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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin USB

Overall Rating

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P. Helsdon

March 12, 2016

Han Solo and Chris Christie

There ought to be a Quad version of the Twin, or an Apollo 8 for USB 3.
I have had UAD SHARCS for over a decade and am tired of always having to bow to CEO Tim Cook first. USB 3 boasts 5.6gb per second burst rates!
Screw Thunderwire and Firebolt! They never catch on, not even with Zeus!

And also, a laptop i5 at 260 Ghz handles the Twin Duo like Chris Christie handles lasagna. -with bare hands
Obsolete UAD firewire 800 devices run from a PCIe slot, which they recommend is not suited for the USB3 Twin.

P. Helsdon

March 12, 2016

you deal freaks out there

One more note: UA claims to offer a voucher equivalent to $433. - through March 31
Go and get your Twin USB and you'll be surprised that after registering and on 'checkout' your promo codes add up to $650 !!! Just fill your cart with plugins retailing more than $433

P. Helsdon

March 12, 2016

True USB Gem your Grandma wants

I have had it for 2 days and I am thinking of tossing out my Apollo 16 firewire 800. Because it is USB3 (laughs) it responds to Windows’ sleep mode. You can unplug the Twin, power off, or light your PC on fire. As soon as you reconnect, in any order your grandma wants, the settings from Console update the Twin with no iffs or butts.
I even unplugged the Twin and took it to my Studio PC with different plugs in console and it was like having Sunday Lunch.
The same cannot be said for freakin’ Firewire Apollos and Satellites, where your PC is on all day, or suffer the consequences…!..
The sad news is: Console switches Hi Z to mono, so you can't use Marshall in stereo, unless through AUX. Nobody has confirmed whether Unison works for this


March 11, 2016


Coming from a cheap audio interface, I must say the Twin USB absolutely amazed me with it's sound quality, low latency and pre-amps. Also it's just a really good looking piece of equipment. The setup went without any problems.

The only thing I hope UAD will add is some basic Mac support, as I'm working on Windows via bootcamp and it would be nice to just be able to use it as a simple sound card on Mac.


March 9, 2016

finaly that`s what i was looking for!

Apollo Twin USB is the small thing that has a huge power. The great and powerful thing that gives a lot of possibilities in my small home studio. Console and plugins works and sounds really impressive. Excellent integration with Cubase 8. Finaly that`s what i was looking for!

A. Mann

March 7, 2016

Very impressed

Finally got it, plugged it in and go. Worth waiting, great gearbeitet!

W. Buck

March 5, 2016

Apollo Twin USB

First let me say, I was rather skeptical when UA first announced the Twin USB for Windows. Having used the Mac Apollo TB version on my Mac Mini, I was not sure UA could replicate that same stability, workflow and performance using USB on Windows. I am happy to say I was wrong. Having now used both devices (on Mac & Win), if I did not know the actual connection (USB or TB), I would think they are one and the same. Kudos to UA for mirroring the same experience between platforms.
UA has packed a lot of features into a small form factor. It is solidly built and ergonomic to use. It has stellar audio specs and I/O options, but what sets it apart from all of the other audio interfaces on the market is the realtime UAD processing, Unison Preamp technology and the generous included UAD plug-in bundle to get you started. The UAD plug-ins can be used from the Apollo 2.0 Console for realtime processing and/or from your favorite DAW application as VST, RTAS or AAX 64 plug-ins.
The install/firmware upgrade and registration was seamless and I was up in running on my finely tuned Win 10 Pro x64 DAW in no time. My (2) existing UAD-2 PCIe cards were seamlessly combined with the Apollo to create a complete DSP ecosystem (7 total DSP's). I have been using both SONAR Platinum x64 and REAPER 5 x64 for the past two weeks without any issues. Overall, I am very satisfied with my new Apollo Twin USB and it is truly deserving of 5 stars!

L. Blume

March 4, 2016

Apollo Twin USB lemon

I've had nothing but problems with the unit I received. I disconnected it and do not plan to use it again.

p. fordstrom

February 29, 2016

Even better than expected!

I knew UAD as a name for people working on Mac's, so was excited when the USB version was announced for PC. I could not be happier with the results so far. Set up was fast and easy and there have been no problems interfacing with my windows 10 system running protools 11 and integrating with my other music hardware (keyboards, amps, rack-processors, etc...). I am just now scratching the surface exploring the plugin options. In particular, the Marshall and ENGL guitar amp simulators have me ecstatic. I am looking into diving deeper into more of the mixing and mastering plugs. Some plugins tend to use up the onboard processors quickly, so I am still learning how to pick and choose wisely. Overall Excellent!

D. Brooks

February 29, 2016


This little thing is awesome!!! Ok I bought it to replace my oldschool RME Multiface. I have my Multiface lightpiped to the Apollo for 8 additional inputs. Everything works great the mic inputs are great. When I used the Console 2.0 with Pro Tools I was like holy BLEEP!!! The latency is amazing and the sound is even more amazing. One thing that disappoints me is that it's not backwards compatible with Mac which makes absolutely no sense. My mac is USB3 and Thunderbolt.... I still gave it 5 stars because when I bought it it said Windows. I have a quad and a single in my DAW PC so this Apollo hit the spot I highly recommend it.


February 26, 2016


zero latency guitar sims, amazing sounding preamps, the bundled classics is also amazing to get going right out the box. very very cool, thanks so much!

p. rivera

February 25, 2016

Amazing worth the wait!

It finally arrived The Apollo Twin a sleek design that packs a lot of power with the addiction of the plugins. Wow the plug ins to get you started are amazing. I must say the quality of my vocals recording has improve with unison technology. UA even threw in a coupon for The Helios 69 a $199.99 value. If you just getting started or a seasoned pro The Apollo Twin is worth every penny. UA Rocks!

D. Barrington

January 16, 2016

Plugins Make the Interface

As an audio interface, I'd give it a 4 star. Latency is about as good as Apogee, but behind Audient. Better than the Clarett though.

The look and feel of the things is a bit different than other interfaces. I like the BIG BUTTON thought. When it starts, the clicking and LED checks scare me, but I guess it's a very good thing they've implemented cause it's searching for physical problems is my guess.

I've been through a LOT of audio interfaces and what makes this 5 star really are the Pre-amp plugins. The Neve in particular.

I wish this unit were a QUAD though. The DSP's get used fast, so you have to bake plugins or add a Satellite. Mix Control software is superb!

521-533 of 533 Results