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Customer Reviews

EP-34 Tape Echo

Overall Rating

401-419 of 419 Results

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D. Mellen

December 17, 2012

ace job

killer plugin, every track has it for delay dutys, from standard delay dutys to really creative "play it like and instrument" stuff..

M. Poncy

December 17, 2012

Analog, eat your heart out!

As a writer, knowing these tools are available lets me produce things I could only dream about before. EP-34 is so smooth and pleasant, even when ludicrous amounts are applied, that it makes you wonder how any other delay was ever used. Awesome!

A. Anyn

December 17, 2012

The real vintage

I was very impressed, having heard for the first time sounding of this plug-in, improbably warm and really analog. The EP34 plug-in is an amazing tool to have in my DAW. There’s nothing else that sounds quite like it, especially on vocals, guitars, keyboards and even drum loops
Now it is my good assistant "in a space and time pattern" my mixes.
Also pleases existence of "magic" switches 'Tempo Sync' and 'Wet', (that it wasn't visible in the hardware version ,UA Team thanks!) that allows to expand possibilities of this remarkable tool.

K. Sheikh

December 15, 2012

YES... Yes... yes... etc...

There are a lot of chin-stroking snake oil plug-ins whose actual effect isn't really that noticeable (marketing will call it "subtle") and whose price is ridiculous but I'm glad to say this isn't one of them.

What a lovely delay plug-in this is, from delicate warm tape decays to fuzzy wig-out nonsense, its sounds are brilliant and the flexibility that comes from DAW automation and tempo syncing makes setting up useful and creative delays really easy. This is a plug-in that brings a lot of fun back into mixing with effects. More of this kind of stuff please Universal Audio!

P. Brown

November 15, 2012

Blends so well

This thing is liquid buttery delay goodness.
Blends in a track so smoothly.
Guitars love it! (big surprise)

A. De

November 15, 2012

Delay dream

I really loved the presets, and finally i could manage to nail "that" dream delay modulation i was always looking for.

Thank you UAD, you did it again!!!

H. Marin

November 10, 2012

muy buen equipo

es genial con las voces, para crear efectos, en realidad muy cómodo y fácil de manejar

A. Sugar

November 10, 2012

The only delay effect I use.

Always sounds right when you need delay on something. Not to nitpick, but I wish there was a way to dial in some noticeable instability or wobbliness. Maybe there is and I just haven't found it.

D. Dipietro

October 31, 2012

Quirky like the real thing

My echoplex bit the dust well over a year ago. This plug in has all the quirky personality I loved about the original.

S. Hlavsa

October 27, 2012

EP 34 Tape Echo

It is warm sounding echo with character old analog classic unit....Amazing.

S. Hughes

September 19, 2012

Vintage Delay Sounds

One of the best discoveries of my career has been UA's UAD-2 powered plug ins.

When an old school client recently asked if I had a decent tape echo effect, I soon realised the answer to that question was NO.

Sure I had some included in my rig, but they sounded like crap.

This EP-34 has done the job just nicely, sounding uniquely like the old classic units, but without all the nightmares of using old hardware versions.

It's so easy to get that familiar old tape echo sound, and the built in tone and panning is also a life saver, making mixing with it so damn easy.

It's a cool blast from the past, and I'm thinking of looking at the other delay effects UA has on offer. The Roland Space Echo looks tempting.

You can't lose with these.

R. O'brien

August 22, 2012

An Echoplex PlugIn

A real sounding Echoplex without having to clean the heads,

E. Hanson

August 14, 2012

Having owned an old echoplex back in the day, I can tell you that the UAD version is so close that it's scary. All that warm, gooey inspiring echo, back inside my DAW. If you want a true character echo, this is the best one I've found... and I've tried a bunch. Highly recommended.

P. Keiser

August 13, 2012

I work in logic and do not have a good delay.
In the daw. I have waves super tap but haven't been able to get it to work well for me. The ep-34 installed easily. I used in an acoustic guitar solo using default settings. It sounded great and I was easy able to achieve a better effect than I had with my other soft was. It provides a nice deep lush delay that is intuitive to use

D. Baer

August 9, 2012

Another wonderful plugin from UAD. I have used the original unit, and it is almost too close, but with the accurate interface that only a digital system can give you. The sound you can get by over saturating the tape is delightful. The only thing I would like would be for UAD to step away from the original unit and give the ability to increase the delay time past 700ms. If you are working with a track that is under around 85 bpm, then quarter note delay is pretty much out of the question. Otherwise, UAD has another happy customer. Guitar tracks sound amazing with this. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

M. Rey

August 7, 2012

I love this plug! This is one where I just to buy it - just cause I really needed it! Yes, I have Echoboy. Yes I have other delay plugs. This has VIBE! It just feels right. Can't explain into words. A little light bulb came on in my head once I heard it. I just heard "IT". That thickening agent you can use on EVERYTHING. That beautiful little vibe you get behind a guitar or a vocal. It can also go severely rogue if you start automating the delay times, that feedback sound, the sound of Jamaican Dub & british rock is what comes to my mind. Its a character plug...and lots of it. I just love the GUI sitting up there on my desktop when I'm working it. It feels right. Great job UA for offering such cool digital vintage feel.

S. Beckham

July 28, 2012

A must have plug for my sound. I use it on everything since I got it it . Gritty, warm,fuzzy, and spewing character, much like one of bums in my hood. Don't worry it doesn't smell. You can use it to impart some waveform distortion without the echo being involved..great for bass, drums, vocals (for a real analog vibe) You can adjust the brightness or bass content making it a simple character E.Q.
It has its limitations and a strong personality so if you looking for pristine you wont find it here. Think Radiohead's KID A and you will hear the EP-34 vibe all over (though it may not have been what Nigel Godrich used)
Shes dark and mysterious, and she will talk back...and you'll like it!

N. Williams

July 13, 2012

I used to have a tape Echoplex, and loved the sound. I ended up selling it because I was afraid of it's mechanical reliability.

The UAD Tape Echo is a credible replacement sound-wise, though I'd love to see it add a few more controls; a real Echoplex had a completely different sound once the tape was 'played in' than it did with a fresh tape, and you could get a completely different sound when the heads were dirty and the tape got old.

My major complaint with the plugin is that its output is rather low, and not adjustible. I end using a compressor or other gain plugin after it just so it will have sufficient volume in a mix. I have the same issue with RealVerb.

B. Pebley

July 2, 2012

I already have a lot of time based effects already, but I still wanted to try this one because of my love for delay. It turns out that it is the perfect delay for me. When combined with the Apollo, in real time I have an effect that is so close to the original tape echo machine with all of the imperfections that make it have a classic sound. I have outboard analog delay units and this unit is missing one thing, the physical object itself to touch and play around with. Thankfully the interface is like that of all other UAD products in that it feels almost as close to you as the original. It is perfect for bread and butter delay, but with a few quick turns of the pots, it can sound fuzzy, gritty and noisy as it should.

401-419 of 419 Results