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Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

ENGL® Amplifier Plug-In Bundle

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581-591 of 591 Results

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L. Sabourin

August 22, 2013

Stick to what you do best

I have tried practically every amp sim and IR cabs out there, in addition to the real thing. The presets on this one all sound the "same": very dull. UAD should stick to what they do best: model vintage outboard. These amps are nowhere close to the competition which offer more options for the price of those 2 amps. Here you get less for more.

B. Tochilin

August 20, 2013

Cool individual tuner plugin

I just used on of the free $50 vouchers UA sends you every so often and bought this, for $19 so I got it for free. I use Amplitude so its cool to have a tuner that I can just run a send to from my master buss and always have the tuner open when I am recording guitar and bass. I do not have to switch back and forth on Amplitude this way. The tuner it pretty large so its easy to see on the screen. For $19 this is pretty handy (or in my case it was free).

P. Brezina

August 20, 2013

UAD marketing

As soon as UAD get back to work with emulating serious gear, the credit will once again raise up. This Brainworks stuff is really only mediocre. You can have better sound from TH2 or Amplitude. Engl is not supposed to sound this dull with all presets with bass rotary on max.

J. Maria

August 18, 2013

Not what I expect from Universal Audio

The factory presets sound dull, lifeless and very boxy. I got a decent sound myself adding a massive amount of EQ and a distortion box pedal before the amp insert. Definitely, this is not what I expected from an UAD plugin and I hope they will fix it and make it useable ASAP.

I. Pinkhas

August 16, 2013

Indispensable tool

Very necessary and indispensable tool. And the price is low

I. Pinkhas

August 16, 2013

More drive

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I. Pinkhas

August 16, 2013


Presets are not very expressive. At the sound of a little brightness

P. Nevens

August 14, 2013

Tested this plugin @MusikMesse2013

I had the change to test this plugin @MusikMesse2013 and was blown away, now testing tis baby @home!! And still very impressed!!

J. Swartzfeger

August 14, 2013

This is the amp sim to beat

Without a doubt the best amp sim I have ever played through. Exceptionally responsive to player attack and it just feels "right". Rich, complex, and smooth with very good string detail. The addition of the delay in the FX rack seems minor but is great for creating singing leads. This is a fantastic sounding plugin and has made playing guitar 'in the box' a joy to hear. UA and Brainworx have delivered the real deal.

C. Cameron

August 13, 2013

Best Apollo Guitar Tone Period!

I always knew Engl's were awesome but could never afford them. But let me tell you something, this plugin (I've only tried the E646) blows the doors for realistic and killer tone over any of my other guitar FX emulations. It's great for high gain and for clean: with beautiful headroom and natural breakup. Guitarists this is the real deal!

A. Nasla

August 13, 2013

Finally…a REAL amp sim.

Just do yourself a favor and try it out. This is what a real amp sounds like, and it diffenetly has that un-mistakable Engl sound. Not only that, the recording chain options really is very pro. Just check it out!

581-591 of 591 Results