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Customer Reviews

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

Overall Rating

681-700 of 934 Results

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E. Strazdas

August 4, 2014

Happy EMT 140 Owner

The EMT 140 sounds incredible. Its my go to reverb for all the synth sounds. Top work UAD!

A. Lee

July 27, 2014

Great Value

Having this quality reverb at such a low price is just amazing. There are a lot of great reverb plugins out there but this is one of the best ones you can buy.

J. Vanzino

July 24, 2014

Excellent Emulation

Back in the 80's I was lucky enough to use the original EMT plates. They were quirky and required a good tech to keep them working and sounding good.

It's been a long time but I must say that this little plug-in really captures the essence of using the original hardware unit with the upside of no maintenance!

For the price I would recommend this plug-in to pretty much anyone looking for an alternate reverb that is warm and rich. Remember though, " a little goes a long way" with this type of reverb!

Buy it and enjoy!


C. Mclaughlin

July 22, 2014

Great Reverb - Wow!

I have the Ocean Way product but needed something that would be used on single tracks. The Ocean Way takes more CPU and works better for a reverb bus. The EMT 140 works great on single tracks (vocals, guitar, etc.) and feels natural. I play a lot of other reverb plug ins and this is my standard now. UAD is amazing!

G. Cudjoe

July 21, 2014

Emt 140 classic plate

I have heard some good reverb plugins before but nothing like this,and iam not just saying that, massive respect ua.

T. Piper

July 20, 2014

Simply The Best

I love how it makes vocals have space.Iit doesn't get lost in the mix. You can hear the reverb trails which is rare in digital. Great Plug

C. Castanheira

July 16, 2014

EMT-140 Classic Plate

The EMT 140 is the best reverb plug-in I've ever used. Wonderful and deep sound.

B. Cyril

July 15, 2014

Un son exceptionnel

les nombreux réglages permettent d'obtenir un son profond et une incroyable résonance!
J'utilise le EMT 140 sur la voix,les guitares et la batterie.Les chansons ont une autre dimension avec ce logiciel.

T. Child

July 15, 2014

Fantastic plate reverb

A lot has been said about this EMT 140 plugin-in, but you really must audition it if you have never heard it before. Probably the best plate emulation in software available today and probably for the near future, I certainly haven't come across any better.

Always on my mix bus now as a permanent addition to my music.

S. Roefs

July 15, 2014

Great features

Awesome to use, since there are so many tweakable features. If it's needs a plate, put this on it, turn some knobs and there you go.

D. Henderson

July 13, 2014

I want to put it on everything!

Great reverb! It just seems to sit nice in the mix, almost to the point where you can't tell it is on but when you turn it off the magic goes away. I can't wait to demo the other EMT.

B. Benjamin

July 13, 2014


C est mon premier gros achat pour ma carte apollo twin et ça donne envie de passer sur les autres plug In de la marque
Reverbe très naturelle ,a utiliser en aux
Utilisée sur voix et guitare principalement , même en live , en répète , la technologie thunderbolt le permettant
Très très bon rapport qualité prix
Vive les promos et les coupons

P. Randall

July 12, 2014

At last!

I had my eye on this for a while after getting dissatisfied with convolution reverbs. I also wanted the EMT 250 but that's yet to be tested as I have used this on everything I have done since I bought it. There's something about a plate and this does what it says :-)
I'm loving it and hope to get round to the 250 soon :-)

M. Penn

July 12, 2014

Awesome Reverb!!

Man this is Stunning, it's our goto on Vocals, Love It.. Vintage Sound, roll off some lows and mids for a even better or different sound.. Grabbing the Lexicon Next!!

Thanks UA!! ;-)

L. Lee

July 11, 2014


Love this plate! I've tried many reverb plates but this one has such a smooth, rich, polished sound to it.

M. Bramley

July 10, 2014

Instant Phil Spector!

As a long time user of UAD plugs-in I've come to the conclusion that as far as audio processing is concerned there's clearly no company on planet Earth to touch UA.
EMT-140 - you put your dry signal in one side & in no time at all your have classic reverb!
This is the 'daddy' of all plate reverbs...smooth, warm classic & will long reverb decay you still have all the detail & definition of the original single.
This is a doesn't get better than this, UA have done it again! What can I say buy it!
Do I sound like a fan or a sales rep? For audio processing I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Mark - sound engineer,

D. Gonko

July 10, 2014


This plate verb is amazing on both drums (especially snare) and vocals!

M. Gustavsson

July 10, 2014

EMT 140 always works

This is my favorite reverb plugin. The reverb make my vocal recording sound finished because the way it blends in The mix. Just adjust how much you need with the wet knob and it is so easy to find the perfect spot where it doesnt sound to dry ir to wet, just perfect like a finished record. I feel safe with this one cause it always sounds right and my clients are pleased.

J. Patiño

July 9, 2014

Reverb Bateria

El EMT 140, es un verdadero reverb de placas, muy bueno para batería, para dar un toque diferente, les recomiendo.

T. Jacobs

July 5, 2014

EMT 140 Plug In

F****NG Awesome! Rich, warm, sparkling, and lifelike the EMT plug in has removed all the pain and shame I have felt after giving my EMT 140 Plate away several years ago.

681-700 of 934 Results