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Capitol Chambers

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C. Coffie

July 19, 2021

Capital Chambers

I haven’t used it yet but I will

L. Tian Siung

July 14, 2021

nothing can beat this

best of its class

H. Chung

July 12, 2021

Bad Reverb for Classical strings Recording

This Reverb works great for Voice and guitar however it sounds very unnatural when using for classical music strings such as violin and cello.
If you are a pop singer you'll love it if you are trying this for strings never ever get this reverb.

J. Santos

July 7, 2021

Often brilliant!

Doesn’t work for everything but when it does work, it’s as good as it gets.

P. Lordo

July 6, 2021

Highly Recommended

The width and spaciousness this had is amazing. I’ve got every reverb plug in you can imagine. This is different.

V. Garcia

June 30, 2021


Excelente plugin para darle el toque final a tus instrumentos

M. Moryń

June 29, 2021

Game Changer

This Plug-In is a total gamer changer in aspect of vocal & instruments mixing.

Highly Recommended!


June 26, 2021

Best reverb plugin for retro vibes

My voice never sounded so good and warm as with the Capitol Chambers.

It really adds a vintage 50s/60’s vibe to your vocals, gives instruments a live feel, and also can be used on the master bus, to add these sixties Phil Spector sounds to your mix.

Very DSP hungry though, be sure to have enough processing. I keep 5 stars because I imagine you need a lot of power to run such powerful plugin.

G. Westwood

June 20, 2021

Just Lush!!!!

A unique space with amazing results from a plugin.
Sounds fantastic on vocals and guitar.

F. Lagacé

June 14, 2021


Beautiful on vocal

w. wilkenm

June 6, 2021



w. wilkenm

June 6, 2021



I. Hamilton

May 21, 2021

Capitol Chambers

I was initially looking for a reverb comparable to Sunset Sound’s chambers to get that Van Halen reverb, and just a kiss of this does the job pretty well. I dislike a lot of reverbs (both pedals and plugins) so to find one I actually like is quite nice (and rare)! It has a far more authentic room sound than any reverb I’ve experienced and that goes a long way for me. Usually I rely on a hint of delay rather than reverb to not muddy the tonal waters but this doesn’t seem to present that kind of problem based on my use so far. I’m looking forward to getting more creative with it!

J. Brown

May 11, 2021


Gorgeous warm ambient reverb that just makes things sound so much more real. Makes you feel like you are in the room with any digital instrument. Also a great nostalgia plugin as many won't be able to visit Capitol in person. I love this plug in!

R. Neville

May 4, 2021

I love it!

This one is probably my favourite reverb that I own from uad so far.

T. Baize

May 3, 2021

Capitol Chambers GOOD!


K. Frost

May 2, 2021

Capitol Chambers where history was made.

Presets offer good starting points. The controls are not hard to understand and make it easy to fine tune. It definitely has a lushness to it. I have only had it a short time, I did put it on some tracks that I am currently working on. On some tracks it was “what was missing”. On others it was good, but not much better than what I was already using on other tracks. Just like 480, it has its place, like all the reverbs do.
I did find a great blend with Vocals on Capitol Chambers and Acoustic guitar fed to the Cooper Time Cube, the “space” that each offers blended well together on that mix. Hope that made sense. Anyway as I am learning there is “no” one stop shop in this craft. Take time learn the plugins you have, read the manuals, they really help, then you turns knobs with understanding and use your ears.

B. Jung

May 2, 2021


Capital Chambers is the best and most natural sounding reverb I know. I use ist for guitar, and there is nothing better on the market. It beats every reverb beginning from Strymon to Eventide to Lexicon... There is no latency with Apollo, so I can use it live. Outstanding !!!

P. Johnsson

April 13, 2021

Beautiful room sounds!

I love the room sounds Capitol Chambers can deliver and the EQ makes it very versatile.

F. Valsecchi

April 12, 2021

Best reverb plugin I've tried so far

It's true that it consumes a lot of DSP, what makes it difficult tu use in some situations. Despite that, it's the best reverb I have ever tried, totally worth.

101-120 of 542 Results