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Customer Reviews

Apollo x6

Overall Rating

81-100 of 365 Results

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V. Radočaj

January 5, 2022

Apollo x6


D. Colon

January 3, 2022

Upgrade it to the X6

Switched from ProTools dig003 to The universal audio X6 and Luna software And so far I am very impressed still trying to get used to it but the quality is so noticeable I am very happy with the purchase

j. arroyo

December 30, 2021



O. Morris

December 27, 2021


I'm having to cut my mid-range at 275k by 6db in the console app and in my Daw main output dont get me wrong its a rock solid piece but that mid-range bump is annoying

A. Putranto

December 13, 2021

Outstanding interface

Daisy chained with my Twin X Quad, not only more I/O but also more DSP power and freedom of routing :), Im happy !!!!

A. Kochetkov

December 12, 2021

Apollo X6 - really happy

Upgraded my setup from a legacy Yamaha i88 and really happy with the results: great sounding, easy to use. The technology certainly has moved on!

S. Lee

December 8, 2021

superb interface

I used duet2. It was huge upgrade

K. Hollingworth

December 5, 2021

Apollo X6, live processing of spoken word.

I purchased the X6, moving on from a Twin X Duo, for 2 reasons:
1) more line outs
2) rack mount form factor

I use the x6 for live processing (pre-amp, noise reduction, eq, compression, limiting) of spoken word. This is then fed to an external mixer and using side chained outboard compressor allows me to duck music also coming in to the mixer. (If only console would allow side chaining). It’s then synced with live video through a video switcher. The X6 is used like this 8hrs a day, 5 days a week.

Sound quality is excellent although negligible difference to my Twin X in my use case.

Apart from console occasionally forgetting the “Cue Outputs”->”Mirror to Output” settings the X6 has performed flawlessly.

I can’t think of any other solution, be it only outboard gear or a software solution on a very high end computer, that would meet my use case at this price point.

M. Chang

November 29, 2021

Exactly what I needed

Perfect expansion for my home-based project studio, which is now more powerful and capable, and sounds better than ever. It plays very nicely with my Twin Mkii Quad.

I. Sencan

November 25, 2021


UAD always best, i m happy to using it.

B. Hastings

November 19, 2021

Top Notch!

Build construction, clarity of the converters this unit is stellar! I upgraded from and Apollo Twin and use them in conjunction with each other flawlessly. Couldn't be happier!

肖. 澎

September 28, 2021



J. Gonzales

September 24, 2021

Next. Level. Sh!t.

I'd been putting off the move into the UA ecosystem for a while mainly due to budget restrictions, but so glad I've made the leap. Technically a step back for me in terms of overall I/O, but the extra quality it's given me is something I never knew I always needed. Thanks UA. Love Me.

A. Julot

September 16, 2021

Apollo x6

I am a strong Antelope user. I decided to give UAD a try. I did not regret it. The analog feel is awesome. I strongly recommend UAD to everyone. The driver is also fantastic!


August 28, 2021


I have just bought my new Apollo 6 x, what can i say : the sound is astonishing , clarity ,presence . I don't know yet all the possibilities with Digital performer , but i learn every days .Merci


August 23, 2021

A step up

IRecently upgraded from second gen Apollo's (blackface) to the X series (x8 and x6). All I can say is wow! After using second gen units for 8 years I was looking for that extra 10% of clarity and umpf...decided to give the X series a try and they have lived up to and exceeded my expectations. I'm using outboard pre's now and the Apollo X's translation of analog to digital is totally pro and wonderful.

Y. Lu

August 2, 2021


Recently got my x6 to go along with my Twin with the idea to record a band with edrums. Works beautifully! Loving the extra I/O, cues, and DSP.

M. Acampa

July 13, 2021

Beautiful sound

Excellent with the Daw. A little less with Windows WDM drivers.


July 7, 2021

Changed My Life….

The sound and the plugins are INSANE. Once you go UA, anything else is simply “going backwards”.

S. Jurić

June 24, 2021


Everything on a palm of your hand. You want Avalon - you got Avalon. You want Neve - you got Neve. It’s such a small difference between hardver and a plugin that it’s just amazing.

81-100 of 365 Results