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Customer Reviews

Apollo x6

Overall Rating

161-180 of 365 Results

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h. mondragon

September 18, 2020

Man !

I love this thing upgraded for the grey apollo 16 I’m in love UA has my money for life

J. López Uribe

September 11, 2020


The same old sound, just better! Windows user right here. Flawless.

J. Lamar

September 10, 2020


There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t been said, UAD IS A GAME CHANGER

R. Lopez

September 10, 2020

Apollo X6

I love the sound from my new Apollo x6 and the plugins are fantastic, my voices sound very clear and warm, playing my piano, my guitar, my bass and percussion Is a pleasure, l am very happy with my new Apollo x6

C. Muhl

August 30, 2020

Works perfectly.

The flashing lights are a bit irritating. Universal Audio, please add the option to turn the lights inside the machine off! Apart from that I really like the look of the unit. And of course the sound is great! Hexa power!

L. Dozier

August 30, 2020

Great Audio Interface

I’ve recorded a couple of songs with this interface so far and they sound great! I plan on buying a couple thunderbolt 3 satellites for my mixing projects. This is a great investment.

M. Diaz - Morales

August 25, 2020

Seanproductiongram (ApolloX6)

Creo que es una mejora fenomenal ya que se puede notar la diferencia a la hora de trabajar con el unison y varios plugins a la vez. Incluso siento que apesar de que tengo 18 Core en total. Con esta interface solamente puedo trabajar muy bien sin esperar que dejen de funcionar mis plugins.

C. Bruce

August 19, 2020


That feeling you get and the look on your face when your mixes sound like records you listen to. I thought when someone said in a review that said “omg this is the sound I was trying striving to get”. There is no hype here. The converters are different than what you know if you started with something cheaper. Mixes take more work but the results are amazing. For bass you’ll need some bass head/cabinet plugins Ampeg all day. Read the instructions on the plugins to reduce learning the hard way and if you use windows that you check your compatibility by doing a physical test. Don’t just assume since it’s a new computer that it will work. I suggest a 2020 i9 MacBook more cores the better you can just get 16gb Ram and you will be great. Less Ram more cores. Trust me. This is a totally different animal you are probably used to but this is how you get it done proper, Cheers

A. Udovič

August 7, 2020

Best interface i ever bought!

Love my x6, great sounding interface well worth the price tag. Its worth it for the plugins alone.

J. Lee

July 26, 2020


I changed from ID44 and was amazing upgrade for every aspect. highly recommend it

J. Smith

July 25, 2020


I run it on a pc and it flows like water. Plugins are worth every penny you pay for them. When I pulled it out tha box it was like getting a new car. That's what a quality product supposed to look and feel like when u pay a grip for it. Keep up tha good work

a. petrucci

July 23, 2020


Over 30 years I have purchased equipment in the thousands Apollo x6 Is the best musical piece of gear I have ever purchased it has changed the way I record track and mix music thank you UA

C. Forbes

July 17, 2020

Simply awesome

I'm loving my x6, the sound that comes out of this box is stunning and the integration with Luna is priceless.

J. Harraman

July 15, 2020

The Difference is Palpable

This is my second interface from UA (upgraded from Apollo Twin X, but still have it). Clean sound, great processing power for mixing/mastering with UAD plug-ins. Being able to "daisy-chain" the x6 and Twin X is awesome; providing more processing and increases available inputs. This integration really extends the value of both units.

R. Taylor

July 13, 2020

Best Studio Investment In Years

I changed my studio configuration from a digital mixer/ interface/ control surface That I bought 13 years ago, to the X6 and a control surface. I was reluctant because my all in time one mixer worked great in many different circumstances. However, when a few of my friends started singing the praises of the Universal Audio product line, I had to do some exploring. When I discovered how the X6 has its own processing power and the incredible line of plugins, I just had to try it. I had also purchased a U/A 610 Mic Pre (hardware device) a few weeks prior. I must say that between these two purchases, my recordings have moved to another level. Even the projects I’ve previously recorded sound better going through the U/A circuitry. I’m really blow away by the sound quality of the X6 by itself, but when you add the plugins, you get an entire new world of upgrades. I can honestly say that this is the best studio investment I’ve made in years. Thanks Universal Audio! To you I tip my hat!!!

M. Bannister

July 9, 2020

Slimmed down from an entire studio

I've gone from an Apogee Symphony and full rack of gear to this x6 and I couldn't be happier with it. I use this alongside an Arrow for mobile and I have an Octo satellite.
Doubt I'll ever go back to patch bays and outboard now.

A. Davidson

July 8, 2020

Everything you could want!

For a small studio setup where I would not use anymore than 2 mics at one time, this unit is perfect. Rack mounted, with 2 Hi-z inputs direct on the face, the pre amp is world class, and the unison pre amps... awesome. Customisable to whatever sound you’re trying to create. With multiple outs for monitor system or 5.1, this unit is the single Best improvement I’ve made to my studio. Thanks to the UA team for world class plugins and hardware. This is definitely the beginning of a loyal relationship with UA.

D. Milella

July 6, 2020

Didn't know what I was missing!

Have you ever thought you had a great set up only to upgrade and that everything you thought you loved about your set up was a pale comparison to your new gear? Well that is how I feel now that I've had some time to work with my new Apollo x6 and the plugins that came with it plus a 10 pack which actual was 13 because I had just bought the interface. Now some of these plugins I had versions of from other plugin makers and there simply is no comparison. The quality is just so much more from the x6's case to the solid parts from knobs to power switch. Everything is solid and well worth every penny I spent on this upgrade. The 6 cores that come with it will probably be enough for now, though I do see myself getting a satellite for songs with larger track numbers, especially for mixing other peoples music. However, when recording my own just the ability to write the sounds while recording without having any latency will save a ton of processing power when it comes to the final mix down of my original music and of course the music that I also record for others. That is smaller in number that ones that I mix and/or master but you get the idea. The only negative thing I would have to say has to do with LUNA! Granted it is there newest software and it is obvious that they need to add many of the features of all the big recording software titles but I wouldn't doubt for a second that they will continue to upgrade this software as well so that it out performs the others in that way as well. As far as recording tracks with it it works great, however, if your mixing something that you need a lot of plugins your going to run out of processing power and it doesn't seem to have a normal track freeze or bounce capabilities. Now it is possible to write the track to a file with effects and then load that file back into LUNA which so far seems to be a royal pain in the ass but as I said before I am sure that these types of features will not be long coming!

End note: Don't believe what you have is enough! This blows away pretty much everything with the exception of perhaps ProTools and lets face it their prices are so far out of line that it's ridiculous to even consider them unless your running a multi-million dollar studio and even then I'm not sure I would go with them simply because there effects package isn't something you truly own. If you want the upgrades it's $1000/year! With UAD you own your plugins and the updates come with the product. Really isn't a choice if you ask me!

S. Dingman

July 3, 2020

Amazing unit - you guys should include a Thunderbolt cable though!

This is a fantastic piece of gear - the conversion is beautiful, and my mics and outboard pre's have never sounded so sweet! It's very annoying that it doesn't ship with the required Thunderbolt 3 cable however - at this price point, you guys could afford to toss one in the box with the gear!

S. Ouled Barka

July 1, 2020

Super convertisseur !

C'est un super convertisseur ! la qualité de fabrication est irréprochable, aucun compromis sur la qualité de conversions, le produit est élégant, c'est un plaisir de travailler avec !

161-180 of 365 Results