Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance  Tool

Little Labs® Voice Of God
Bass Resonance Tool

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Customer Reviews

Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance

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R. Comitz

May 2, 2014


well, i can now say i believe in A god. thanks for showing me the way UA

A. Shailer

April 26, 2014


Use this on all basslines in my electronic tracks now, and also on kick drums. It's a lot like this other plugin I used to use to "expand" bass, but it's so much more solid, and doesn't increase the overall amplitude of the signal half as much! Just great!

C. Lugo

April 26, 2014

Simply Amazing

Little Labs VOG is simply amazing, I don't have words to describe the amazing sound it have.

E. Delinois

March 25, 2014

This plugin is the actual voice of God

The warmth that it provides is indescribable. Without it the bass guitar & drum lack richness & intensity. This plugin will always be one of my most absolute favorite.


March 25, 2014

best bass harmonic plugin

when i first plug it in, i was shocked by the good solid bass harmonic
then i know this is a bass tool that i can;t live without

C. Bower

March 24, 2014

Dial in that low end!

This is one of my favorite plugins. Used in tandem with Transient Designer, it is very easy to dial in a substantial, focused bass response on most program material, from kicks and toms to bass guitar and vocals. Much easier and more effective than eq'ing alone. Again, I recommend using the VOG with a transient processor for big, resonant, focused low-end sculpting.

O. Hegle

March 19, 2014

A powerful and intuitive tool

I've used the VOG on kick drums, synths and live bass, and I have to say, I like what I hear. The VOG is not magical plug-in that will instantly fix all your low-end issues (nor is it advertised as one), but it truly does a great job in helping you fine tune the bass frequencies in your mix. With graphic EQs, I sometimes commit the crime of EQing with my eyes instead of ears. The VOG, with it's simple and intuitive interface, invites you to use your ears when dialing in that crucial low end, which I think in most cases gives you better results. The Renaissance Bass plug-in used to be my go to plug-in for bass enhancement, but with the VOG in my arsenal, that is about to change.

W. Brooks

March 15, 2014

This is a must have -"HOT"

This is a must have -"HOT"

I ran the demo on the VOG after hearing lots of good things about it. Now it mine!!!
Little labs has history in the music business! I also purchased the Little Labs® IBP Phase Alignment Tool Plug-In which is also a must have as well.

J. Murphy

March 11, 2014

What a great tool

I am a two-time billboard number one engineer , and ithis plugin is exactly what I needed for my bass enhancement , amazing

Jimmy Starr

M. Grojean

March 9, 2014

Makes mixing bass a breeze!

I love the way that this plugin sounds, adding harmonics to the bass instruments to give a warm presence without muddying up other frequencies. A must have for all of my mixes with bass involved, very nice easy way to get the low end just right!

W. Carroll

March 7, 2014

Little Labs® Voice Of God

Fantastic and easy to use. Works well on bass, but also on a lot of other material. I find myself dropping it on midrange stuff too. I might be able to get results somewhere close (but not quite) with a lot of work with various EQs, but this tool is wicked simple and fast.

P. Lopes

March 6, 2014

Where is God? I can hear his voice but I cannot see him/her.

Well, I am a kind of beginner using UA plugins for about one year.
Its really a revamp in my mixes as it supposed to be comparing with the investment made.

VOG really bring power to the mix but I've never used in a final mix because it distorts the final whole thing mainly if you use it in more than one track.

A better investment is to buy a hassle free (hardware independed) Sonnox suite that are really superior. At the end I use more Sonnox than UA.

Please consider my lac of experience but to make my voice and/or bass to sound like God will take a while. :-)

About jailed freedom of plugins jailed to UA hardware bothers me a great deal because I didn't get the plugins for free.

And.. who can handle the pressure for UA demo 3=VOG 1=UA

K. Beck

March 5, 2014

Knobs in VOG

Sounds excellent. Only thing is with the user interface: the knobs are hard to control. They tend to jump to an undesired position when dragging them. Other knobs in the uad suite have better behaviour implemented. It should increment/decrement relative when dragging the button, never jump.

P. Grant

March 5, 2014

O.M.G. I Love V.O.G...... !

O.M.G. I Love V.O.G...... !

I had tried everything on kick drum, like the side-chain sine wave trick, using synth plug-ins to add modulation (for low thump, etc.), and then I decided to gamble and just get the Little Labs V.O.G. plugin based solely on other's reviews...

Wow! Was I glad. This little plugin is simple yet powerful. The kick (and Bass Guitar) thumps just right without artificial artifacts on the sound, and I can tweak it to fit what ever track it is on - like Djembe, toms and even organ/piano... anything that needs a good clean low end.

Highly recommend!

C. Bower

March 1, 2014

Easy to use and very useful!

I love this plugin because it just adds such a nice richness to everything I use it on. Easy to use as there are only a few controls which allow you sweep, hone-in and boost the desired frequency range. Kick drum, toms and vocals resonate right in your chest. Very useful!

R. Piper

February 14, 2014

Good value!

I have only recently acquired this tool and not had the greatest amount of time to test it. However in this short amount of time the results are already amazing. I produce Electronic Dance Music with a lot of bass and this tool really helps clean up any loose frequencies, giving the synth bass and kick drum (among others) independence without pulling them apart too far.I have noticed on occassion this tool can cause sounds to lose some colour. But I feel once I've mastered using it more it will be easy to find the balance.

J. Anton

February 5, 2014

Dial in the Bottom with ease

This plug in is easy to use and enables dialing in the bottom with ease.

F. Henderson

January 24, 2014

Bass made easy

It's nice to have a simple device for bass and kick drum, where with the twist of a couple of knobs you have the "bump" and " rumble" cadillacs, clubs, and concerts were made for.

J. King

January 24, 2014

In the mix

Great plug in. I've been using various plug ins for bass over the years and initially was hesitant to pick this one up - so glad I did.
It's been used on 80% of my productions since purchase.
Adds nice depth and tone. Great one for any plugin arsenal.

L. Sicilia

January 21, 2014

Voice of God

Le armoniche sulla voce maschile che questo plugin è capace di tirare fuori sono stupefacenti. Profondità e timbro della voce a livelli Hi End !!!

361-380 of 558 Results