EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

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Customer Reviews

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

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M. Peeters

March 27, 2018

What a sound

I really love this plate emulation. It sounds so rich and balanced. Really impressed of the quality of this plugin. Good job, UA !

A. Bazinet

March 21, 2018


What a fantastic plugin. Sounds absolutely lovely, and the controls are something you can learn in 2 minutes. It's got everything that you want and nothing that you don't. The different plate tanks each have a distinctive character to them, and it's quick to A/B them and get set up for the sound you want.

My warning though, is not to demo it unless you want to buy it, because you will buy it.

H. Kim

March 19, 2018

상당히 밀도 있고 톤에 자유도가 높은 리버브

복잡한 믹스 속에서도 리버브가 사라지지 않고 존재감을 유지하는 몇 안되는 리버브 플러그인 중 하나라고 생각합니다. 모든 믹스에서 거의 100% 첫 리버브로 선택하는 리버브입니다.

s. lee

March 18, 2018

best reverb ever!

The sound is very natural~~

R. Haradzinski

March 18, 2018

Ultimate plate reverb plugin!

Emt 140 by UAD a best plate reverb. I use many reverbs plate type, but this plugin sound like real analog plate. When I want plate sound, I gonna use emt 140 uad.

F. Nordbeck

March 17, 2018

Best reverb plugin

Easily my favourite reverb plug-in, smooth and solid!

R. Spiegel

March 16, 2018

Timeless reverb plugin.

Classic at its best. Sounds great on vocals.

E. Soza

March 15, 2018


Everything that goes into the EMT 140 comes out pretty

T. Jones

March 15, 2018

Highly recommended.

I'm just a hobbyist, but if it's a plate reverb you are after, in my opinion, this one beats quite a few of the others I've tried.

G. Herrera

January 27, 2018

All you'll ever need in a reverb plugin

This is the best on an AUX - Send channel and sounds very very good...

M. Marton

January 27, 2018


I got the waves AR plates because of reviews and the sale thinking I’d be covered for plates. I only found one of the 4 usable in the mixes I tried them on and had a hard time admitting to myself that I didn’t really like them. Bit the bullet and got the EMT 140 and wow, what a sound! Just beautiful. Really glad I made the change.


January 25, 2018

Happy owner

It's my goto reverb for vocals. Before try it , i tought every reverb were ok with some good EQ on it ... NOPE. Try it, if you like it buy it.

F. Juan

January 16, 2018

Great Plate Reverb! Easy Easy Easy!!!!

I've never thought I would have such amazing Plate. The best thing is that it is really very easy to use. Thanks UA for this great job!

A. Trachkovskiy

January 15, 2018


первый ревёрб от UAD и он прекрасен)

M. Monn

January 15, 2018

Perfect Plate

The most used plugin in my studio.

W. McNaughton

January 14, 2018


Such awesome plate reverb. Amazing job by the people at UAD. Thanks for bring analog sound to the digital realm.

E. Halterman

January 13, 2018

Best Plate Plugin ever made!

This is my goto plate! You don't ever need another one!

K. Lučinskas

January 13, 2018

Warm and smooth

Warm and smooth sound, I like it a lot! Maybe I prefer Lexicon 224 more, but EMT® 140 still has it's own areas in the mixes.

G. Scharmer

January 12, 2018

Very nice

Makes almost everything sound better. Very beautiful sounding reverb.

C. Gracia

December 30, 2017

The perfect recipe

The perfect reverb for vocals and classical guitar.

41-60 of 722 Results