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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

141-160 of 908 Results

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S. Rudari

February 1, 2023


Finally I can work with an amazing sound quality!

R. Palmén

January 30, 2023


Very good product. Works perfectly.

O. Caballero

January 27, 2023

Houston, we have a Twin X!!

For a long time, I've been wanting to experience how its working with an UAD interface, and finally the time came. I'm really impressed about the audio quality upgrade from my previous interface to this Apollo. It will definitely change the way I record any idea or project, and I have no doubt that this Cadillac of interface will expand my creativity. Thank you, Universal Audio!!

J. Fathali

January 27, 2023

Amazing fidelity and sound!

I upgraded from the first Apollo Twin and it was a huge jump! The conversion/convertors are amazing and much better! Felt as significant and epic as the first time I bought an Apollo. Amazing fidelity and sound, just listening to music is wonderful. Made everything sound much better, all my plugins, DAWs, effects, UAD plugins, recordings into the interface etc., everything got a huge improvement. Feels like a real Pro interface with Pro sound. Thank you Universal Audio for democratising production! So cool that little guy like me can have a home studio with the same advantages as Pro studios. You can compete with anyone in the world thanks to an Apollo X and UAD plugins! Thats so mind-blowing and epic! What more can I say, I love it!

S. Giese

January 23, 2023

Great entry into the UAD DSP world

I purchased this device as an antrance into the DSP world as my Mac Studio is a bit slow with its single core performance. The idea was to "outsourcing" audio effects that are assigned to the main output to the DSP, and maybe a reverb on a bus. It works well for that but as soon as you start, you want more. I also connected my guitar as well as my Drumbrute to the interface and routed it into my DAW. Nice gear, but makes apetite for more.

N. Coelho

January 19, 2023

A melhor audio interface que experimentei!

Excelente audio interface. A Twin X Duo é obviamente uma excelente interface em termos de qualidade, integração e funcionalidade no entanto o DSP é limitado.

G. Marian

January 13, 2023



m. hasan

January 9, 2023

Muy buena


M. Jud

January 8, 2023

Excellent interface with weaknesses

The Twin X Duo is of course an excellent interface in terms of quality, integration, driver support, but where there is light there is also shadow. The two DSPs are not powerful enough these days. My 10+ year old UAD-2 FW Satellite Duo has 13% more DSP resources than my Twin X Duo! In order to be able to work properly with the Twin X Duo, I can technically only load legacy plug-ins. For example: it is not possible to load a "Hitsville Reverb Chambers", a "Helios Type 69" and a "Teletronix LA-2" at the same time. That's unfortunate and I'm not be sure I would buy the Twin X Duo again.

M. Hebert Talbot

January 7, 2023

New to the ecosystem’

I’m still a beginner, and I’m trying to figure out Luna, but I’m loving it so far, and everything feels and sounds great! Thanks UAD!

o. malecki

January 7, 2023



J. Park

January 3, 2023

very good

the best indie musician's audio interface


December 30, 2022


This is the best interface!!

H. Mafakheri

December 29, 2022


It is the perfect audio interface that I know so far and I am very satisfied and definitely recommend it!

S. Andres

December 28, 2022

Great device

Amazing sound quality , useful plugins and a much better software and control panel coming from an Antelope. Easy to understand and no issues with sw.

A. Meyer

December 27, 2022

Apollo Twin X just changed my LIFE

I’m a 20+ year songwriting/production veteran that has worked on everything from SSL consoles with all outboard patches to full HD rigs in studios like Westlake and Larabee…After my 9 year faithful MacBook finally went to be with Jesus, I was forced to buy a new one. Then I found that my Digi 003 was no longer a viable/compatible interface for Pro Tools (so I began researching the best possible counterpart).

I’ve used the Apollo in other friend’s studios, so I knew how it worked, but now that I’ve made the transition, I will NEVER look back.

The UAD Console and ability to patch selected plugins/preamps in as a stand-alone to use while recording and also the ability to choose whether to capture/record them (or just use for monitoring) is a Game-Changer.

I’ve NEVER had so much control over my recording sessions and my mix sessions are even more so stronger.

This is hands-down the best interface ever created for experienced old guys like me down to beginners just wetting their feet with home studio recording/production.

L. Lively

December 25, 2022

Amazing for my needs.

For me it's like carrying around a studio full of analog gear. I am able to do record vocals wherever i am especially with the C-Suite plugins. The ability to record while listening to effects without latency with the option to just hear the effects or record through them. At this point i own all of the UAD plugins so wherever i am i have something for pretty much any situation.

J. Islam

December 22, 2022

This is the best interface I’ve ever had

This is the best interface I’ve ever had

a. osorio

December 18, 2022

apollo twin x

it's the best product to get more DSP at any studio

t. hamidi

December 18, 2022

Interface accessible et plugin incroyable

La carte son change tout au résultat de l’enregistrement
Je suis passé d’une motu lite mk3 à celle ci
Rien à voir
Le rendu sonore, les plugins permettent une qualité sonore supérieur et accessible aux plus néophytes.
Associer à un neumann u87 ai et nueve 1073
Je compte acheter des plugins afin d’étoffer mon installation. Je recherche des code promotion

141-160 of 908 Results