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Customer Reviews

Apollo x16

Overall Rating

41-60 of 95 Results

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D. Steele

November 28, 2020

King of interfaces

It doesn't get much better than this. It sounds fantastic, and recording through realtime plugins is a fantastic workflow. Connected to my desk with my X8 I get 24 channels of analog summing on mixdown, with first class sonics. What's not to love!

T. Rask

November 15, 2020

UAD Apollo x 16
The best

R. Amerson

November 3, 2020

Awesome sauce

Awesomeness sauce

B. Tyler

September 3, 2020

Does NOT Have 16 Out (Without Workaround)

I see another review saying this, and I've seen other people talking about it but seriously: What in god's name is the point of limiting the "flex routing" to 8 out channels? Why would anyone buy a 16x16 piece of gear... that can't use all 16 outputs without some weird workaround using the Cue busses? UAD's explanation is "latency" but that makes no sense considering you CAN assign the last 8 outputs with that workaround (and we're getting no latency doing so).

At least it works and we didn't waste time and money for nothing and the workaround exists, but this is some seriously false advertising. You should be able to freely route to all the channels if you need to do so from the Console, and if not there be a humongous asterisk up on this marketing material about this limitation, not something buried on page 92 of the manual.

J. North

July 9, 2020

A Great Step Up

Definite increase in converter quality since MKII model. Great being able to run at +24 as I can drive my preamps harder before clipping. Fantastic to have 50% more DSP.

Chains perfectly with x8p and x4 for a fully fledged system.

Flagship unit of the industry leader - you cannot go wrong.

D. Warren

July 8, 2020

apollo 16

its a must have for tracking or if u choose to use analog gear with it. It was a lil confusing at first to set up the I/O but once i got it figured out it was a dream... the sound, conversion and clarity is top notch!

E. Munda

June 30, 2020

Routing problems

I purchased the Apollo X16. It has excellent preamps, which is why I put 3 stars.
The negative is the routing section related to the X16 console. It does not allow monitoring of 16 inputs on 16 separate outputs, but a maximum of 16 inputs on 9 outputs. The problem can be solved a bit by using the "CUE", but it is not a normal thing for a 3500 euro card. Big disappointment.

To improve the DSP management with different plugins, since for example if you want to insert only one "Neve 1073" for each channel, the dsp is not enough to cover the 16 channels of the card.

d. li

June 15, 2020

apollo x16 music good

Great audio solution

j. Zona

May 31, 2020

Apollo 16 x

So far so good,using it with my api 3208,which means i will be looking forward to adding another one in the near future,great job with luna.

R. Gulian

May 20, 2020

Playback - Mixing in Hardware - All the Good Pro stuff!

Yes, this is the real deal - the move up from project studio to studio studio. Expect to spend another $600 on cables but the DA converters are worth it. And now routing in Pro Tools is a cinch with all these channels to use in stereo or mono.
I have chained my existing x8 to it and it was fairly easy to setup in Console (start with SingleProToolsX16 preset and then add the 8x and save as a new preset. I choose the x16 as the monitor device and I'm not sure why anyone would choose different since the DA converters are supposed to be better in the x16
I have not been completely impressed with UAD plugins or the Unison preamps. Don't get me wrong, they are both quite good. However even my least expensive hardware preamp is better and not only are there native plugins that are as good but at least FabFilter is less of a drain on the CPU despite the hexa chipset.
That said, I bought the x16 for it's superior converters and work flow. I don't think there is a better hardware user interface available and the converters have not disappointed. I have started experimenting with Luna and the sound quality is impressive, this is where the UAD plugins, especially the tape ones, really start to shine. Can't use it, of course, until it gets hardware inserts but I'm excited about the prospect.
At a certain point in my studio development I came to a point where I thought I had to decide "Great interface or summing mixer". With the x16 and mixing through hardware, I have both. After reading other reviews here, I'd say get a Mac if you want to use this without problems.


April 18, 2020


I don't need words
I can check the sound all parts in Music

p. hedin

April 14, 2020

Apollo x16 made my day

I have a apollo 16 but i needed to get 32ch running so i could hook it up to my Neve Genesys Black console. I had no idea how good the x16 were before i put some sounds through the system and wow, it really sounds awesome. Clear, punchy and detailed. Just what i needed. Great juob guys!

e. peterson

April 13, 2020

Apollo x16

Theres only one thing I can say about the x16. Fabulous!!!

A. Gilligan

April 11, 2020

Sheer class!

Ive been using my Apollo X16 for six months now and its easily the best Converter for the money. It's a serious heavy weight. Ignore other dodgy companies like Antelope; there are good reasons why 99% of the ProAudio dealerships wont deal with them . Congrats UA, the X16 is world class!!

A. Lakkis

February 26, 2020

Apollo X16

This is definitely an excellent upgrade from my previous silver face apollo. The convertors are excellent and I can hear the difference, more low end punch, more detailed hi end. I ended up buying 2 X16's running my analog hybrid setup. Cant go wrong here

B. Kasprzyk

February 21, 2020

Sounds decent, but overall, very disappointing experience. Wouldn't buy again.

I'll give it 1 star rather than zero. The converter sounds great, but UAD promises it works for Windows. It doesn't, at least night right away. It wouldn't recognize, and Josh Y told me "go find a Mac and update the firmware". Really?!! For $3000, and that's the answer I get? Pathetic. This was after I fought with him for 2 months because my first unit was defective (wouldn't work at 96K), and I just couldn't seem to convince him. I sometimes had to wait 6 days for an email response, and their phone tech support hours are useless. You have to take a day off from work to call them. Then, he would just ignore questions he didn't like. I would have never bought this if I knew the hassle I'd get. Not recommended.

Z. Riles

February 20, 2020

X16 with analog console

Love it. Switching from hdx & lynx aurora’s. More clarity and headroom from what I can tell. I’m using an analog console’s aux sends fore cue mix and Apollo’s software console for control room input monitor mix and it’s 4 cue sends for additional fx sends. I can now punch in a full band using’s PT’s “low latency” mode with no input doubling or creating separate overdub tracks. Woohoo! Interested to see how “Luna” integrates with an analog console.

K. Uchikado

January 4, 2020


Really great one.

R. Myers

December 31, 2019


i can not get console to multi track 16 channels in and out to my c24 appolo x 16 db25 will not track to protools on correct channel must be the io in console default seems right but protools is adding adats and virtual tracks confusing me i have tried multiple configurations in both only way to get it is to assign track inpus to aux L/R INPUTS IN PROTOOLS on that track but that will not multitrack 8 mics on drums 5 on mic live like my HDX system did with ease is appolo console limited here for commercial studio use got tired of plugin lag thought this was answer

J. Poole

December 29, 2019

Racer X

I use a high end power conditioner and the unit is very quiet. I love using external hardware as plug ins and on the 2 buss. Add this to UAD plugins and you have a winner...

41-60 of 95 Results