Classic FX Bundle

Classic FX Bundle


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Classic FX Bundle

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S. Henderson

June 21, 2019


This sounds better than the Gosh Darn physical equipment . Im impressed beyond words. I dont think people really wanna say it but these UAD plug ins are just as good as the real thing. Im flummoxed they are THE REAl THING. I cant wait to plug in. One last thing no one comes close to this company in the plug in department at least not in guitar tone and mixing and mastering.

J. Maasakkers

June 18, 2019


Great tool and really good sound!

L. Druker

June 18, 2019

Sounds Amazing!!!!

Just sounds great. All the analog warmth and tone. Just sounds luscious. Use only the reverb on guitars with any of the UA Marshall plug-ins to get a great spring reverb sound.

D. Revuelto Lorenzo

June 17, 2019

A new Dimension

A pleasure, your mixes come alive and open in space. A new dimension.

J. Park

June 16, 2019


Light , Sounds good.

R. Beehre

June 14, 2019

Galaxy Tape Echo

This unit is lush, warm and musical. Love the tempo sync options.

L. Miladinovic

June 13, 2019

Must have Collection of FX

Since buying these, I have used at least one of them in every track. Whether it is adding flavor to the sound or spacial enhancing, there is no disappointment. Plus as a bundle it is a great bang for the buck. Good work UAD.

Z. Ou

June 12, 2019

Nice unit for center channel aux

Nice unit for center channel aux when play movie and gaming. Deep and wide vox.

M. Rojas

June 11, 2019


Se siente la "orgánico del pedal", usado en guitarras directodesde la consola UA

D. Binnall

May 30, 2019


Must have plug-ins. The Studio D Chorus is warm and fat. The Galaxy Tape Echo is amazing for recreating Dub style delay, and spacey reverb. The Brigade Chorus has a warm sound with just the right amount of fuzz. Very happy with these plugs.

T. Chaz

May 25, 2019

Lost pleasure, found again

I've never been quite satisfied with chorus plugins before. Always went back to my pedals when it was time to use one. For the first time, my Boss are staying on the shelf, and I find the same pleasing and ever modulating sound character in this Brigade Chorus.

Plus, just as the original, it's two effects in one, and both the Vibrato and the Chorus are superb, no matter if dialed all the way to extreme settings or more reasonable ones.

s. fujimoto

May 25, 2019

Let's fit analog equipment

One and only chorus

L. Rushton

May 15, 2019

Not sure where I'd use it

I haven't played around with it too much, so far. With what I've done, I think it may have some potential, but I'm a bit lost at the moment to see where to get it into operation.

O. Smari

May 15, 2019

Great chorus

Does what it’s supposed to do. I’m very happy with it, can recommend!

A. Daoutakis

May 15, 2019


Chuck this on a Synth and revel in the ear candy. Nice smooth chorus with plenty of presets.

M. Heffernan

May 14, 2019


Nice sounding chorus pedal. Sounds pretty convincing! For me it is best to use it sparingly, used subtly on bass and background vocals!

B. Barnier

May 13, 2019

Chorus pedal.

If I ever travel to 1987 and make pop music for pride festivals, I will use this and a Roland JC to really accentuate the sound of my digital trumpet on my Casio 8700 LDX.

R. Gun

May 13, 2019

not so good emulation

Yes there is a similarity, but A-B-ing the smothness of the analog is not there.
The real thing has no audible swirl or phasing charakter, the plugin does quite notable.
And by the way the former called Roland ones where better.
On the other hand, try to get the original - not so easy.

R. Gun

May 13, 2019


This one´s for the gritt.
For my opinion to much "sound" to less quality, but sometimes the hit.

UAD User

May 11, 2019

The new go to

I have owned several Roland Space echoes. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how the plugin recreated the tone and feel of the original. UAudio has not disappointed. Making my songwriting demos sound like masters.

281-300 of 902 Results