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Customer Reviews

Apollo x8

Overall Rating

21-40 of 291 Results

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C. Viator

June 5, 2023

Apollo x

The apollo x has been a significant upgrade to my setup. It is a pleasure to work with this unit as well as the amazing UAD plugins.

M. Avioz

May 21, 2023

Almost Everything I could ever need

Sounds great, very simple to understand and work with.
I was very pleasantly surprised with how good the preamps sound. I knew they were good but i didn't think it could stand against my external pre's.
a few things i would have loved to have in Console is more virtual channels, and the ability to record the cues (to use as internal summing for instruments recorded with multiple mic's.)

c. maskell

May 16, 2023


I really enjoy the hardware options. Easy line ins and outs, soft, clocking and ADAT. Great

c. maskell

May 16, 2023


I really enjoy the hardware options. Easy line ins and outs, soft, clocking and ADAT. Great

R. de Goede

February 22, 2023

Unusable due to latency

Hey there, there must be something wrong with mine. However, the phone number directa me to your website and no one responds to my ticket. So now I just have a brand new very expensive new product that doesn’t work and I cannot return without a reaction from ua…

V. Popov

February 10, 2023

Heritage Plugins

Hi, There! I got problem with getting my heritage edition plugins. Could you help me with that? Thank you

E. Morgan

January 30, 2023

Love everything about it.

Sleek, superior sonics, high plugin counts, smooth workflow, and great integral preamps.
Very happy with my new set up. Even better than I had hoped it would be.


January 12, 2023

Great option.

TOP quality interface + monitor control. 4 digitally controlled hi-quality pre's (w/ Unison preamp modelling), perfect for Townsend Sphere mic modelling.
X8 is now the centerpiece of my studio.

S. Akcen

December 30, 2022

Below my expectations

X8 is very good at monitoring and analog feeling with in onboard preamps .
Seriously, if your main goal is recording then its your best solution.
Now, for my experience...
I'm in business for 20 years now. And every one of my previous audio interfaces had the option, using physical outputs as virtual outputs on my DAW. It means, if I had 20 out device, I was able to use 10 stereo out and I was able to group my mixes as freely as I wanted (1-2 Vocal, 3-4 Kick, 5-6 Beat Elements, 7-8 Bass ... 19-20 Vocal FX Etc..) but now I have only 4 Virtual Channel and the rest of my outputs are just, dead USELESS.
You may say, why didn't you ask before you buy, but, I did. And I got possibly the most vague answer that you can easily interpret as buy before try.
And I'm keeping it just for the sake of surround monitoring and recording performance.
In the near future it will only be used for recording as a preamp unless it gives me back full control as my previous devices.
And I'm still in shock and furious that X8 can't do this simple thing even a 300$ interface does.
I hope and believe, with an easy software update you can fix it. I saw its done before with RME, Presonus and Tascam. Please consider it.

S. Lontano

December 24, 2022

Amazing gear

A this point is the center of my studio. Simply the best interface you can buy

D. Morgan

December 20, 2022

I enjoy using it

It’s convenient, sounds good and has lots of connectivity. When I clock it off my RME Babyface Pro FS I swear it sounds a little more open, but maybe it’s my imagination .

J. Weber

December 13, 2022

Its more of a cost efficient piece hardware, than u would expect!

I´m running a low budget studio to make beats and I used a standard interface before. With the x8 i can connect all my hardware to one place and I need no hardware mixer. I surely need no other preamp for my mics anymore. I can use my Instruments without running my pc and I can practice and record with no latency. This things plays like its a real amp. If you can make a good deal on this thing, think about the true value, that could be inside for you. It made my workflow so much easier and the quality of my audio stuff raised to the top. 10/10

R. Patriarca

November 26, 2022

Amazing sound quality and ease of use

As a long-time user of UAD Apollo Twin, the change to Apollo X8 brought not just much more features but also an enhancement in audio quality. Also, the more amount of DSP pays in the everyday work.

