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Customer Reviews

Apollo Solo

Overall Rating

161-180 of 206 Results

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A. Chanasit

January 4, 2021

It's really nice.

I really like the plugin. Will recommend a friend to use it, really good

J. Cantillo

January 3, 2021

Great device

It does what I was looking for: Sound and portability
Since I'm almost always on the road It is important to me to be able to record with a super quality, the Apollo Solo gives me that.

D. Spieler

January 1, 2021

Excellent quality justifies its cost

Previously, I used cards from other manufacturers and everything was fine with me until I bought this sound card, I received excellent plugins

S. Ben-Har

December 30, 2020

Great product!

Takes time to get used to, but the feeling is good!

A. Duval

December 30, 2020

5 star expectations

I've bought this more than 2 weeks ago now but also updated my mac at the same time to the M1 processor... so I haven't been able to really use it yet (waiting for M1 validation).
Reading the other reviews though I fully expect this to be a fantastic ultra-low latency hardware interface.
Reading bad reviews and knowing quite a bit about signal loss I would make sure you are using a very good qualified thunderbolt 3 cable and not just any usb-c cable (even a good one). Thunderbolt 3 cables do not only carry more consistent bandwidth but also power.

I. Lishchuk

December 16, 2020

Greatest hardware

I felt quality from the first seconds of usage. Very impressive!!!


December 12, 2020

9 décembre 2020

Cette carte son rempli amplement sa fonction et me donne accès aux plugins et instruments UAD, un vrai plaisir

M. Hilten

December 11, 2020


Great piece of equipment! Perfect sound quality. It's not "plug and play", you have to study the manual and carefully and follow the steps. The plug-ins sound amazing. A good ong-term investment!

T. Buck

December 9, 2020

Sounds great!

The solo sounds great - esp. the headphone out! Love recording with it! Unison is great!

Y. Shevchenko

December 7, 2020

I'm happy as never!

Apollo Solo is one of the world’s finest Thunderbolt 3-powered desktop recording audio interfaces for Mac and Windows — delivering class‑leading audio conversion, two Unison™ mic preamps, and a suite of onboard UAD plug-ins for recording album‑quality results, in real time.

This compact 2x4 interface starts with esteemed Apollo A/D and D/A conversion to sonically outperform anything in its class. And with its Unison technology and built-in UAD‑2 processing, you can record through classic studio tools including the UA 610‑B Tube Preamp & EQ, LA‑2A and 1176 compressors, and more — with near‑zero latency.

Z. Golas

December 4, 2020

Great Portable Interface

The build quality and sound quality are both best in class. Obviously the single SHARC chip can be a limitation but having bus powered DSP on the go is great while traveling and you can always daisy chain it with another unit at home if you need more power.

S. V

November 28, 2020

Stops working after 20 minutes

Constantly stops working after 20 minutes likely because it can't get enough power from my computer. The only way to get it to work again is to reboot my computer. I should have got the usb version because the bus powered version constantly causes lag in Ableton with only 10%CPU being used. I have a brand new macbook pro and 32 GB of RAM so it's not my system. I really wish I was told that even with a brand new computer, the thunderbolt Apollo Solo might not get enough power

S. Lim

November 24, 2020

Great and flexible

Great little unit for vocal production!! The portability and the ease of use couple with unison plugins means you can have great preamps in your pocket all the time !!

E. Marshall

November 22, 2020

Great piece of hardware

The hardware works great , the plug ins are awesome , not so keen on the software, but the compatibility issues are plenty right now with so many differing methods of connecting the device. I first sought to use it with my MacBook Pro laptop ,but an older version that only had thunderbolt 2.
Long story short, make sure you have thunderbolt 3. A thunderbolt cable ( it doesn’t come with one) and a mac that isn’t running on Big Sur. At this point they are not compatible. So when i first set out to make my capabilities simpler has turned into something really difficult, so I returned the Apollo. And I will probably purchase another one after the software becomes compatible. All the best to you all

M. Leonardi

November 17, 2020

Cable Tunderbolt

Dommage qu'un le câble Tunderbolt ne soit pas fournit avec la carte son, vu le prix ils auraient au moins pu mettre un Tunderbolt 3 vers USB 2.0 .
Je n'ai pas pu encore tester le matériel car le câble que j'ai commandé sur Amazon n'est pas arrivé, mais je n'hésiterai pas a rédiger un avis positif si l'Apollo Solo me plais. Sinon le design est super, belles finitions et matériaux robuste. Hâte de tester !

E. Dobias

November 12, 2020


It sounds great but adds a lot of unnecessary complications when it comes to just plugging in and recording. DSP used up with anything more than “simple” plugins like la-2a and the whole console app gets in the way and I’m not sure why it’s needed to carry out simple monitoring or using plugin inserts (done by DAW already). I get that it’s for unison and zero latency but it’s not really useful when you only get enough dsp for a few plugins (usually only one of the channel strips) at a time which any DAW can do without all the extra hassle and multiple programs running. Plugins sound better than waves but at 10x cost so it’s like paying for the actual gear then getting to have the complications of using that gear in a real studio except now the complications are just “in the box”. Also I already payed for it but am constantly reminded how much more stuff I could pay for to get that analog sound that is made digitally. It’s mostly great as long as you have people around to tell how “warm” it sounds and watch them say it’s just like the old tape sound, but if you’re alone you just have an interface and a 2+ gigabyte software to allow you to monitor and add only UAD plugins (for trial period) to tracks then route them to another software in near zero latency. LUNA would be cool for someone without a DAW but it offers nothing new besides an overly colorful interface and lots of crashing. I think this is not where the focus should be cause the hardware is excellent but the software is generic and just gets in the way and it’s not really doing anything since running one or two plugins always has near zero latency in any DAW and to run more you need to buy more UA products for extra processing power. I also made sure to have a thunderbolt cable but the fact that the product doesn’t come with the very thing needed to operate pretty much explains everything and is how the product works overall (so much focus on namedropping gear but forgetting to make sure the actual gear works).

J. Medal

November 7, 2020

Absolutely Great.

Couldn’t be more pleased with the people over at UA for this. Needed something that sounded great and was portable. The endless options this interface allows users is unmatched. Would strongly recommend to anyone considering.

Y. Shevchenko

November 7, 2020

That's amazing!

That's product wondering me to capture a video of unboxing and short look! I named it:
"A $1000 recording set: Shure KSM32 and Apollo Solo"

K. flavell

October 30, 2020

Best I've had

I've tried many interfaces over the years , budget ones and some that I would class as above the budget price range , this is the best I've used and is more than up to the job for my needs...unison preamps are great but the standard preamps without using unison sound great too..great stuff.

F. Quirola

October 26, 2020


Definitely a workhorse and opens a new world full of creative possibilities

161-180 of 206 Results