EP-34 Tape Echo

EP-34 Tape Echo

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EP-34 Tape Echo

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W. Roncher

September 10, 2015

EP34 delivers

The sound of this thing is lush. Throwing it on a track puts me in the very moment.

s. simmonds

September 6, 2015

Dub Delay galore

Fantastic gritty dub delay. Like all my other UAD plug ins the only thing that stops this from being the best ever is UAD's failure to include midi learn functioning...

UAD User

September 1, 2015

Great Delay Effect

I use this plugin on electric guitars and it sounds spectacular. If you spend sometime experimenting with this, I bet you'll come up with some genuine production ideas that will give your tracks some nice and natural flavors.

s. monette

August 27, 2015

Great plugin!

This is a great plugin. Very versitile! I use it mainly on guitars and vocals.

S. Bolduc

August 27, 2015

A lot of Mojo

I love the sound of it. A lot of attitude.

G. Postorino

August 26, 2015

A Classic Lives

There are many reasons UAD is at the top of the plugin market - this plugin is one of them. I've only had the chance to work with an original hardware unit once a very long time ago. Hearing this plugin brought back the memory of using the hardware, hearing the playback in the control room. The sound of this plugin is so good, it triggered a memory from years earlier. At that point, it was an instant buy. My only note would be to increase the delay time to accomodate slower tempos. Great work from the fine people at UAD!

C. Nouailhaguet

August 20, 2015

So sweet

Very sweet magnetic delay !

G. Hadfield

July 29, 2015

Best effect in UAD arsenal

This is by far my favourite special effect in the UAD lineup. It gives such an inviting sound and inspires improvisation and post-tweaking. You really have to struggle to make anything sound bad through it.

It doesn't have the flexibility of EchoBoy, as I read in another review. But what it does have is colour and character in shovel-loads.

I love it!

B. Davis

June 13, 2015

Its okay, I was expecting a lot more.

I was really expecting a lot from this plugin as a tape delay. Maybe I have the wrong idea as to what a tape delay really should do but it is a delay however. I tried it on vocals and played with the settings bias etc, at the end of the day its just an OKAY plugin nothing more.
I can see why some people rate it high tho, don't get me wrong, it would make good for transparent delays on vocals of varying genres etc. and also make for a good delay for instruments. :/ my thoughts still remain that its just okay.

I wanted to buy it so I demoed it, there's really not much more to say. Sat and pictured if I would even used this plugin and the answer really is no. I'd more use a stock daw plugin or etc.

But, why doesn't UAD have a stock Delay?

A. Link

June 8, 2015

Wish there were stereo options, feedback is beautiful though

I completely agree with the person above who desires a full stereo version. The feedback distortion on this plugin is unbeatable though...
For most sessions I would rather use echoboy because it is so much more flexible.

J. Henderson

June 2, 2015

Soundtoys EchoBoy pisses all over this

That is all.

M. Herrmannstorfer

May 7, 2015

Easy to setup

Not as versatile as the Roland Space Echo, but easier to quickly dial in the right amount of delay...

B. Elijah Smith

April 23, 2015

Very cool on guitars & vocals!

Sounds very analog & adds a cool sonic texture I haven't found with other delay plugins. It's good to have on hand when you want to add some unique character to an instrument or vocal track.

B. Elijah Smith

April 23, 2015

Great for Drums!

Works magic on drum bus. Tightens up the low end while making the drums sound wider. I wouldn't use it on every song but can really clean up drums that need some help.

S. McNulty

April 13, 2015


This thing is so great for character echo.
I love it.
I've used an original many times, and I would want to go back to all the fussing about with it, now that I have this.

M. Ballenger

April 7, 2015

Saves on hardware

I'd been searching eBay for an affordable echoplex in good condition for a while. I don't own a hardware echoplex, but with this emulation I don't feel like I have to. This is a must have for guitars, but it works great on vocals and other sources as well routed to an aux. I like how UA captured the self-oscillation when the settings are abused. This feels very authentic to a sound that I am very familiar with.

V. Kozhin

April 6, 2015


It's a great plugin, like a real hardware. I compared with some plugins and analog gear and this plugin was best.

UAD User

April 6, 2015

Very nice tape delay

This thing is very tweakable and great for guitar and vocals. I've done some dub-style snare hits with it and that also sounds amazing. Re-amping with this thing is also great.

F. Cabral

March 29, 2015

A class all by itself...

It is in a class all by itself...
Amazing the amount of diverse character and different echo effects the EP-34 Tape Echo plugin
has on instruments, vocals and any other recordings.
You can spend hours fine tuning all the different knobs until you get the right sound !
"Its that deep" in different sounds that you can get from this weird but amazing piece of equipment, whether its
the real hardware(which I don't own but hear from others who do, that is sounds the same) or the UAD plug emulation.

C. Lewis

March 25, 2015

Perfect for Dub Mixing

I have two Space Echo guitar fx pedals that I used for dub mixing. When I invested in the UAD products I knew I had to try the EP-34. What a great plugin for getting an authentic dub delay. It's got a lot of character and is just plain fun to control.

221-240 of 388 Results