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Customer Reviews

Capitol Chambers

Overall Rating

601-620 of 651 Results

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D. Marais

June 14, 2019

Utterly stunning

What a joy to use. Hauntingly beautiful and evocative.

S. Roefs

June 14, 2019

Something special!

Ooh la la! This is a really gorgeous and special reverb! Nothing quite like it.

J. Roecker

June 14, 2019

Adds girth...

Great verb for adding body to a sound! Have been using it to add body then send it through another verb for the long tails. Great plugin!

l. wilson

June 14, 2019


As the owner owner of Quad 2 ultimate this is my go to plugin

R. Polson-Lahache

June 14, 2019

Best digital reverb out there thus far!

This is my fav reverb hands down. Lot’s o’ vibe and you can add eqs and compressors on its bus for extra colour. Been wanting to have access to this kind of a sound.

P. Conrad

June 14, 2019

Best echo/reverb yet

This is by far my favorite echo/reverb plugin now. The sound is just natural and awesome. You gotta demo this plug-in but beware!! You will want it.

F. Schoffelen

June 14, 2019

Perry Hotter and The Chambers of Reverbness

I use altiverb, chroma verb,FabFilter Pro-R, Ocean way and EMT 140 a lot. These Capitol Chamber reverb-instances are well balanced and bring almost any solo voice or instrument to life. I have tested acoustic guitar and vocals extensively and am very impressed with the EASE of dialling in the Goodness. There is a Putnam chamber on altiverb as well that I can get close to this...but only close. Chamber 4 from Al is a go-to. It is somehow related to how original signal and reverb signal are mixed together again that brings an extra sauce compared to others. Love it.

S. Herceg

June 14, 2019

Reverberation perfected

This is a stroke of genius! Never have I heard a reverb so pleasing and musical. Currently, it's the pinnacle of realistic reverb plugins! Its beauty lies in its simplicity. There are no 100 parameters to control for every little detail because there's no reason to include them. The reverb sits so well in the mix that, more often than not, you only have to alter the mix percentage, room number and the mic type and distance. I can't praise it enough!

J. Muren

June 14, 2019


I use this on almost everything

S. Chahley

June 12, 2019

What can be said about this that hasn't already???

Possibly the most magical reverb plugin on the market. That is all...

J. Leyva

June 12, 2019

Big Band Heaven!!!!!!

I was skeptical about this plug in..let's face it capital records is capital records!
I do alot of big band and large orchestral recording, so I was eager to hear see what it could do. I tracked a big band and ran the whole ensemble through Al Schmitt's "The one" setting. WOW!!! I played it side by side with the "original capital recording" There was very little difference. Even the slap was the same!
I have to say the guys at UA have outdone themselves

K. Gilroy

June 12, 2019


Just down load and smile. Yes it's a DSP Lion, but....You can print and blend the level in the mix. This is so amazing. NOTHING sounds like this. BEAUTIFUL - LOVELY - SMOOTH The King of the Must Have. Thank You! - Gilroy


June 11, 2019

5 more Stars

I wrote a review earlier this month about the greatness of this plugin. After working with this plugin more I had to write another review. This thing is seriously, seriously amazing. On Violin it is absolutely insane. I put it on Keyscape pianos!!! WOW!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! I have made up my mind. When ever UAD releases a reverb emulation of hardware, Chambers, or plates, I am absolutely purchasing them. This plugin seems to be more than a plugin. It’s literal chambers in ur DAW!! My My My. Do yourself a favor and get this thing.

P. Paslack

June 11, 2019

Capitol Chambers

This Reverb is very natural sounding and fits very well on every Instrument and Voice !
Like to put it on the Mixbuss with very good results ! I like it very much !

A. Burroughs

June 11, 2019

YES!!!!! Now THIS is what reverb should sound like!!!

I own 136 UAD plug-ins. If I had to choose one to keep and let the rest go, this would be the one that I would keep. Smooth as a baby’s....


June 11, 2019

There no words to describe the Absolute Beauty



June 10, 2019


very beautiful Chamber 4

J. Russell

June 10, 2019


This has got to be the smoothest Reverb I’ve heard. UA have taken it to a whole new level with this one.

T. Blake

June 10, 2019

Very cool vibe....

Lot's of use so far. Loving the short room tones you can get with dialling distance and length back......and you can automate the pre-delay to get some mild pitch modulation!

T. Pierson

June 8, 2019

The reverb in my head

This sounds like the reverb I picture in my mind, no matter the setting. Stunning. Pretty high dsp so it usually is my only verb on.

601-620 of 651 Results