ENGL® E646 VS Limited Edition

ENGL® E646 VS Limited Edition

Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

ENGL® E646 VS Limited Edition

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F. Galvanelli

August 26, 2014

Beautiful sound

It sounds very good.... seems like the original!
Perfect if you want a rock feeling despite being a pug-in.

J. Cox

August 10, 2014

More BX Amp sims please!!

So ... I didn't realize how awesome these plugins are until just last week.

So Brainworx did awesome in that they modeled the Preamp section and the power amp section separately. So I can plug in my tube head to a cab, go direct out (effects loop send from my marshall head) from the amp head into apollo and the poweramp / cab / mic is what is modeled.

It sounds INCREDIBLE. If you have a tube head, try this out. You wont be sorry.

The tube retro plug and this plug have different power amps and cab / mic selections. awesome!

J. Yankus

July 25, 2014

Very Useful Tool

This was purchased for a metal project. With tweaking, the tones are very useable for tracking and mixing. It requires no more tweaking than any other real amp you may find yourself recording. When you drop a preset in your UA console, the setting may not match when you drop that same preset in your DAW for playback. I used presets for speed during tracking. So, the difference in sound upon playback was only a slight problem that was quickly fixed by changing what knobs didn't match on the GUI. This plug-in uses a lot of DSP, so you'll likely want to print your tracks early on in your mix process to save some resources. The signal chains are the quickest way to rough-in a tone. Turn knobs from there to fine-tune. End results were great.

S. Samayoa

July 21, 2014

ENGL® E646 VS Plug-In

lots of variety from this amp sim. I'm able to get some chimey clean tones and over the top distortion. fun!

C. Nedzynski

July 7, 2014

The Most Realistic Sounding Amp Emulation

Simply put, this is the most convincing amp emulation I've heard. Great for metal guitars, but the thing just sounds SO real. Compared it to Scuffham Amps and it blows it away. There's just that little something that makes it sound like a real amp. Genius... Be warned though, it's a bit of a resource drain. Not a real problem with my Octo card, but could be if you have less power.

J. Levatte

June 11, 2014

What I've been looking for

With some tweaking , this can be one of the best sounding guitar sims around. I've tried a lot of different guitar amp simulators and have never been totally satisfied. This sounds as good as my vintage jcm 800 , without the hassles of milking and isolation.

K. Fung

May 21, 2014

Powerful amp.

Really powerful without the need to use a preamp on the audio interface :)

S. Gilroy

May 18, 2014

History in the making

This is possibly one of the worst guitar amp simulators ever. Brainworx can't even get a
noise gate right. The noise gate on this thing has the worst decay I have ever heard in a
gate. All the blame is directed towards brainworx. I love BNGL or whatever their name is along with UAD. Awesome tones super gay amps, get your fix GNGL amps rule,rock on UAD!

J. Peter

April 27, 2014

very good

this is a very very good emulation

thanks a lot

juerg peter

S. Casamento

April 13, 2014

Wow for the ENGL E646

This amp is incredible. I can dial in tones that sound as good as my tube amps, from clean, to crunchy, to dirty! For me the is the best software amp I have ever used.

D. Bires

April 3, 2014

Very Impressed With ENGL

I have searched long and far for a Guitar Plugin That Boasts a sound like this. Let me sum this up to the importance of why this plugin is the real deal. Its very simple. I fired this engl up and I heard what I have been hearing for years when I mic a cab. You can hear the mics and say that is a shure 57 or a c414. The stock tones are amazing because they are flat sounding but thickened up the right way with no harsh high end freq. like you here in other demo guitar plugin vst. Listen to any recording out there and what you hear is guitars that have more of a flat sound so the starting points that ENGL gives you is where you want to be. I love this and finally have what I want. Thank You!

T. Friesecke

February 7, 2014


Best Tunes!
I really like the Plug-In. Best Virtual Guitar-Amp I have ever heard.

