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Customer Reviews

Capitol Chambers

Overall Rating

61-80 of 689 Results

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L. Motta

January 14, 2024

Not very impressed

Wish they have included the decay time

O. Gurtovoy

January 14, 2024

Wonderful ambience



January 12, 2024

Just perfect

This chamber is so great for drums ambiance and vocal room

B. McCallum

January 11, 2024

If they could hear me now

I’m actually gonna dig up some info about these studios as I’ve heard some legends made their best stuff here. The presets are golden and the ease of use is great. Nice package for the price point.

S. Kustura

January 11, 2024

So Natural!

Great with vocals and acoustic instruments. Sounds naturally, transparent and juicy.

A. Viktorovich

January 11, 2024


Like this sound!

R. Hardesty

January 9, 2024

Hands-down the best chamber reverb available

Played around with other chamber emulation plugins over the past ten years and it wasn't until I tried the Capitol chambers that I found something that beautifully and convincingly captures the unique characteristics of those physical spaces. The degree of control offered in this plugin is also much appreciated and lends itself to so many possible applications. It takes a big bite out of DSP resources but it's worth it.

T. Kouassi

January 9, 2024

Great plugin

Amazing plugin helps me giving great sound to my tracks.

M. Argyrakis

January 9, 2024


This instantly became my new favorite plugin. I can use it on anything and it sounds like actual rooms. Astonishing

J. Antonsen

January 9, 2024

My new go-to

I haven't been using my Abbey Road-chamber since I bought this one. Amazing sound, and lots of options.

A. Navarro

January 8, 2024

Maravilla, --- sin más

Siempre lo quise. Calidez al sonido de efecto. Te trasporta a esas maravillosas grabaciones de antes

S. Joseph

January 5, 2024


The quality and sound is wonderful!!! ease of use and results are great.

S. Them

January 4, 2024


Sounds fantastic

J. Coomes

December 31, 2023

Favorite reverb

I really like the warm, kind of dark vibe of this reverb. I’m using it on all my tracks.

S. Laporte

December 31, 2023


My new favorite vocal reverb.. And also works great with snares and acoustic guitar, has a nice round, luscious sound that just sits perfectly in a track, kudos :)

E. Zorgman

December 26, 2023

Wrap around and dark

Aside from the beautiful lush sounds and spaces this gives, the way it wraps around a sound is amazing. I've compared this to a number of other reverbs and this just ads that dark tone, or the right amount of space to a sound. Not too thin, not too bright. Even on pads in electric music that way it enhances a sound and creates more depth and space.

Y. Rotem

December 17, 2023

Lush detailed best chamber reverb

This thing is great, especially on vocals where you want a slightly dark and thick vintage chamber verb. Adds great drama and 3d elements to a sound and paces it perfectly in the mix. You can also run this really wet and it still sounds unbelievably good!

A. Larrabee

December 16, 2023

Iconic sound

Just so easy to get good sounds from this. Subtle changes in mic position or selection can make the reverb fit so easily in a mix. And great presets to save you some time. Must have for anybody working with vocals regularly.

S. Mashin

December 14, 2023

My Reverb #1

Since I tried this reverb, it has become my favorite choice. Absolutely extraordinary plugin.

E. Shipley

December 13, 2023

Beautiful reverb!!!!

The sounds of Capitol at home!!! Beautiful reverb!!!! Thank you!!!!

61-80 of 689 Results