ENGL® E646 VS Limited Edition

ENGL® E646 VS Limited Edition

Unison Enabled


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ENGL® E646 VS Limited Edition

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A. Toesca

May 29, 2017

Lo quería porque lo sabía


J. Järvelä

April 26, 2017

Really good!

Really good! I wish this would come as unison.

A. Edgemont

March 30, 2017

Awesome tones!

I'm very impressed with this quality and realism of this amp sim. I'm a former long time owner of a Kemper Profiling amp which I recently sold because I felt that this plugin along with other Universal Audio sounded and felt as good if not better. This sim is hardly a one tricky pony as I'm able to get excellent clean sounds, mid gain rock tones, tight high gain rhythm sounds, and excellent solo/lead tones. Works well with a variety of guitars Including a Custom shop Strat, Les Paul Custom, and some other customs that I own. The cab sims are excellent and flexible plus you can turn it off and use your own IRs which is an excellent feature. The gate and delay features are also great add ins. Highly recommend and great job all around!

K. Gilroy

January 14, 2017

ENGL E646 VS ....The Guitar w/ Up Front Presence

I wanted an amp sim I could use as an Apollo Guitar Work Horse for 1) Gtr Players 2) Keyboard Synth Leads In and 3) EFX.....this was the winner! Also, this plug has a forward feel compared to the others. If you turn down the EFX input you'll get more control. You can't beat this one for the price. I like the Brainworx Programming and I did't need the tuner....so this was the best choice. Love It!!! - GILROY

西. 誠人

January 13, 2017

i think soso


许. 笑荣

December 11, 2016

SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!

I like it so much!!! i like it metal sound!! Clean tone is good! I think i will use it to record for along time!

E. Prinsen

December 11, 2016

Great for recording

I initially purchased this plug-in for just jamming through my headphones with no latency (which is so much fun). Before I got my apollo twin usb 3.0 interface, I always had that latency that made playing feel unnatural and uninspiring. Problem solved! I already own several great amp sims but I was pleased with some of the killer metal tones I am able to achieve with this thing. Now I use it for recording and layering guitar tracks. Since you can monitor this plug-in without any irritating latency, it's perfect for tracking because you get the sound and feel you need for a great performance. Then you also have the option of recording the signal wet or dry. Great metal amp sim and great recording tool!

A. Samuel

November 19, 2016

Feels just like a real amp

I'm a real amp guy and I love this plugin. I'm incredibly happy to not have to mic up my setup when I'm getting results that are just as good. The gain this thing has is perfect for my hard rock to modern metal tones with warmth.

R. Österlund

October 24, 2016

The best beast!

It's aiiiiiiiiiveeeee!! Just choose the right channel at the right and get started.

G. Bicalho

September 30, 2016

This plugin saves me every day!

I have gratitude to this plugin! You saved me many times!
Once you learn to use this plugin, you do not even need other simulators! Combining with the pedals Guitar Rig is very convincing!
Heavy, dense, easy to mix!
One of the best!

R. Greco

July 9, 2016

Are You Kidding Me

This thing is outrageous.

I'm not new to amp modelers. Was a POD Pro 1.0 guy. Tried it all as it matured. Most modelers have a high end, lo-mid problem my ears can never resolve as musical past a few playbacks. Never used them as a replacement for an amp. I play an old Budda Dual Stage 30, it's sound is my guitar at the end of the cord, it's wonderful, why?

Then I got the Apollo 16 and eventually the amp modelers. Holy cow. This ENGL is off the hook. I can't stop playing this thing.

The mic/cab set-ups are key in getting your final tone. Try to get familiar with them, they each have an approach to what they capture, that goes across amp settings. Those mic/cab set-ups are the ears, of your amp/tone set-ups, so-to-speak.

UAD User

June 6, 2016

A different league

I'm a guitar tone fetishist. I have tons of real tube amps, from a 1952 GE circuit amp to a 1966 Vibrolux to several Mesa Boogies. I hate sims - well, until now. This is a modern amp, and if you're looking for vintage tones, go elsewhere (the UA Marshall sims are also amazing). If you want the tones this is designed to provide - either the physical form or the simulated one - it absolutely kills. Forget the presets, particularly on channels 3 & 4. Download the VS settings guide from the ENGL site, and experiment and you have access to truly remarkable guitar tones with feel and tone that is effectively perfect to my ears. Been playing for 20+ years, and finally we can have tone this wonderful without spending thousands on each amp.

S. Hyvärinen

June 2, 2016


It´s mindblowing that you can get that rock/metal sound with a single plugin. This thing is amazing! There´s a few really good presets as well. Thank you Universal Audio once again <3

M. Niemczyk

April 13, 2016

Thanks for the bypass preamp feature!

Thank you so much for the most important Feature for real preamp owners which is bypassing the software emulated preamp! I´m sure most guitar players have already a nice sounding real tube preamp or a head with DI out, which they really want to use in every possible situation. I´m a proud owner of a Mesa/Boogie TriAxis and I have all my favorite presets saved there so i can produce each desired sound by just choosing a program - and the sound is real tube blow away analogue sound. But there is one problem when it comes to recording, the power amp section, cabinet and microphones are crucial but impracticable in home recording environment. Thats where amp simulation with bypassed preamp kicks in - a viola!

UAD User

February 5, 2016

Monster sound

Great Sound, it is (one) the best amp plug in I ever had. Good work

A. Arce Torres

January 17, 2016

ENGL® E646 VS Sound Clean!

Estoy muy contento con la emulación de ENGL® E646 VS que tienen los procesadores UAD, el sonido es claro y con mucha potencia, a su vez también la versatilidad que tienen sus varios canales, podemos pasar de una distorsión agresiva a una guitarra para hacer arpegios y con un sonido que tiene buen headroom, gracias UAD!

J. Kang

January 12, 2016

Great sounding versatile amp sim

I was looking for a versatile amp that could cover great cleans, overdrives, and distortion. This plug-in was it.

L. Grover

December 28, 2015

Not Impressed

Maybe my expectations are too high but I have been thoroughly unimpressed with amp sims in general and this one fits right in to the mediocrity. This sim, like the others I have tried, is a thin, buzzy solid state sound, lacking the punch and clarity of a tube amp. Sims are very seductive because of their simplicity, but if you are after that "special" sound for a serious recording, my humble opinion is that they have not yet arrived.

Specifically, the tone range on this sim is extremely limited and the presets are worthless. Victor Smolski's settings are an improvement (http://www.englamps.de/index.php?id=36&tx_ddfproducts_pi1[uid]=115), but in the end... it's just "lipstick on the pig".

C. Brown

December 11, 2015


Wonderful 6l6 clean tones can be easily dialed in and the crunch and hi gain channels feel and respond like you are playing a live tube amp. Never thought I would be floored with a sim but this is truly astounding.

D. Thompson

September 27, 2015

Ok guys.... plug it in and demo!




Now tell me it does not sound VERY close to the real deal.... guys. I think the Analogue and Digital argument is also stupid.

Blind test... I did... the ENGL won!

I will get a clip up of a mic'd and a sim (UAD ENGL E646 VS) and YOU tell me which you prefer... (a) or (b).

coming soon...

anyone thinking of buying, just buy it and make you own presets, visit the ENGL website download the settings PDF and create your own!

Perfect and LOVE it.

21-40 of 94 Results