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Capitol Chambers

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H. Fivelsdal

January 25, 2023

You Need This!

Great for vocals. I love the Al Schmitt preset.

M. Ferreira

January 19, 2023

Great Reverb!

Amazing reverb, but it takes alot of DSP.

N. Coelho

January 19, 2023

Excelente plugin

Adoro este plugin em Voz e Violão. Faz uma grande diferença. Pena a quatidade de DSP que utiliza.

A. Neto

January 17, 2023

Amazing Plugin

Amazing for vocals, and acoustic instrument.

T. Hugh

January 16, 2023

DSP Killer

This plugin is great, that I must say. But you'll use of most of your DSP when its engaged. FYI

E. Morgan

January 16, 2023

Super flexible with a lot of character.

THIS is currently my favorite reverb.
Adds a lot of depth and space whilst still being subtle.
Doesn't get in the way or clutter the mix.
I have it on a lead vocal in a song and it adds just the right amount of dimension and character.
Each chamber has its own thing going on and the ability to swap and move mics around is brilliant.
Highly recommended.

A. Yaskevich

January 14, 2023

This is my main reverb for any genre

I love this reverb for its flexibility and natural sound. This is a very lively reverb.

(It uses a lot of DSP resources, keep that in mind)

F. García

January 13, 2023

Great reverb for guitars too!!

When I record ambient guitars I use Capitol Chambers Reverb a lot. I get wonderful, lush and depth guitar tracks. Totally immersive experience

k. kostoglou

January 11, 2023

Amazing reverb!!


b. fundu

January 8, 2023

Avis sur le capitalol reverb

Vraiment super pour mes prises d instruments micro ou guitare et pour mes mixages

J. Anderson

January 7, 2023

Capitol Chambers- A Big Winner!

Fantastic plug in. Lives up to everything I thought it should be.
Much more versatile than just an excellent retro reverb for vocals.
Thank you UAD, for developing such high quality audio for us to use.

F. Mandaza

January 6, 2023

Great Plugin

Love it on the vocals really makes a great difference.

D. Baker

January 6, 2023

This Chamber is my go-to

The sound of this this chamber is amazing I find that I am able to use it in some very creative ways when combined with the EMT 140 plate.

I. Townsend

January 6, 2023

Capitol Echo Chamber

Capitol Echo Chamber gives a very lush open feel in your mix, I’m really excited about this plugin. Although I must say a little bit goes a long ways, but adds spice to dry mix.

C. Newey

January 1, 2023

It's OK but not great

This came short of my expectations but it's still a usable plugin

M. Glover

December 27, 2022


Just amazing. Perfect on almost any material. I like the “Beach Boys” preset!

L. Spilger

December 24, 2022

Amazing but very CPU hungry

I love it on my vocals, but would really prefer to run it natively with spark as it is pretty CPU heavy.

A. Petrou

December 24, 2022

Classic space

Capitol Chambers is a beautiful reverb for creating that classy sound of 50’s and 60’s crooner ballads. It has a lush and rich decay which envelopes the sound in 3 dimensional space. I love the flexibility with the mic options and the distance slider to get things sitting exactly where you want them. A classic!

D. Weigleb

December 23, 2022

Another great reverb. Legendary sound.

This and Hittsville are just exquisite. I dialed this up on a acoustic guitar and it gave a presence and place in the mix. Just digging around in the presets and some slight tweaks was all that was needed!

P. Diaz

December 23, 2022

Bought for a decent deal

I haven’t use it yet but did demo before I bought, sounds good. Heavy n the DSP and while not the worst UI, UA needs to make all their plugs scaleable.

21-40 of 591 Results