Apollo Twin MkII

Apollo Twin MkII

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Apollo Twin MkII

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M. Yamakawa

February 12, 2017

Astonishingly sound quality with compact body

It's truly remarkable. and also useful compact sized but actually robust body. Sound quality and these conveniences are spectacularly harmonized!!

G. Garner

February 10, 2017

Apollo Twin MkII Fantastic

This is an absolutely fantastic unit with phenomenal sound. There was another high end unit by another vendor that I compared this unit with. I was totally amazed at the difference in the sound because the "numbers" ( fidelity ) were almost identical. I was also impressed as to how compact the unit is. Small enough for the road.
Lots of cool features for studio type recording such as the monitor option. If you are reading my review then you know what the built in Quad means. There is no need for a separate plug-in controller. Its built in to the audio interface. Sure I was concerned about my audio and plug-n operating in one housing as it pertains to bandwidth. I loaded the interface up and tried to run it into overload for an hour, but it just hummed along with plenty of bandwidth over the thunderbolt transmission protocol. Its been simply fantastic. So...are there any drawbacks? I could mention the fact that this unit gets pretty warm, but I wont. That's all I have. This unit is fantastic. I don't see how anyone could go wrong with one of these.

C. Collazo

February 9, 2017

Apollo Twin is Outstanding!

Purchased the unit to complement my Apollo UAD Duo with the thunderbolt option installed. I can run a 4-710d and another ADAT device into both units, and now my studio is using the full I/O capabilities with no latency, no issues. Plugins sound fantastic too. What a purchase!

J. Osborne

February 8, 2017

A superb upgrade

Having owned a rack Apollo for a number of years, I'm very familiar with the Apollo system. This new Twin really is fantastic for being in the studio while the rack goes out and about with you to record. There is a noticeable improvement to depth and clarity compared to the first generation Apollos. It really is a superb piece of equipment - very well designed and very well made. My only criticism is it runs quite hot.

m. lamarque

February 7, 2017

great Purchase!

Great sound! easy to use! amazing plugins a truly professional sound! great for my home recording needs !
Una interface de gran calidad !gran sonido! great investment!

m. lamarque

February 7, 2017

Great Purchase!

I love the Apollo Twin Duo MKII!
Easy to use ,great sound, great UAD plug-gins!!!!
Im a singer songwriter great tool for my home recording! best interface I ever had! perfect to produce my own music!

Y. Portal

February 6, 2017

Overall, its amazing and it's definitely worth 5 star rating to me!

I've been using Apollo solo for the last 3 years and recently upgrade to the new apollo mkii quad. it's unbelievable!!! but... and the BUT is a real but that i hope UAD's developers will managed to find a solution to this situation... I wish I could reach one of your tech support to ask them maybe this issue could be resolved in the future updates.

I know that I'm not qualified for understanding your software behaviors but as far as what I see right now there's a 1 core per Pre channel. And you can't access more cores in your DSP even though you have it. As far as how I look at it, it's wired cause why wouldn't you be able to? After all I'm not asking my audio interface to something you guys wouldn't want it to do... I try to use a very BASIC signal chain for a guitar recording (if I was in a real outboard studio gear environment). Why am I not able to use your amazing 1073 unison with your great fender twin module (which reaches the dsp limit by now already) and use a 1176 for a slight compression and a tuner at the end. My Apollo twin mkii quad do have enough dsp for it, so why the software limits it to me?

I don't think it's too much to ask, and it's suppose to be your interest to make me want to use it as much as I can. Right now, after upgrading from my old twin solo, I'm still finding myself doing compromises. So why?

I'm sure you guys could come up with a solution for it.

Thanks, all the best
Yohai Portal

D. Work

February 6, 2017

Great addition

Having the Twin MKII is great for easily interfacing monitor control for our rack mounted Apollo 8 and 8p interfaces. It's a small thing, but ergonomically having the control right by the mouse is very nice. So happy to have a built in TB mic and software control now. Bonus of all that is having some more DSP for when we hit the wall and two desktop, additional inputs will be handy for small sessions. Love UA hardware, software AND tech support!

M. Alt

February 6, 2017

Best Interface i´ve ever own

The Twin MkII offers everything i need, really easy to use.

