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Customer Reviews

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

Overall Rating

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S. Froudist

December 14, 2011

The original EMT plate reverb is a steel monster that needs an isolated vault of its own. With only rudimentary damping and EQ, it is more or less a "set and forget" creature. Instead of a soundproof room, the UA version (really three units in one) just needs a UAD card to run on. While lacking some of the more esoteric settings of other types of reverberators, this classic and classy reverb responds well to a bit of tweaking: for example, fine tune the frequency response to compliment the audio, using both the input filter and the reverb EQ. If you cut the low end or scoop out some mids, you can keep the level and reverb time up without muddying the mix, or you could boost the tops to to add a dreamy air to vocals or acoustic guitar.
Use the modulation control to add movement and harmonic complexity to shimmering sounds.
Try two instances in mono, panned Left and Right: this keeps the centre dry and there is much more sonic room to move.
Or exaggerate the pre-delay to keep the reverb out of the way.
Or send some signal from your delays into the reverb.
Don't be afraid to run an EQ after the reverb.

A great workhorse reverb, and of course you can run several instances at once!
Or use it alongside one of the other great UAD reverbs!

One last hint: make the reverb obvious and do your tweaking. When you are satisfied, drop the reverb level...less is usually more. Automate your levels (and even your tweaks) if you need the reverb to be more obvious at the end of vocal lines etc.

D. Dresdow

December 9, 2011

This is a killer 3 pack of dense plate verbs that do an excellent job at adding a texture within a mix.

The EMT's have been the "must have" with UAD from the day they came out, imo.

B. Dobozi

November 12, 2011

A truly marvelous plug-in – whether it's a super-short reverb insert on a kick drum, a bass or a Fender Rhodes, or big warm plates on vocals.

W. Kopka

September 20, 2011

Hi, update on the UAD version 6 1 is no longer my EMT 140. what do I do now?


S. Maxwell

August 23, 2011

Well there is a lot i could say about this reverb, lush, rich, deep. But i like these two simple words.... F@#king great! Thanks UA

H. Kruse

July 27, 2011

EMT 140 on UAD is a very special sounding reverb, easy and fun to use!

C. Hilding

June 30, 2011

I used to dislike this when it was still called Plate 140. Now that it has been re-released as EMT 140 with the Input Low Cut Filter enabled right from the GUI, it became instantly useful. With a bit of filtering you can get rid of the low end mud. This is further helped by the included EQ. Another great feature is the ability to turn the reverb into a completely (or partially) monophonic signal, and the ability to apply a slight chorus modulation to make it thicker. All very good additions from the EMT branding transition, with the main one being the input filter since it really expanded the usefulness of the reverb (without having to manually add a highpass EQ before the reverb input). Testing it on various sources I found that the EMT140 added an EXTREMELY smooth and pleasing sound while allowing you to use very long reverb times. In comparison to the EMT 250, it has more "body" due to its extended low end and more realistic, heavier plate sound, whereas the EMT 250 is more for a light touch of reverb. The EMT 140 is now one my favorite reverbs for drums and guitars and it sounds INSANELY good. The EMT 250 is still the favorite for subtle reverbs and vocals, since it adds a very light sheen and blends things together perfectly without muddying the low end. No setup is complete without owning both the EMT 140 and EMT 250.

M. Thomas

June 30, 2011

Great for old school Motown plates! It's chews up a good deal of CPU on my G5, but it's worth it.

N. Zervos

June 30, 2011

Love this on Percusion and claps and stuff....Send some claps to this and then to the 224 for some real pro verbing guys! Just fab!

C. Vincent

June 27, 2011

I demoed this plug-in after I felt I needed a 'go to' reverb plug-in. I read many reviews online and let me tell you, everything everyone says about this plug-in being able to seamlessly 'sit' in a mix perfectly is true. Even at more extreme settings it sits beautifully! It is definitely THE go-to reverb for lead instruments. Demo it and you'll need it!

B. Graham

June 26, 2011

Used on every mix. Sounds like the real thing. NIce pre-sets.


June 24, 2011

The EMT 140 Classic Plate Reverb is one of my absolute favorite pieces of gear. I had one of those, "Wow!" moments the first time I heard it and it continues to amaze me even today. The sound of this reverb does for a mix what no other software reverb can do. I wouldn't give it up for anything.

M. Angel

June 23, 2011

Perfect for all, it's one of my favorites reverbs...

B. Speer

June 22, 2011

This plugin is the reason I bought a UAD-2 system and it hasn't disappointed me at all! I use it on all my mixes from drums to vocals. I had the luxury of using a real EMT plate and this one sounds just as good, and I didn't have to put my wife out to make room for it! It's a home run!

A. Pozzi

June 21, 2011

I love it. That's in all my songs. I produce a lot of rock and blues so this vintage emulation it's very handy to me.

T. Oestreich

June 20, 2011

We have an in-house studio at our ad agency and we have come to rely heavily on UA hardware and software plug-ins. The ability to create or re-create virtually any sound that we can can conceive of is a true freedom. We have especially fallen in love with the various reverb plug-ins including the EMT 140 Plate. In addition to the unique sound of the EMT 140 is the fact that we can non-destructively apply it to multiple channels in our mix which is impossible with the original hardware, especially with a unit like the EMT 140 whose plate enclosure is the size of a full sized mattress! We are huge UA fans, they help us sound like a million bucks!

S. Richter

June 19, 2011

This is my favorite reverb. You barely have to touch it to make it sound good. Even the default setting is great. Pretty much the only reverb I use.

D. Horoschak

June 19, 2011

This works great on drums... especially snare and toms when you want to add a little bit of air, but keep the warmth of the mix.

V. Gorlov

June 19, 2011

Deep & Warm reverb tail. Loving it to rich the sound.

S. Norge

June 19, 2011

This one goes to 6 on the scale. I don´t think I have done a project without this plug in many years. Extremely useful and full of character! Try it on guitars, snare, vocals and background vocals. Even together with other great reverbs (like PCM Native or Altiverb) it is still used frequently in mine projects.

941-960 of 1018 Results