J. Manosalva

November 23, 2022

Amazing piece of gear

I had an Apollo twin for many years, did wonderful things with it, but always had the limitation with the I/O and the DSP.
Now that I am finding my mixing and recording flow I couldn’t be more happier with the decision of getting an X8. Initially was going to get the X6 but I guess I was very lucky when one of the local dealers went on a frenzy sale and set the price of the X8 even below the X6.
No long ago I got the Craneborne 500 ADAT and it was so easy to connect both devices via ADAT I can’t wait to utilise all the X8 features
Thanks UAD!

R. Owens

November 21, 2022

Best Piece of Rental Property You'll Never Own!

I own two UA Apollo x8s. I really enjoyed the initial experience & product and realized buying a second ( to cascade) was a better option to add more channels—than dealing with ADAT pre/converters.

When I purchased my second Apollo, I received some extra UAD plugins, which really made me happy about my purchase. Two weeks later, UA sent me a short email stating that I received free plug-ins in error and they would be removing them, since I received a free Townsend mic. Two days later they removed activation for 8 plugins form my account without any record of what was added or removed.

A few days after that, I reluctantly purchased six more UADs via third-party. What dawned on me is that with all of the UADs I have purchased there is no static, detailed log of what I actually own. All I can see, is what UA says I own under the "My Plug-in Library." This dynamically updates on your machine as your UAD drivers update.

So please be aware that when you commit to UA's ecosystem, they have free rein over the "My Plug-in Library" section of your account (the only documentation of what you own). The invoices in your account also lack details (e.g. it says bundle, but no details of the UADs you picked). I do believe that one of the UADs they took back was in error, but I have no way to prove it. I tried to route this overall complaint through their customer service—which I believe was met with a somewhat condescending response. "We have logged your request as a complaint regarding your experience." Then wished me the best, and said "hope you and your family are safe and healthy."

Yes, I get it—there are bigger things to worry about, but this is acting like I am making a petty complaint, instead of acknowledging that I am not happy with their service.

So keep in mind that before you set forth on a very expensive journey. Their product is as good as the person responding to your issue.

S. Keys

October 31, 2022

Nice sound Solid Hardware

i am very satisfied about this audio card . Could be a bit less expensive, but it’s great hardware and flexible usage. I don’t use Luna though

L. Zamponi

October 28, 2022


I can't immagine nothing more than this!

T. Phan

October 28, 2022

Now I Know Why

Now I know why so many people love UA interfaces (and UA plugins). It’s because of their phenomenal sound. I used to think UA is just a hype, so I stick with RME for so long. As a Windows user, I also hesitate when I thought UA is made for Mac. But everything started when Sphere L22 is on sale. I got the mic and tried with my RME. It was a huge disappointment for me because it sounds awful. But I still believed in the mic and wanted to give it another try. When UA has the promotion of getting the L22 with any rackmount UA interface, I went ahead and bought the x8. At the same time, UA also has the promotion of Ultimate Bundle 10. So I bought that, too. And it did not disappoint me. Sphere L22 is made for Apollo. When I connect these two devices together and insert UA plugins on the track, it sounds beyond my expectation and imagination. The warmness of the sound is so pleasing to the ears. Though you may think it adds color to the sound because of Sphere and UA plugins, it is in fact very natural sound. The warmness is just like it is from the hardware. For my voice, I like the combination of the 800 mic in Sphere, routing through Neve 1073 preamp and eq and ending up with Avalon compressor. I put UA plugins on the DSP console and Sphere on the track in Pro Tools. Next time I’ll try to put everything on the track in Pro Tools and see if it makes a difference. The super low latency makes tracking so comfortable. This product will not disappoint you. In fact, I’m buying the second Apollo soon after trying it. The product is also a solid build. In short, I really love it and am very happy with my purchase.

S. van Servellen

October 7, 2022

Pricey but top quality integrated hardware/software

TOP quality hardware / software integration that now sits at heart of my workflows,


July 19, 2022

Low Mic Input levels

Very Solid build, but a bit concerned with the very low mic in put level I am getting from the preamps. I usually have to turn up the gain almost 2 thirds. And with that it still peaks at about -18db. In addition I get a lot of ambient noise. This is the same situation when I use the unison preamps. Getting a bit frustrated more so that I saved up to get my dream interface.

21-40 of 291 Results