W. Khin

February 6, 2017

Great product for many guitarists

This Apollo Twin MkII is a great product for guitarists. Unison technology with many compatible guitar amp plugins make it great interface for tracking guitar. Together with the UAD-2 Satellite OCTO which I recently purchased, they make complete mixing engine. Make sure you watch your pocket/wallet. You'd be spending so much money till you have every plugin form the UAD Online store :-)

r. weber

February 4, 2017

Talkback and Monitorfunktions making the Apollo System complete!!!!

The upgrade on the Twin MKII makes the Apollo System complete!! Makes my workflow
alot more easily!

T. Camp

February 3, 2017

Great Product! Perfect for my needs!

I built my entire business off of the back of high-quality conversion and plugins that UAD had to offer. Recently, I decided to move to Thailand to start my website, Digital Recording School, and to travel the world. I am still able to offer my clients the mix quality that they expect without feeling like I'm losing any quality from ditching my analog gear.

In short, this thing rocks.

M. Jiaras

February 3, 2017


***** Used to be a Digi/Avid guy. UA is better in every way. The talkback mic was on my wishlist! Love the new Twin!


February 1, 2017

Enfin une interface qui ne peut décevoir

J'ai la MKI (2chips) et je trouve l'idée d'une 4 DSP très bonne bien sûr. Cette interface est robuste, de très bonne qualité (construction alu, un certain poids, beau potard bien solide, prises arrières fermes et ... adat !). C'est super de pouvoir upgrader aussi (ajouter des apollo ou juste des DSP) : cela permet d'investir pour longtemps. Chez moi : stabilité irréprochable et par rapport à des marques sérieuses aussi (ex : RME), on a quand même un truc de plus énorme : la gestion et la présence des surpers plugins y compris "à la prise" qui allègent l'ordinateur (le mien se concentrent sur le sequenceur, les samples et les VSTi). Support client impeccable et plugins aboutis ... et des promos régulières ;-)... Le prix est largement mérité de mon point de vue pour l'interface. Les plugins ont des tarifs variés et UAD offre souvent des coupons. Et (même si je comprends ceux qui ont été surpris par la MKII sur le tard) la MKI est déjà très bien, on gagne juste des petits "plus" avec la MKII et d'ailleurs même le look est resté proche... car cette interface est une valeur sûre ! Jo

A. Knanga

January 23, 2017

Felt Inclined

I've been an Apollo user for 3 years now. Had apollo twin solo first, upgraded to Apollo 8 and as a musician I'm more interested in what helps me make the music that I love rather than the price that it cost. With that said I'm a fan of Universal Audio's product line and features which is why I continually purchase the hardware, I know how useful and unique it is so it's troubling to see so much hate on a new product.
People are giving a product 1 star because they bought an old model. The old model is not obsolete because a new one came out. Consumer pricing issues has nothing to do with the product and these reviews can be quite misleading if you're interested in the product and not the politics of someones past purchasing decisions. 5 stars to balance out non-reviews from people who don't even have the product, If MKII is as good or better than Twin MKI, this will be an amazing product for fledgling musicians.

UAD User

January 22, 2017

Still have the older version!

So many people complaining about missing out on the new version! Which looks fab btw!

Lighten up! Like me, you stll have one of worlds best interfaces! So you didnt get the latest version with a few extra features! This is life!
I love my Apollo! And the new version looks even better!

G. Harte

January 21, 2017

Great extension to my Apollo 8

I got my Apollo Twin Solo mkii today. Great and solid device. I will use it mostly as extension to my Apollo 8 so I haven't use the full functionality yet but for me the price is justified for having two additional unison preamps, monitor controller, headphone amp and talkback mic. I can now put my 19" rack with preamps and the Apollo 8 next to my drumkit while having full control from my desktop.

M. Karnblad

January 21, 2017

Universal Audio does it again!

I been working in both musicstore and in studio and I can rate Universal Audio as the most innovative brand in developing studiogears.

This new Apollo Mk2 has everything I want and the integrated talkback future is amazing.

The sound is superb!!!
Thank you Universal Audio !!!

N. Wayne

January 20, 2017


How the hell do you even have one, are they not on pre-order, LOL :)))))

D. Ruiz

January 19, 2017

Where to buy

where did you get the unit have not been able to find for sale

1181-1200 of 1201 Results