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Customer Reviews

Apollo x6

Overall Rating

81-100 of 343 Results

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D. Fontel

May 31, 2021


So in typical uk style ill come right to the point ,absolutely stunning performance, hands down this is on my TOP 5 studio MUST have list. Seriusly quoilty sound. On a personal note and nothing to do with my Apollo . please STOP advitising mask weraing its off putting and promotes fear.. ALL THE VERY BEST UA..

L. Tian Siung

May 29, 2021

Excellent Interface

Zero latency changed the way i record guitar, direct in to Hi-Z with amp plug-in does the job perfectly.

L. Gyöngyösi

May 12, 2021

Awesome audio interface

Very professional interface for home and professional studios too. It is the treasure of my home studio, works fine with Pro Tools and Mac OS Big Sur. I love it!

R. Reynolds

April 23, 2021


Since bringing x6 home, it's been clear I made the right choice. My options in interface upgrades were few, and the list was quick to come to the Apollo x6 as the stand-alone option. I've been using it daily as the head of my studio, and have yet to be disappointed. This thing is Clean and Fast. The bundled plugins are amazing. If I had to go back and do things over, the only thing I would do different would be to get the Apollo sooner.

M. Fitzhenry

April 17, 2021

Wish I purchased this sooner!

Before this I’ve owned both Motu and Apogee interfaces over the years. Switching to the UA Apollo was like upgrading to a Rolls-Royce. Worth every penny and then some. It also pairs perfectly with my SSL Fusion with the +24db of headroom. The Unison pre is a great feature as well. I immediately purchased the Neve 1084 to run my Moog Sub 37 through it. Sounds so damn good! I’m hooked. As a Scotts Valley resident it also feels good to support a local business here as well. Rock on UA!

L. Benson

April 13, 2021


The Apollo x6 is an intuitively flowing piece of gear that provides a utilitarian intermediary bridging the 1 and Zero digital landscape with the hands-on, knob-turning dimension of physical reality. An elegant tool, a quality design of magic that enables you to create your potential. Way stoked, although now I feel the strong need to re-record everything I did before having the x6 ...

D. Adlington

April 11, 2021

One of the best Purchases for my music career I have ever made

I feel this is one of the best Purchases for my music career I have ever made. For anyone who owns a Solo or Twin and Universal Audio Plugins but hasn't experienced the Apollo x6 or above product lines you will be amazed with the sound quality. For example I have always liked the UA SSL E Union Plugin. While on the Apollo Twin is was impressive and I was thrilled with how it sounded on the Apollo X6 platform. It was like additional detail came alive. Thanks to the Apollo X6 my mixes have gone to the next level.

F. Narcisse

April 10, 2021

In love

In love I’ve had for a week now and the sound Apollo for life...


April 6, 2021

Great; but...

I had every rack model in my studio setup from ever, this Apollo X6 is very good too, but I'm disappointed about the incopatility with Apple Silicon Chip...

J. King

March 28, 2021

Once an Apollo user there's no going back

I've been running an Apollo system for the past decade and have come to rely on it's quality, stability and excellent UAD plugins selections and sounds. Lifer.

A. Hathot

March 22, 2021

What a sound! but..

I upgraded from Apogee Duo to x6 Heritage Edition, and that difference in the sound is HUGE, but the only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is that plugin sale tactic that forces all the plugins to be installed and show up in your DAW even if its unauthorized! its a cheap move and you are the only guys who do it, other than that its PERFECT :)

c. zouen

March 12, 2021

Sound is Godly

First of all I can’t explain how amazing the sound is! Especially using the unison plug ins. You get what you pay for and actually so much more!

I. Samuels

February 25, 2021

Terrific Asset!

Huge step up from Mkii Twin. Love the power, versatility and sound of this unit!

D. Pradipta

February 15, 2021


This is my 7th UAD gear. Nuff said!

A. Koehler

February 10, 2021

Perfect Interface for ITB Mixes

Love it from first sight!
Sounds awesome! Mastering grade converters!!

T. Callaway

February 4, 2021

Apollo X6 For Post Production

I just got my X6 to use as an interface for surround mixing for audio post production. It was an easy set up, sounds great and has been rock solid since I got it. I really love UAD hardware and plug-ins, they sounds great and are really reliable!

M. Brown

February 3, 2021

Exactly what you would expect

I have a couple x8’s and just wanted a few more inputs. Works just like the others. Added dsp, inputs and versatility to my set up. Love Apollo.

J. Bauwens

February 3, 2021

Fantastic Interface

Went from USB 2.0 to thunderbolt… Seemless installation… standard plugins sound great… High price but definitely worth it.

S. Brown

January 18, 2021

Only interface that works solid with M1 Macbook Pro currently

I built a pc with thunderbolt but my pc was giving me some latency issues so I bought a macbook pro m1 13" and my current presonus quantum2626 did not support m1 chips yet so I got a twin x and worked out the box with no latency on pc or mac so I used it for 1 week decided it worked so well for my needs I bought the x6 and OMG this thing is the best and the ua plugins make you wave goodbye to latency issues and daw metering issues. I am still keeping my waves since Abelton 11 beta allows me to use UA plugins as native vst's on the front end in Abelton 11.

J. Armour

January 17, 2021

Mother of all audio interfaces

Until I started using UA interfaces I was always dealing with latency issues. My Apollo x6 completed removed that problem. So good

81-100 of 343 Results