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Capitol Chambers

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c. lee

May 26, 2019


This plugin is absolutely unbelievable, NOT just another reverb


May 23, 2019


Absolutely love the lushness of these reverbs! Immediately gave my vocals a new level of spacial dimension. Love it!

D. Range

May 22, 2019

wow and wow

this is awesome wish the price was lower but this sound good

D. Range

May 22, 2019

wow is all i can say

I pretty much have all the plug ins except the 480 lex and now this and I demoed this and now Im stuck and wish it wasnt so expensive but you get what you pay for but i love this on vocals

P. Calabria

May 22, 2019

Incredible !!

Impossible not to buy it !! Once I tried the DEMO version, I bought it immediately !! Truly awesome on the vocals !! Practically impossible to do without it !!

P. Moshay

May 21, 2019

Its unbelievable that we can have this!

Its truly unreal that we now can have this legendary sound on any of our mixes...... I never would have imagined the day when anyone could use the Capitol Chambers. Its absolutely incredible.

G. Nicholls

May 21, 2019


This is possibly the most detailed sounding chamber plugin I have ever heard, its incredible and lush sounding, think this will have to go all over my new project now!!!

J. Kerr

May 21, 2019


Great job as usual UA! This plugin is incredible.

G. Benson

May 21, 2019

Simply gorgeous.

I thought it was too good to be true, but WOW... Demoed this, and was instantly swept away with the gorgeous sound quality.

Can't believe UA pulled this off. Nice job, guys!

581-589 of 589 Results