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Customer Reviews

Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection

Overall Rating

121-140 of 901 Results

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M. De Carolis

June 9, 2023

The best

Utilizzavo la versione Legacy, ma la versione completa di questo plugin è davvero inarrivabile.

D. Acevedo

June 7, 2023

Presencia y color

Me encanta ponerselo a todo lo que necesite un poco de presencia y un toque de color. Magia pura

O. Moesgaard

June 7, 2023


I was considering not getting the Fairchild while buying 1176, LA2A and LA3A. Now I use the Fairchild 670 on pretty much everything

W. Tang

June 6, 2023

Nice quality

Nice Price 49

D. Davidson

June 6, 2023

Awesome on everything

Loving what this does.

L. Hongbo

June 4, 2023

Very Good!!!

This is the best Fairchild modeling compression I have ever used!

P. Fiore

June 4, 2023

Belleza de una reliquia

Si buscas esa compresión con ese color hermoso analógico este es el camino, lo utilizo en mi bus master la mayoria de los casos, pero la alternativa 660 cabe muy bien en muchisimos instrumentos individuales, es simplemente hermoso

S. Jedrek

June 4, 2023

Validation is a nightmare

For some reason these plugins don’t just activate once, they need to activate every time you open them, which means if you have no internet you can’t use them. Why they don’t have the ilok license on the hardware like every other plug-in company I’ve used I’ll never know. Extremely bad user experience, I used for 10 minutes then because it want to re validate again and I had no internet they locked up and I had to go through support to learn a process to get them unlocked again. Now i can’t use them in any projects because if I don’t have internet they won’t run….even though they’ve been validated over and over again, could understand if I was subscribing but I have a perpetual license. It should validate once and never again. If I had spare usb slots I’d get an ilok usb stick but that’s not an option for everyone & we don’t all have 24:7 internet.

I. Bigel

June 3, 2023

Really smooth compression and saturation.

Great job from UA as always!
I find UA’s 670 the most useful when I need a tube Fairchild style compressor.
When the sides aren’t linked there is a real
Magic the is happening.

I do find the Output is before the mix a bit weird, also a tooltip may be very useful for the tiny knobs ;)

Thanks guys,
Idan B.


June 2, 2023

Finally Native - thanks, UAD!

For years I craved for UAD plugins, mainly because all the pro guys were using UAD. These plugins seemed to have a special aura of authenticity, and generally got great reviews. Few times, I was very close buying Apollo interface just to get to use the plugins. I am glad I didn't.

After few weeks with the UAD Fairchild compressor, I can safely say that it is quite a good plugin, worth the 49 dollars I bought it for. But it's not that special.
I own Waves PuigChild, IK multimedia Fairchild and Acoustica Audio Fairchild. They all sound and behave differently. The Waves is a piece of shit, bright and harsh, and haven't used it for years. IK multimedia sounds closest to UAD, both are fat and darkish, UAD maybe little better to my ears. The Acoustica Audio is the most HIFI -sounding. Silky top, open sound.

I've been using UAD Fairchild as a mix buss compressor, with bass and guitars and, of course, with male and female vocals. And it sounds good and works just fine, although it always seems to bring out the sibilance in vocals.

So, if you are shopping for a Fairchild plugin, and UAD sells one for 49 dollars - buy it!
Otherwise, it's way too overpriced. And I recommend everybody to try the Acoustica Audio and IK Multimedia Fairchild compressors, too. Like I mentioned, they all sound different.

C. Lynch-Franks

May 31, 2023


I have tired the waves one the tracks one and the overloud one the overloud is a close second but the had one is just above and beyond

M. Ridenour

May 29, 2023

Great Plugin But Missed the Sale

The Fairchild plugin is great but I am very disappointed that this $299.00 plugin went on sale for $49.00 three days after I purchased it.

g. parenti

May 14, 2023


Increíble sonido, no he probado nunca un original, pero este plugin, al ponerlo ya mejora todo, super suave y con una calidez excelente, lo uso en cualquier estilo de música, comprimiendo o solo agradando carácter, increíble!

A. Portillo

May 7, 2023


I love the sound it produces. Nice for coloring your sound.

S. Blecher

April 30, 2023

Super Compressor

Einfach schöne Compressor Plugins , Dreht man mehr am input Regler, wird es analoger, mehr Saturation . Das Compressor Verhältnis ist auch super. Ich liebe dieses Plugin

A. Cengic

April 15, 2023


The Universal Audio Fairchild Compressor plugin is a true masterpiece in the world of audio production. With its stunning attention to detail and faithful emulation of the classic Fairchild 670, this plugin brings a touch of vintage analog warmth and character to any recording.

From its silky-smooth compression to its harmonic distortion, the Fairchild Compressor plugin delivers a level of sonic excellence that is unparalleled. Its intuitive interface allows for easy control over the compressor's threshold, ratio, attack, release, and more, giving users the ability to sculpt their sound with precision and finesse.

Whether used on individual tracks or in a mix, the Fairchild Compressor plugin delivers a level of depth and richness that simply cannot be replicated by any other plugin on the market. Its authentic sound and unmatched versatility make it an essential tool for any producer or engineer looking to take their audio to the next level.

Overall, the Universal Audio Fairchild Compressor plugin is a true game-changer in the world of audio production. It's stunning sound quality and unparalleled versatility make it a must-have for any serious musician or audio professional.

f. scolfaro

April 14, 2023

Classic for a reason

The UAD Fairchild is a classic in its own right, not just the hardware is one. Whether for vocals, drums (where it to me has an edge over most models, with transient rich content) or entire mixes, this plugin is worth listening to and A/Bing against the best. It won't win every shootout, but it does frequently enough to justify the price tag for me. Going for it is also the smallish footprint.

J. Hall

April 14, 2023

Crown of my Mix Edition Bundle

I thought the Fairchild 670 and 660 came with my UAD Mix Edition bundle so I read everything I could to decide where in the chain to place it. It didn't, so I bought it. The 1176LN/LA-2A Gray seemed to be a common choice in either order. Order was a study of its own. Long story short... Studder 800 tape, FabFilter Pro Q3, 1176LN/LA-2A, BBE suite (M3/HM/SM/LM) then the Fairchild 660 to polish the chain before the master track, with the Fairchild 670 and API 2500 waiting.

I'm still working on the Vocal and Guitar tracks and have the Pure Plate Reverb, Lexicon 224 and Studio D Chorus individually paralleled across the BBE Suite using a Blue Cat's PatchWork effects rack. The Fairchild 660 provides a VU Meter at the end of the track chain. It helps to EQ before the 1176LN/LA-2A so dominant bass doesn't crush the mid/treble. I tried the LA-2A/1176LN but liked the 1176 first and backed both off a bit when the signal chain reached the Fairchild 660. If you're new like me, you must tune the chain as an aggregate, so don't stall out on each link. Just get it close and move to the next. plug-in

This setup rocks big time and I can't abuse it. I tried.

J. Rieder

April 11, 2023

Big mistake

Not compadible with Mac OS 10.14.6 or below. My fault for not looking at operating system requirements firs. So I'm out the $149 and stuck with a plugin I can't use. I won't be using any UAD plugs.

D. sutherland

April 10, 2023

I really like this compressors

Yeah they are just the ticket uad thanks 5 star's for you

121-140 of 901 Results