Harrison® 32C Channel EQ

Harrison® 32C Channel EQ

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Customer Reviews

Harrison® 32C / 32C SE Channel EQ

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41-60 of 205 Results

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k. il teak

July 3, 2017



I. Landozz

July 1, 2017

Harrison EQ

Cet EQ est très bon je l´utilise presque sur toutes les pistes , I like it !

C. Pedersen

June 26, 2017

One of my favourites!

I love the ease of use. Centres in on what I want and makes it sound better.

R. Robertson

June 25, 2017

R Robertson

This plug in has helped change how I listen and EQ recordings!
I started with the pre-sets and went from there.
Since then, It helped refine the way I do things.
Advice: get it sooner than later - I'm confident - "you won't regret it".

L. Jobst

June 25, 2017

nice smooth eq

That works in everything!! It's fantastic

D. Bravo Gonzalez

June 24, 2017

Nice high sound eq

This EQ is very colourful and clear EQ. I really like on the high frequency. Very similar to the hardware. I've used this eq on my dialogue stem to make all voices uniform. I'm very happy with this plugin.

S. Svishchev

June 23, 2017

I like this equalizer

It gives a peculiar color and sound to your audio signal. It works as for me very softly on the vocals, pushing it slightly into the depth of the mix already without spatial processing. Thanks, I recommend! Super!

M. Diaz Velez

June 20, 2017

Warm and beautiful

I used it and prove it on Classical recordings, and it´s warm sound, musically sound shaping it´s a very good reason to use it on the most demanding recording and mixing environments. A MUST on your Eq´s arsenal. Thanks UA!!!!

b. osborne

June 19, 2017

Harrison 32c

Very good eq classic would definitely Recommend plus some very interesting presets

M. Chan

June 16, 2017

Great one

Haven't used the actual desk but this plug adds a nice sense of depth to whatever I run through it.

D. Hughes

June 15, 2017

Harrison 32C Channel EQ

Nice smooth EQ great famous Harrison filter which sounds great

m. jackson

May 2, 2017


Probably my favorite eq.....exceptional for a lot of jobs....one of my favorites....

J. Holt

March 18, 2017

You must try this EQ

The Harrison has some wonderful old-school tone and is eminently usable. Very easy to craft a great sound. Smooth and musical. It uses next to no DSP, so you can use as many as you want.

UAD User

March 9, 2017

The EQ I was looking for

I find this plugin perfect for my workflow. Still smooth and musical even when pushed hard. Not having a lot of DSP cores I use the SE version a lot due to its low DSP usage.

W. Gall

January 17, 2017

Harrison 32C

This is one of the best EQ's in the UAD collection. Very musical and simple to use. I haven't found anything it can't sweeten up and its killer on kick, snare and Guitars.

B. Gibbons

January 16, 2017

My favorite eq

Hands down the best eq on the market, it's so smooth and clean on any channel I put it on.

K. Babic

January 14, 2017

you can here it exactly

perfect on every acoustic instrument, piano, upright, woodwinds, etc. just turn the free knob a little and there you are...

d. milton

December 27, 2016

haven't bought it yet but will soon

i tried the demo and couldn't believe my ears....

J. Bernstein

December 20, 2016

Harrison EQ - Awesome

Love this plugin for both subtle EQ moves, as well as drastic boosts and cuts. Very versatile, going to get used a ton in my future mixes! Thanks UA

D. Solomon

December 18, 2016

The Best

Every time I do an EQ shootout on a critical track the Harrison 32C wins.

41-60 of 205 Results