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Capitol Chambers

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M. Vejar

June 15, 2020

Capitol Chambers Fantastica

Really good this reverb. I am very happy with this reverb and it meets my expectations. Of course I took it first in the universal audio demo so I knew exactly what I was buying ...
saludos desde Chillan Chile
Realmente buena esta reverb. fantastica estoy muy contento con esta reverb y cumple mis espectativas. claro que la ocupe primero en el demo de universal audio asi que sabia perfectamente lo que compraba...

S. Allí

June 15, 2020

one of the best reverbs

Easy to use , and sounds very expensive sound

L. Duffell

June 15, 2020

Beautiful Depth

Sometimes the old way is best. I rarely hear a modern reverb that I like. This is very different, and superior. These chambers sound beautiful. We are very fortunate that Capitol and UA have done their magic for the rest of the world to enjoy. Thank you.

M. Bird

June 12, 2020

The Best Reverb I've Ever Used

As I said in the title this is the best reverb I've ever used. I can't see me ever having a project where I will not use this plug-in.

S. Pastore

June 12, 2020


Power hungry but you will understand why! Sounds amazing!

D. Yowell

June 10, 2020


Capital Chambers is hands down the greatest reverb plug-in I’ve ever heard! You feel like you’re actually inside the chamber. I’ve been recording in studios since 1979 and reverb is one of my favorite things period, so I’m always looking for the perfect one. Now I own it! The didn’t just recreate the space but that’s you the controls for all the depth and character. The first time I heard Jamie Lidell singing “A Rose” I freaked out, bought an Apollo x4 and downloaded Luna just so I could get the plugin!! Life is so much more joyful with Capital Chambers!

R. Gérard

June 9, 2020

A gem!

I am very picky about reverbs and this is the first one I got immediately pleased with. Love at first audition! It sounds very natural, or more pronounced if you want to as well. Broad possibilities. It is like recording your guitars in the best rooms! It magnifies the song, brings an ambience.

A. Jakimenko

June 4, 2020

Never heard a Reverb-Plugin like this one before

I rarely write reviews, but this time I just have to! The sound is just great.
My new go-to reverb gives me great results in every genre!
Try it, ... close your eyes and listen ... Overwhelming sound, even with a subtle setting!
Thank you UA !!!

UAD User

June 1, 2020


It's the best sounding reverb I've ever used. I was blown away by how natural it sounds and how versatile it is. You can easily create a drum room if needed. Sounds great on the mix bus as well!!!

M. Krämer

May 31, 2020

Amazing sound!

Really in love and one of my favorites so far!
Best money i ever spend at UAD

P. Flassig

May 30, 2020


Definitely THE most natural sounding reverb I've ever heard!!!
Unfortunately you need a lot of DSP, if you have a lot of tracks, but it's definitely worth using it!
As a Classical Musician, I find it very hard to find a reverb that doesn't sound artificial. If you feel the same, Capitol Chambers is the solution!

P. Nortey

May 21, 2020

The best reverb for me

I have to say that I love this reverb after seeing Fabrice Dupond using it on a Luna session. I got currious about it and did my research and fel in love with it.
UA big Thank you for taking my money Lol


May 20, 2020

Loving This Chambers

This chambers are very musical unlike the ones i have used before now


May 20, 2020

Loving This Chambers

This chambers are very musical unlike the ones i have used before now


May 20, 2020

Loving This Chambers

This chambers are very musical unlike the ones i have used before now


May 20, 2020

Loving This Chambers

This chambers are very musical unlike the ones i have used before now

G. Waddington

May 19, 2020

They still sound the same -- AMAZING

I was fortunate to be involved in the 70's with an album out of Toronto that got mixed down at the Tower, we went all the way to LA just because of those chambers. Man, they sounded incredible then, they do now as well, only now in my home studio. To folks like me from back then, this is an unbelievable dreamland !!

. Atzeni

May 19, 2020

Great sounding Reverb!!!

My Go to Reverb for vocals. Sounds incredible Good.

J. Plichta

May 19, 2020

Must have plugin.

Great must have plugin especially in conjunction with LUNA.

G. Saunders

May 10, 2020

Just beautiful

Very natural sounding and powerful, a small amount goes a long way

261-280 of 542 Results