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Capitol Chambers

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J. Scalia

December 5, 2019


This isn’t one of those “toys” that seem to flood the market these days. This is a USABLE plugin ! In so many scenarios, it can add a certain color to a room sound . The environment actually changes to fully controllable degrees. I guarantee you don’t have anything else like this in your arsenal.

G. Chan

December 3, 2019

Awesome sound!

I use it as a required item. I want to thank uad

r. kELLY

December 3, 2019

I can hear the records it was used on

Man this is spot on. Can actually hear the sound that was on all those classics. UAD did it on this one!

r. kELLY

December 3, 2019

I can hear the records it was used on

Man this is spot on. Can actually hear the sound that was on all those classics. UAD did it on this one!

J. Walton

December 3, 2019

My favorite Reverb

Excellent sounding reverb. My favorite besides my Master Room Xl-305

C. Smith

December 1, 2019

Amazing reverb

I actually didn’t know too much about this reverb before getting it, was recommended by a friend. The sound is incredible , sounds amazing on vocals/acoustic/piano! Been recording more ambient/experimental music and this has added so much depth!


November 24, 2019


Capitol Chambers has replaced so many items on my mixes, the amount of realism it adds to instruments and vocals incomparable! The fine tuning is so detailed. Fabulous!

J. Poole

November 20, 2019

Best of both

Space, the final frontier

N. Gastel

November 15, 2019

Every producer should have it

Favorite r plugin

R. Lieder

November 14, 2019

Very Good

this is the plugin I've been looking for a long time. the reverb you need

n. tajima

November 13, 2019



w. valentine

November 12, 2019

Must have

Excellent reverb plug in ! Vintage extravaganza!!!

C. Chafin

November 11, 2019

The echo chamber that changed my life

When I was a kid, my Dad brought home an album that changed my life. It was a jazz guitar record by the legendary session player Howard Roberts. I was mesmerized by not only by Howard's fantastic guitar technique, but the amazing sound of the record. The liner notes acknowledged it was recorded in 1964 in Capital Records studio A and whenever I here those chambers, I know that sound and they totally capture my imagination. I went on to became a full-time session player myself, a producer, studio owner (in Your Ear Studios in Richmond,VA.) and composer. Being a composer, I've always longed to record a string section at Capital and use those chambers. So when UAD sent me the promo email on this plugin, there was zero delay on placing the order. All I can say is WOW, how amazing it is to hear that iconic reverb in my control room! It just makes my day every time I hear this verb. Thanks so very much for making this available. My life is changed once again.

M. Reeves

November 11, 2019

Love it !

One of the best reverbs-if not the best. Great for everything.

N. Carver

November 8, 2019


Simply amazing on a drum room mic or vocal

UAD User

November 8, 2019

20 stars

Yes, this is my 4th review. Reading through the comments I saw some people giving this plugin one star. One guy said it’s like a stock reverb in his daw. I just want to make it clear that these reviews are the furthest thing from true. People this is thing does not sound like an emulation. It sounds like a real space. It is the best modeled reverb in the history of reverb plugins.

S. Vazquez

November 7, 2019


Really fantastic sounding reverb. Brings that vintage color instantly. I am so glad I bought it.

F. Wise

November 7, 2019

Overpriced and very similar to lots of other reverbs

If you already have lots of reverb plugs, this probably would just be another one you use sparingly as it's fine but not really noticeably a game-changer. It sounds a lot like the built-in reverb in Cakewalk "Rematrix" which is free. I would buy this for maybe $50 as a cool looking plug that makes you feel like maybe there is a famous crooner in the next room, maybe...

UAD User

November 4, 2019

A new favorite for tail and glow applications

This reverb is by far the most satisfying plugin reverb I've used for "tail" and "glow" applications. It's so easy to get a satisfying result that sits well in the track and speaks when you want it to. Just a gorgeous sound from the very first instantiation...


November 2, 2019


;o( very expensive for only that.....

421-440 of 580 Results