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Customer Reviews

Apollo x6

Overall Rating

141-160 of 365 Results

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J. Becerra

November 16, 2020


Muy contento con el desempeño de esta máquina. Sólida hermosa y con una conversión transparente.

b. hutin

November 12, 2020

Tout simplement fabuleux.

C’est une tuerie cette interface. Je l’utilise avec Logic Pro x en programmation et avec Luna en mix. Les plugin sont d’excellente qualité c’est vraiment un plus pour mon home studio. Chapeau bas à UAD.

m. benito

November 12, 2020


Great construction!! Very nice sounding preamps and converters and really easy to use! Thanks Universal Audio. So happy!!

P. Murphy

November 10, 2020

Awesome Product

Made 3 other peices of rack gear redundant

N. Singh

November 9, 2020

The Most Top Class A2D conversion

I am in love with this Unit and the quality it has to offer is unparalleled. Planning to buy the Uad 8 bundle to go along with it soon.

M. Kerlin

November 7, 2020


Big upgrade from my Apogee Element 46. Very satisfied with this investment.

J. Kuittinen

November 7, 2020

Amazing Gear

Totally and great sounding card. Plugins from UAD are also the best there is in the market. Card is abit pricey but totally woth it.

T. Behr

November 7, 2020

Insane Hardware/Software

Best Audio Interfaces on the market for sure! Quality, Sound, Operation and durability are perfect!

G. Tamburini

November 7, 2020

Superb audio quality !

Apollo x6 gives more depth, and a great workflow on your DAW! Must have!

m. bertin

November 6, 2020

much better

I changed my Apollo Twin with Apollo x6 ........ much better i can put all the plugin that i want i am very satisfied I use in Live performance and is simply great ... wonderful. maybe can be more expensive that other audio interface ... but if you want the QUALITY you have to pay for it i love it

G. Tamburini

November 6, 2020

Superb quality of sound!

Apollo x6 gives to my compositions a really studio depth, and a great workflow with Luna DAW!

K. Kukushkin

November 3, 2020

Best audio interface

Zero latency, computer resting apollo working, convenient DAW LUNA, 2 Headphone Outputs.
The best audio interface for a recording studio.

T. Abrahão

November 3, 2020

Amazing flexibility and sonics

I really need a flexible path to deal with due to my monitors being digital and also use alt analog monitoring. Apollo X6 has an amazing flexible monitoring and I/O matrix. Dual Clocking. Amazing AD/DA. The Volume Knob operates in the digital domain, which turns the whole interface into a very powerful system in any direction. Thanks UAD.

T. Rifley

November 2, 2020

State Of The Art

Fantastic unit with extremely high grade conversion and plugins that sound incredibly true to the original gear. Working with an Apollo system in my studio gives me an edge over other recording studios in the area. Myself and my clients are impressed with the look, feel, and ease of use. But most importantly, the sound. I upgraded to an Apollo system from a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 3rd Gen. Upon plugging in my monitors I heard an instant change playing back music on my iTunes. Songs I've heard a million times over all of a sudden came to life and I could hear them like I've never heard before. It threw me back and my chair, my jaw dropped, my smile lasted for days, and even my girlfriend (who doesn't know a thing about sound but has sat here through sessions for the last year) went holy s*** that sounds amazing. It's just unexplainable how good these units are. Its like somebody had my music in a can with the lid on it and then when I plugged in the Apollo, the sound just opened up and showed its true form. And it's not just playback that I heard a difference in! I proceeded to purchase a TwinX quad, an X6, and an Octo Satellite. Every penny spent was completely worth it and I wouldn't take back a thing.

R. Baker

October 31, 2020

Finally the sonic standard I’ve been waiting for

Great ADA. Fantastic software and plugins. Has made a huge positive impact on my studio and recording/mixing approaches moving forward. Are you considering making the jump? Do it!

S. Batten

October 27, 2020


If they had made the hi-z go into line 3&4 and leave the mic channels available it’d be perfect. As it is it suffers the same shortcoming as the Apollo Twin in sharing mic and hi-z inputs. And once again minus 50 points to UA for 2 unforgivable things. WTF can’t we sell some of our plugins instead of all one none. And when the hell are we going to have midi or iPad control for Console

J. Guy

October 20, 2020

Game Changer ITB just got even better

I have been around the block with conversion Apogee/ Prism etc no complaints but now I have it all in one box 5.1 amazing recording possibilities, the artists love singing through 1084 and I'm a big fan of the Avalon channel in the soup plus near-zero latency... GAME IS CHANGED and my studio is simpler and better

R. Fiduccia

October 12, 2020

UA keeps getting better and better and better!

It all started in September of 2017 when I purchased an Apollo Duo USB and a couple of plug-ins for the recording studio. I was taken back by the ability (and sound) using plug-ins like the Neve 1073 in the Unison slot and recording the audio as if the Neve 1073 channel strip was sitting in my studio. Three months in December of 2017 I ordered two Apollo 8p’s and two OCTO satellites and retired my large digital mixer. I set up a Windows computer with ThunderBolt and ProTools as the DAW and never looked back. Along comes LUNA which really caught my eye so I purchased our first ever iMac to run LUNA, then pretty much fell in love with the LUNA recording system. I decided I’d like to run LUNA in my home studio so another iMac and this time the Apollo x6. The x6 seems to sound a bit better, although I can’t really put my finger on it – I just like the mixes coming out of it. To be fair I have to admit I’ve owned a couple pieces of Universal Audio hardware for many years (so I was already a fan of UA products and sound). I may have to upgrade the studio to the Apollo X series now that I have listened to the sound quality coming out of them. As a side note I now own 72 plug-ins for the Apollo units, amazing sound quality from all of them!

D. Hunt

October 7, 2020

Apollo X6

Great sounding gear. Still working on getting it dialed in for recording live drums.
Wish they wouldn't bombard you with buying additional software, when I'm trying to
figure out what I have.

j. miller

October 7, 2020

Sounds great and drivers are solid

AD/DA Sounds and the drivers are solid. I’m bought the unit strictly to use as my monitoring DA but the AD and the Unison DSP on the line ins is a much welcome bonus. I can only give it 4 stars because only the x16 gets a full five stars. That thing Sounds ridiculous!, but it has no Headphone out- so it’s a no go for a main DA imo.

141-160 of 365 Results