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Customer Reviews

Classic FX Bundle

Overall Rating

341-360 of 1453 Results

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J. Dzambas

April 17, 2021

Great Chorus!

Good old CE-1 sound!

L. Benson

April 13, 2021

Great chorus effect

Works well for the obvious choices as well as a good tool to bring out some life and depth to the not-so-obvious.

p. raimondo

April 10, 2021


Ive broke 3 lcd displays, this is not a pedal, it does sound good though!

R. Neville

April 7, 2021

Love it

Amazing chorus effect!

S. Shaw

April 6, 2021

Don't sleep on it!

I know it's a subscription gift, but that doesn't mean any bad on this pedal! Very thick and tasteful. Can't sound bad!


April 6, 2021

Love it!

Just used it on a trumpet line on a recent mix! Sounds Very Organic!!

C. Julien

April 5, 2021

CJ Stretch

Very Nice sounding chorus effect software pedal

C. Gramaglia

April 5, 2021

Pretty cool

Easy to use and good sound!


April 3, 2021

Brigade Chorus Pedal

Very nice sound!


April 3, 2021

Brigade Chorus Pedal

Very nice sound!

K. Cook

April 2, 2021

Great sounding Chorus!

Great sounding chorus, like the dual chorus setting.

I. Polovina

April 2, 2021

Brigade Chorus Pedal

Good old sound

G. Hudson

April 1, 2021


Already owned the galaxy tape echo, was debating which of the chorus to get, but got this on offer, so no choosing required. Now have Two great sounding chorus!!

i. ramos

April 1, 2021

Gran amplitud stereo

Consigo una gran amplitud stereo y el efecto de modulación me gusta mucho. Lo utilizo principalmente con sonidos de piano eléctrico y guitarra.

P. Lange

March 31, 2021

Brigade Chorus Pedal

Great for its inteded purpose (chorusing electric guitars) as well as for other effects. I really like it on bass guitar for some Duff McKagan style clean tones.

M. Cazacu

March 31, 2021

Chorus Pedal

Good plugin!

S. La

March 31, 2021

Chrous pedal!

Cool !

B. Vladimir

March 28, 2021

Studio D Chorus

Very good plugin I use
it in every song

G. Kim

March 26, 2021


The best modulation tone I've ever heard among the plugins

M. Moran

March 23, 2021


Hermosos sonidos que trae el chorus

341-360 of 1453 Results