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Customer Reviews

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

Overall Rating

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A. Pashka

July 10, 2024

A classic

If no other reverb is hitting quite right, this will. Old faithful!

M. McGinn

June 17, 2024

EMT 140 for Spark....PLEASE!!!!!

Look, it's the best reverb I've ever used. Can we please have it for Spark as soon as possible. Thank you!

树. 陈

June 11, 2024



树. 陈

June 11, 2024



S. Saied

June 8, 2024

Ambience Heaven

Very nice reverb great on drums and also great on guitar. Completely different flavour of reverb than the EMT 250 which I also love.

d. neill

June 4, 2024

Great Sounding Plate!!

Sounds great on drums & really awesome on Snares!

M. Karlsson

May 14, 2024

Sounds clean & smooth

This reverb sounds great on drums. And on vocals and most any source. I have EMT 140 plugins from other companies but they’re sounding granular and not as clean and smooth as this. A really great reverb plugin!

M. Schneider

May 9, 2024

must have

Excellent emulation, for any genres usable, sounds very analog, warm and authentic!

D. Caruso

March 7, 2024

Perfect Plate

Une reverb Plate qui vient s'additionner à la Pure Plate pour plus de fonction

V. Daglon

February 7, 2024

The EMT 140 Plate Reverb is a popular plate in and I like it for Vocals, also good for Guitars & Drums. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to use them because I am still struggling to buy the AUD Hardware to activate that DSP to activate the Plugins. Please help me even to find used hardware to activate my UAD Plugins.

J. Janev

January 14, 2024

I love this Plate!

It's great that there are three different plates with different sound. An interesting trick is to use on the send track one plate shorter and slightly to the left, and on another send track - another plate, longer and slightly to the right, to achieve a larger space. I mostly use "B" on vocals and drums, sometimes I use "A" or "C" on synths or other instruments. It's great that it has Lo-Cut, EQ, Stereo Width to fine-tune it for the specific mix or track.

Š. Kominko

November 15, 2023


Najlepší Plate reverb.

M. Fagnoul

October 17, 2023

Love it!

Love the sound and the three different plates.
Another Great sounding plugin from UA

J. Fernandez

October 16, 2023

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Best sound on a plate. Preferably served hot.

c. veres

October 13, 2023

Vocal Reverb Classic!

Love this reverb and its a must on a lead vocal!

M. Malone

October 11, 2023

My new go to reverb!!

I love how this works on vocals. Can really dial in the level and it transforms the vocal into a full lush sound. I really love this verb!!

R. Matias

October 10, 2023

Worth of every penny

Got this with great discount, thank you very much!

S. Lontano

October 3, 2023


The best plate plugin

G. Innaro

September 27, 2023


Very close to the original one; the right choice to add depth on the vox.

J. Avera

September 13, 2023


My fav plate so far!

1-20 of 942 Results

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  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
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  7. 48