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Cambridge EQ

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P. Latapi

May 27, 2014

Go to EQ!

Great EQ. Easy to use and very precise. Since I got this EQ I do not use my other EQs plus through the apollo doing all the process it's a great asset.

V. Tedeschi

May 27, 2014

EQ power on!

Never tried anything close to this EQ. Sounds great, just great!

M. Comacle

May 27, 2014


Vraiment cool! Je l'utilise comme première EQ sur toutes mes pistes. Extrêmement complète on peut lui faire faire ce que l'on désire, elle est extrêmement précise et totalement transparente. Enfin sur le bus Master c'est génial tu te fais un semblant de mastering en très peu de temps : c'est bluffant!

A. Geise

May 16, 2014


Very versatile eq, both surgery and cosmetic.
Next to the DMG Equality I use my to go eq!

M. Carter

May 14, 2014

Simple and effective!

Cambridge eq is great for my basic needs and conservation of dsp. If defiantly provides a certain bite and character which makes each equalizer unique. The days are numbered where I can almost mix full tracks with any other plug in manufacturer!!

N. Sagar-house

April 12, 2014

Cambridge EQ

The different behaviour types really help work flow and the filter slopes are also the most versatile i've found.

It would have been helpful to have a frequency analyser incorporated and feel its not completely transparent however a great sounding workhorse EQ which can get surgical and add musical colour to your mixes.

T. Hansen

April 6, 2014

Must-have EQ

Long before I purchased my UAD card I had my eyes set on the Cambridge EQ, as it's a really good transparent EQ, that just gets the job done. Only thing to pull it down a bit is the GUI, which is a bit small by todays standards. Hopefully it will get an overhaul like some of the other great plugins have recieved lately.

P. Gomes

March 18, 2014

Cambridge EQ Plugin

If I had to choose one only equalizer for the rest of my life, this one had to be in the list of what to choose...

... You can hear it working even with little tweaking...

... Very good.

S. Ha

March 11, 2014

very nice

Very simple, very easy,
easy for beginners and all users, because Very intuitive interface..
I love UAD sound~!!

M. Grojean

March 6, 2014

Love it!

This is my go to EQ in my workflow, easy to use EQ nice sound! Well worth it!

M. Grojean

March 6, 2014

Love it!

This is my go to EQ in my workflow, easy to use EQ nice sound! Well worth it!

J. Nash

February 16, 2014

Transparent yet powerful

Very flexible eq that works great for cleaning up tracks or sculpting. Seems to add a bit of clarity when inserted. Wish I had more time to experiment with it but my Apollo is in for service. I feel that it will be a go-to when I need clinical eq or to add a bit of sheen.

P. Gomes

February 16, 2014

The Cambridge Eq is one of the best Equalizers on the planet

In my DAW I run only powered plugins. I've got the Focusrite Liquid Mix, a TC Powercore MKII PCI and an UAD-2 PCI'e, all runing at the same time so I'm used to nice and complex plugins.

When it comes to eq's, the Liquid Mix got about 20, covering most of the known and beloved units and the Powercore got a few others.

If I had to choose one only equalizer for the rest of my life, the the Cambridge EQ would, certanly, be on the top of the list... Well, whatever is the material, this plugin covers all the equing needs with an hot, clean and transparent sound.

B. Berkovic

February 6, 2014

Cambridge Eq

I have wait few years for buy this Eq,and only what I can say,great for everything what you need to fix in the Mix.Thank you Uad

R. Boyce

January 21, 2014

Great eq with low dsp usage

Demoed this plug in cause it was used in a mix I was doing, ended up purchasing it cause it has such low dsp but sounds great like my oxford plug in. Now I use this in places I would use an oxford eq or pt eq 7.

J. Drevermann

January 20, 2014

You absolutely cannot go wrong with this EQ

Move over Pultecs…the precision capabilities of this EQ are quite noteworthy. The filters are the most useful I have come across to date. I am finding myself using this EQ for much more than I had originally purchased it for. Just plug it into any source material and hear the magic… then start tweaking. This plugin does have a 'hint' of color, but it is a sweet, subtle and classy pinch of tubesque analog warmth that does not sound like it is trying too hard to sound "like tubes" which I have found with many tube EQ emulations I have used in the years past. No, there is no mention of any tube or analog coloration mentioned in the product description. IMO,
more than well worth the asking price

A. Levin

January 19, 2014

Unconditionally trust that equalizer

One of the reasons why I decided to use the UAD DSP card is the ability to use Cambridge EQ Plug-In. Absolutely lived up to my expectations. Maximum truthful and comfortable. By using this equalizer you're turning into a skilled sculptor, which processes the signal accurately, according to the idea and creative thought. Unconditionally trust that equalizer.

M. Rdz

January 13, 2014

Just Great !

Great surgery EQ ! Have so many options to aim perfectly any frequency you don't want in the mix ! this is my go-to EQ for any cuts i want to make !

A. Han

January 13, 2014

very nice

I needed a simple EQ.
Stock EQ plugins that came with my DAWs are totally fine.
I am not sure if Cambridge EQ stands up out of stock EQs.
But since I have Apollo and I needed an EQ that I can monitor
through console, I bought it.

S. Hope

January 11, 2014

Great surgical EQ

My go-to surgical EQ. Dsp hit is low. I use it mainly for cutting rather than boosting (pultecs have that covered). Mainly channels rather than busses. Useful tool ????

181-200 of 383 Results