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Customer Reviews

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

Overall Rating

761-780 of 936 Results

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F. Hansen

January 15, 2014

Brilliant plate

Must say that this one is still the king of plates. Fantastic sound:)

J. Gay

January 14, 2014

Smooth and reliable

The EMT-140 is a smooth reverb that makes it easy to dial in a lush vocal sound on slower or vintage sounding tracks. Nice for longer vocal or horn verbs. Try pairing it with a shorter reverb (on 2 different aux sends) to balance between ER and larger sense of space.

P. Datz

January 14, 2014

my shopping

I'm very happy with my new equipment. Many thanks!
Lovely grettings from Bavaria
Peter Datz

J. Anton

January 13, 2014

Should have bought this the first day

This reverb is sweet. If you are looking for a reverb that sounds like the studio classics this is the one. I couldnt be happier

S. Drasin

January 13, 2014

my dream reverb

This is the exact plate reverb sound I have been searching for. It works great on indie vocals. Great purchase!

B. Tonak

January 13, 2014

Sweet Tail

I love the EMT 140 from UA. It had been on my wish list since I got on the platform. It's really good on both short and long tails. Between this and the spacier Lexicon, which I also have, I can cover most of my reverb needs. Sometime, I hope to pick up the Ocean Way for drums and room sounds, but the EMT 140 is great on vocals, snare, synth sounds, and as a catch-all send in my rock mixes.

L. Lucerna

January 13, 2014

Real sound!

Before having the EMT, I usually recorded the Plate of a studio when it was available. A / B between the UAD and a real EMT 240, and felt very close. After that I never went back to record the reverb to a track! Nice job on this one!

V. Romanov

January 13, 2014

EMT 140 Plug-In always "at hand"

I often use EMT 140 Plug-In vs Vocal BUS, great space emulation always "at hand". Rival Music pays respect to UAD

E. Gross

January 12, 2014

The plate you need !

If like us you use three different reverbs in parallel to add a little mic distance , then width and depth and then height then the EMT 140 plate is one of the must tool to have!
It just sounds like no other , great value :)

R. Harchol

January 12, 2014

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator Plug-In

Great sounding, easy to use and very rewarding. My recordings now have a sweet depth that has been missing. Try it and you'll buy it.

S. Hope

January 11, 2014

Indispenable reverb

Simply the best reverb I own. Awesome results come easy. In my starting template for every mix.

J. Smalbach

January 10, 2014

unbelievable !!

i have quite a chunk of had plug ins ,but always but not having this one,,,as i have a lot of reverbs i didn't think in having this one as a must,,so i waited till last Christmas and i though "well it is an oldie ,but !! " so i bought it….
i have been living in a fools paradise ,,,,what ??? unbelievable plug in !! a monster reverb ,everything you throw at it fits within a couples of tweaks especially vocals. sometimes there are things that never get old ,,this plug inn is one of those

R. Huard

January 10, 2014

Emt 140

Very nice reverb ... Doing good on voices, very happy with this

J. Denver

January 9, 2014


Best plate reverb i have used! Has amazing tails and now I couldn't live without it!

Love it!

B. Carter

January 9, 2014

The best if tried so far!

This thing just works for me!

I've been on a search for a great sounding reverb plugin for quite a while now. I've worked with or demo'd most of the reverb plugins out there. The only thing that even came close to being what I was looking for was the great sounding convolution reverb that came with Samplitude Pro X.

Then I demo'd the EMT 140 and what a revelation that was! So smooth and musical. It works incredibly well on a multitude of instruments and sits in a mix beautifully.

You owe it to yourself to demo the EMT 140. I'm very glad I did!

J. Melvin

January 8, 2014

EMT 140

This plug is great it just does something to the material. It makes it feel "real" the spaces are surreal! This is one of those plugs that there's no need to do an MK2. Very satisfied with my purchase I purchased this for my Christmas present to myself

S. Woolgar

January 5, 2014

Nice and usable

I played with this after playing with DreamVerb. They stand in stark contrast to each other. The 140 is just really easy to dial in a nice bit of reverb. I like it and recommend it.

R. Degoumois

January 4, 2014

EMT 140: what a dream!

Thank you UA! it's my dream reverb, I look forward for so many years to find a reverb which sound clear, present, without disturbing anything.

B. Jester

December 31, 2013

Smoothest plate ever!

There isn't an application that this won't cover. The choice of 3 plates in 1 plugin makes it so easy to a/b & dial in that sound your looking for! UAD has a great way of modeling the original & making it sound and feel like the real thing.

R. Boyce

December 31, 2013

Excellent plate, without the setup time

This is a perfect rendition of this old school classic! Exactly what I have been looking for to recreate some classic dub effects. Highly recommended!

761-780 of 936 Results