of my musican friend on it. Haha.

r. caraballo

April 19, 2021

Awesome Entry Level

I owned an Apollo Twin X Duo for Windows and switched to The new MacBook Pro M1 running on Big Sur, and it’s running beautifully. I give it 4.99/5 just for the fact that it could’ve came with a better headphone AMP, the volumen on the Duo goes way louder! And my Neumann headphones or my AT mx 40 can’t go any higher which is the ONLY BUMMER, the dsp bug happens to the best of us and has its way around. All in all Apollo is the industries best hands Down

E. Hallmer

April 14, 2021


Wish I had bought this product way, way, way back! Great sound, the best plug-ins! It just turns everything I do to pure gold!

P. Stoppini

April 13, 2021

Great but

Amazing product, not so plug and play, you need practice.
If you want to use it in its full power there are two main issues:
setup is not easy
it's not difficult to go out of DSP power, maybe a Twin would have been a better choice

N. Castillo

April 11, 2021

Pésima en Windows 10.

A pesar de que se bajan todos los drivers. En un computador core i7 de 11ava gen. Funciona con muchos problemas, muchos clicks. No están bien configurados los drivers. Pésima compra, miren todos los foros y videos en Youtube antes de hacer la compra. Pésima.

B. Knutson

April 5, 2021


Wasted my entire day dealing with this POS. If you have a newer Mac, don't waste your money. Likely will just give you a headache. Been on phone with customer service, watched tons of trouble shooting videos, still get no audio output from my monitors or studio phones. Janky, cheap, POS. Don't waste your money/time.

Z. Chen

April 1, 2021

Apollo Solo

Sounds amazing.

S. Neron

March 30, 2021

Appolo sollo

The son is bieatyfull i like it

K. Garcia

March 25, 2021

Apollo Solo is Amazing!

great pre-amps, fast processing, little heat, absurdly fantastic.

J. Garry

March 23, 2021

Shocked & Awed

that for unknown stupid reasons, I wait until now to get onboard with UA Apollo!

D. Bouresli

March 13, 2021

Oud player

What i great product ❤️
I wish i bought the apollo solo before I try another gear
It sound amazing
Easily use
Sold as a Rock

Happy to owned it
Great for single use
1 headphone
1 instrument
Loved it
Highly recommend

A. Kaibala

March 13, 2021

Very clean preamps plus the amazing unison feature

Great value, portable, great expandability. The only thing I miss is a power on/off switch :D literally nothing else. Headphones sound better through this interface, also studio monitors seem to play cleaner sound than with my previous non-UAD interface.

Y. kan

March 6, 2021

For voice over, I'm finally apollo solo

I initially used motu m2, evo 4, 2i2, etc. in turn.
But the answer was fixed. It was a waste of time. I was shocked to try apollo solo. Unbelievable. This is magic.

A. Visotsky

March 4, 2021


Sounds excellent ! Couldn't be happier. The preamps sound great and are very easy to use. Solidly built.

M. Haines

February 26, 2021

Awesome piece of hardware

This is an amazing piece of hardware, very well designed and built to perfection. If you’re thinking of studio portability, than this here is just that. Side note, trying to hook it up through ANY adapters, won’t happen due to the perfectly designed unison technology it can only be plugged into Mac ports Only. No in between; adapters of any kind will not be accepted.

G. Daddio

February 21, 2021

Best Entry Level Interface.

After reading some of the negative reviews, I felt compelled to write this. If your looking for something simple to gain entry into the UAD world and/or have a high quality interface this is it. Its also perfect for laptops cause the thunderbolt 3 supplies power. No cable included, gives you freedom to pick your own brand and length which helps keep the cost down. If it crashes your PC, that's what you get for having a PC, get a Mac. Another great thing about this is if your ever upgrade to Apollo series, like I did, this doesn't go to waste, it works in conjunction adding more inputs and DSP power and I use it as my remote for volume and other frequent commands rather than leaning up to the Apollo interface. I can run two Manley Voxboxs at the same time through the Unison Preamps, one on each. If you think your gonna need more for some reason then you might want to look at the Twin X.

J. OConnor

February 21, 2021

Top Class

No Comparison to interfaces in this Price Range
Unmatched Performance
Simply Top Quality Hardware & Audio

J. Brown

February 20, 2021

Amazing... but a few weird things to consider.

I should start off by saying this interface is the best I have owned. It’s extremely simple to use and sounds great. However, after owning it and using it heavily for a few weeks I wish I had held off and gotten the twin instead.

No cable... Look I get that it may add a bit of extra cost but I couldn’t imagine the number of people who bought this and came home to find out they couldn’t use their interface. I was lucky enough to have a small thunderbolt cable laying around so I could use it on day one. But I still needed to spend an extra $60 purchasing my own cable at a suitable length for my setup. With an interface at this price point I really expected at bare minimum that we would be able to plug it in. At least we got a coaster...

NOTE: The cable is not just usb-c it must be thunderbolt. Your Apple type c cable will not work!

The DSP can be a bit annoying to deal with depending how you use your plugins. If you plan on primarily using UAD plugins I would recommend that you go for the twin as it has what I hear to be about double the DSP capacity. The solo is ideal for smaller sessions which happens to work out for me in most cases. Once the sessions get a bit larger be prepared to have to bus to save on DSP where possible.

I love the UAD plugins that I have but will not be purchasing more until I decide to upgrade my interface. More DSP, More UAD.

All in all it’s a solid interface but odd that there is no cable and that they are marketing all their plugins without considering the fact that we can barely manage with the ones we have access to currently. Hmm... It’s almost like they designed this so we buy the more expensive model!

B. Werchohlad

February 18, 2021

Crashed my PC in order to get it running

As an artist these are definitely hard times. I spent what few money I had on this interface, because there's not much to do except of producing. I didn't think that a "high-end-product" like this would cause trouble, so I didn't do a lot of research. Unfortunately the interface apparently isn't getting the energy it needs via Thunderbolt und my Dell - that causes constant crackling and noise. I spent three (!) days of troubleshooting and messed around with my BIOS - unfortunately this caused my Wi-Fi-Card to crash, so that I had to have a call with Dell to get it up and running again.
I could't return it, because I had spent so much time on trying to fix the issue on my PC. The UAD technician was willing to help, but the problem seems to be appearing frequently and there's no definitiv go-to fix. It kind of works now, but this kind of experience was a major letdown. It kind of makes me angry to then see this product to be advertised as an "intuitive plug-and play"-kind of product, as well as seeing no disclaimer of possible problems with Dell XPS 10 or Windows.

A. kamara

February 16, 2021

Appalo solo

Was so excited to use it come to find out my dsp won’t allowed me to use bigger % plugins because of dsp space UAD need to fix that problem on the appalo solo give it more freedom

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