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Customer Reviews

Capitol Chambers

Overall Rating

121-140 of 675 Results

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L. Spilger

December 24, 2022

Amazing but very CPU hungry

I love it on my vocals, but would really prefer to run it natively with spark as it is pretty CPU heavy.

A. Petrou

December 24, 2022

Classic space

Capitol Chambers is a beautiful reverb for creating that classy sound of 50’s and 60’s crooner ballads. It has a lush and rich decay which envelopes the sound in 3 dimensional space. I love the flexibility with the mic options and the distance slider to get things sitting exactly where you want them. A classic!

D. Weigleb

December 23, 2022

Another great reverb. Legendary sound.

This and Hittsville are just exquisite. I dialed this up on a acoustic guitar and it gave a presence and place in the mix. Just digging around in the presets and some slight tweaks was all that was needed!

P. Diaz

December 23, 2022

Bought for a decent deal

I haven’t use it yet but did demo before I bought, sounds good. Heavy n the DSP and while not the worst UI, UA needs to make all their plugs scaleable.

J. Tarka

December 23, 2022

Deep and Lush

Perfect sounding chamber! Thick, deep and lush on vocals. From subtle to huge. This is a must have UA plugin!

J. Peters

December 23, 2022

Amazing piece of gear!

From subtle to saturated this reverb is fantastic! It instantly takes you back in time.

G. Żabski

December 23, 2022

Really natural sounding Reverb

I belive is the best natural sounding reverb on the market. It's great on everything - from piano to vocals ( drums too ). Just must have for everyone

K. Alan

December 20, 2022

Poorly Designed Interface Offers Limited Plug-in Control

The effects are sort of "all on" or "all off" with no real control within the plug-in itself. It's probably usable if you want to set-up separate effects busses in your DAW, but that adds a lot of extra configuration and confusion to the mixing process. You can get similar effects with better controls for a lot less money.

D. Lesberg

December 12, 2022

Does a great job with orchestral samples

I just bought a license to Capitol Chambers today.
I tried it on an orchestral piece I was working on. Let me first mention the one minus. It is incredibly hungry. It will eat up your processor leaving little room for many other UAD plugins. I was only able to add my Avalon plugin. I could not use my Fairchild. I replaced it with my Oxide tape to provide some analog.
Despite that, I'm still giving it 5 stars because the reverb is simply incredible.
It simply takes your sound to another place. I strongly recommend this plugin.

A. Bugella

December 12, 2022

Great reverb with personality

It is easy to use and adds depth and character to the mix


December 9, 2022

Capital Chambers

Such a great reverb!!!!

d. olivier

December 9, 2022

Magic Room for Drums !

This is a magic weapon for drums room ambiance, if you haven't a room for the recordings, just a dry signal, this Capitol Chambers can easily do the job!

n. Kanchanawat

December 9, 2022

Awesome is a verb

Great for vocals and so much more!

D. Criddle

December 7, 2022

Stellar Reverb

Just beautiful...


December 1, 2022


The space and acoustic spice and dimension is just on another level

A. Scammacca

November 30, 2022

Everything I imagined this would be

This plug-in uses quite a bit of DSP but it is completely worth it. The sounds that produces are absolutely stunning. if you can get it on sale it is totally worth it

V. Radočaj

November 30, 2022

Chapitol chambers


A. Bertók

November 26, 2022


This plugin sounds phenomenal.

T. Kingen

October 23, 2022

Real Rooms

Capitol Chambers is perfect for placing a track within an intimate room setting. I have and enjoy a small collection of reverb plugins, UAD as well as a few others. I didn't see the logic in adding another until after demoing Capitol Chambers. Now it's my #1 go-to 'verb for that live, intimate room sound.       

E. Peterson

October 14, 2022

Why I got into Apollo and UA

My to favorite plugins were Abby road chambers and plates. I still love ab chambers the most but capitol chambers is a close second. It sounds amazing every time. I use it somewhere on every track. AB chambers, cap chambers, and ocean way are my three favorite plugins and I’m sooo glad I entered the UA family. My music has never sounded so good. Thank you for amazing sounds and reliable hardware that sounds fantastic

121-140 of 675 Results