A. Cooper

February 5, 2014

Sounds like an ENGL

You know I see all these negative reviews of this product and I just don't get it. I own an ENGL and this thing sounds pretty damn close for a sim. I see that one of the reviews was stating that they wanted classic tones for classic rock but yet they bought this version of the plugin, Well that's kind of your own fault nimrod. If you are a somewhat intelligent person, with the right tweaking and manipulation you can make any amp sim sound very decent. I find this to sound more natural than some of my other ENGL amp sims. I can usually dial in a very decent tone quickly with this thing. So Kudos to Universal Audio and Plugin alliance for giving me a nice Kickbutt version of an ENGL.

A. Vasquez

February 1, 2014

natural sounding

I've been using other amp simulated plugins (Waves, Native Instruments) within Pro Tools now for a while now and was getting decent results so I was skeptical at first about buying this plugin. I had a voucher to use so I was debating what plug in to go for since I have many awsome plugins from UA already. I demoed the plugin and was surprised by the realism… I was getting very expressive. dynamic, and sweet sounding solos. I thought maybe it was my imagination and my ears playing tricks… Can there be that much of a difference from the other plugins I've been using? I compared with the others (A, B, n C) with the same solo. I was sold… I realized how processed and not very natural the others sounded! Nice job UA!

J. Drouin

January 27, 2014

engl e646 vs plug-in

I`m very pleased with this plugin,it sounds great but I find it takes alot of cpu.Compared to most of the plugins that take 2-3 % of cpu well this takes almost 20%.So when I have all my plugins for my mix and put it on my guitars well I can only put it on 2 gtr tracks but I usally have more than 2 tracks of gtr.I need to bounced them to have it on the others and I have 2 uad2 installed.It`s the only reason I gave a 4 instead of a 5 stars but it sounds great.It would have been nice to have a list of the mics and settings used from the cab presets

U. Khan

January 14, 2014

Amazing, realistic, tube amp sound

This has made my portable guitar rig so much easier when i travel. I always bring my apollo, but now, no need for a pedal. Unlike my experience with other amp modelers, this has a good bottom end, and a full mid range.

N. Scarola

January 4, 2014

Best amp emulation.

All my guitars sound great with this amp, Clean or drive sounds killer.

S. Turner

December 13, 2013

Brilliant for what it is

As a rule of thumb I tend to avoid virtual guitar software as even the most highly regarded ones still lack the depth and tone that I want, and always sound...well, virtual. After trying this out it just had to go into the sonic toolbox. From mental screaming leads (not really my thing, to be honest), to shimmering clean tones with just the right amount of edge to them (which is exactly my thing), this has everything you could want and it sounds superb. The biggest compliment I can give it is that it allows the tone of my Fender Tele Thinline deluxe to shine through, unlike some which seem to be trying to totally remodel the entire guitar. Its not the real thing, but it is very, very good indeed.

P. Boshart

December 7, 2013

Ch Ch Chunky!!

You want it, you got it. Hands down the best hard rock tones I have ever used. The ENGL E646 VS is a monster. I have to say I have been using amps, and amp plug ins for my production for years, and have been looking for this type of tone from a Plug in for a long time. The benefit of it being such low latency through my Apollo coupled with the advanced FX Rack and mic setups has made this a go to sound for me.
My Mesa Boogie head and cab are now collecting more dust than I ever expected. Instant recall of presets and console recall...genius!
Using a chain of the Engl, SPL transient designer and the SSL console strip punches riffs through the speakers and into the back wall!

R. Brummett

December 6, 2013

A little different than all the rest

I ran the demo of this plug in and had to have it.

First of all I have all the good amp sims out there. I think they each have their own pros and cons.

This one is a little more realistic to me at conservative gain settings.

it does get a little gainy and harsh if pushed like that but most of the guitarist that I know use way more gain than is needed anyways!!

The presets for the most part are not that good except a few but if you are willing to pick one and do some tweaking you should be able to find something that you like.

Would definitly be anxious to hear some other amp models of different amp manufacturers.

Plus the built in effects are just a bonus.

61-80 of 96 Results